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Harry drew back for air and gasped it into his burning lungs before he returned to join with Draco's succulent lips again, tentatively drawing his tongue across the soft lower lip to request a deepening of their frantic kissing.

Strong svelte hands made their way up his nape to tangle in his hair and the blonde let out a low moaning sound and curled his legs around him before their tongues slid together and began to roll and dance.

Quickly Harry began to feel altogether far too hot and confined by the rigid fabric across his groin and pulling one hand away from the enticing flesh of Draco's lower back, brought it between them and began to fumble with the zip, whilst making himself more flustered at the thought at the part of Draco his knuckles were brushing against.

Their kiss broke off, held together for a short while by a fine string of saliva that broke between them almost unnoticeably as the blonde lent back in his lap and brought a hand down to aid him remove his constricting jeans.

While Draco was otherwise occupied Harry took the opportunity to glance at him in his current state. Perfect hair was mussed and rumpled, sticking up at odd angles and looking more like a blonde version of his own locks. Whilst soft cheeks were stained a blood red over the cheekbones the same colour as kiss bruised lips.

His fly and button came loose and he lost clarity as Draco pulled away completely and as did his trousers, leaving him just in his socks and boxers, which were rather tented. Draco smirked a little and moved back over him and into his lap, pressing his growing hardness against his boxer clad own and gasping whilst drawing a groan from Harry.

The blonde nipped at his lips a little as he wrapped his arms around his torso, toying with his waistband. Harry meanwhile barely reciprocated as he focused on pushing off his socks with his feet and as he got the second sock off yelped when his ear lobe was engulfed into the blonde's mouth and tugged.

An amused chuckle both pleased and infuriated him and spurned by this Harry jostled them over, back to the pillows and headboard and began to suck voraciously at the tender hollow of Draco's throat cutting off his laughter and changing it to weak, stimulated mewls.

Hands clutched at his back, nails somewhat scraping as he ventured lower, to the middle of his fiancé's chest and then to over his heart, feeling its rapid yet steady beats through his lips and jaw. He ghosted breath over a pink, pearly nipple, and when the nails dug into him further - sucked it into his mouth with a garbled cry from the blonde.

Taut thighs hitched around his hips once more and locked him in place as Draco sobbed and the slightest of wetness that assaulted Harry's navel signalled his closeness. He all but ripped off his boxers, awkwardly though due to Draco's clinging and finally pressed them together in complete nudity.

Soft fluttering eyelashes caught his attention and he caught Draco's dilated eyes before initiating a softer, slower, more tender kiss and began to rock them, feeling his stiff and aching member slide against Draco's own length, feeling the tensing in the others body and the low moans that rumbled in the back of his throat.

"Are you absolutely certain?" He murmured against puffy lips, closing his eyes and sliding his hands down beneath Draco to his pert bottom and it's juncture to his thighs. A breathy hum and slightest nod answered him and slowly he began to draw his hands back up to the very small of Draco's back, feeling the divots that proved the blondes slim health.

He lifted and released one hand to pull a pillow forth and settled it below the blonde's hips to support him. Before leaning away, across to the vial of lubricant Draco had brought.

Turning back he caught Draco beautiful eyes and resolved to kiss him once again, lightly however, simply sliding their lips and catching them between one another before he trailed down. Down Draco's neck, and down his chest, kissing the centre. Down his stomach, kissing just above his belly button causing him to flinch, before moving lower to the nest of soft platinum curls, and Draco's length encased.

Without labouring the point he simply took Draco completely into his mouth and began to suck softly, tasting the salt on him and hearing Draco's initial cry and then sharp pants. The trouble of inexperience it seemed. He wasn't going to last long.

Monopolising upon Draco's focus being targeted upon the single area, with calm control he uncorked the vial and pored some of its contents over his fingers, before sliding them between Draco's thighs and buttocks and pressuring them into his most private place.

Draco moaned a little more and clenched around the intrusion, but with a little stronger sucking he loosened and Harry began to scissor his fingers as to stretch him. If the experience was painful, the blonde didn't seem to show it. He thrashed, but whilst making incoherent noises of pleasure not pain and clutched up the duvet below him, tensing when Harry hollowed his cheeks a little.

A wave of saltiness invaded Harry's mouth promoting Draco's near completion along with a cry of his Name followed by a scream of 'STOP!'

As if burned, Harry drew away, mouth and fingers causing the blonde to groan at the change.

"What-" Harry started with concern but stopped and the blondes almost embarrassed expression.

"N. not until, not until you're inside," Draco breathed catching then avoiding his gaze and flushing even more.

Harry couldn't help but nod repeatedly before he took more oil and slicked himself, moving closer to the blonde so that they were all but flushed together.

"This will hurt." He breathed making sure the Draco looked him in the eye. To his surprise, his fiancé drew a hand up and cupped his cheek soft enough to make him lean into it.

"I know, I'm ready." Draco whispered sincerely with a softest of smiles before Harry lined himself up and began to breach him. Watching as the smile turned to a grimace of pain and Draco lost his gaze, wincing and some tears sliding from his eyes at the sudden size his body was expected to stretch to.

"Are you alright?" Harry gasped out as he slid deeper, feeling Draco clench around him like a vice as he bottomed out completely.

Draco drew his hands to his face and whipped away the tears before giving him a shaky nod and slowly Harry began to withdraw, earning a hiss from them both before he surged forward, praying and cringing for no shout of agony.

Instead he was met by the most beautiful gasping sound he'd ever heard and arms and legs moved to wrap around him, demanding more.

"More!" Draco breathed heavily in synchronicity to his body and Harry repeated the action feeling him tense and gasp again.

"More!" The blonde repeated, his voice somewhat cracking and invigorated harry began to piston in and out with abandon, listening to only the squeaking of the abused bed and Draco's raptured cries and his own heart hammering. Feeling the delicious tightness of all of Draco's body, the slight roughness of the sheets beneath his elbows and legs, Draco's soft hair his hands were buried in, breathing in his soft recognisable scent and the heat between them.

He was in heaven and bliss, and perhaps Draco was too. However it could not last and Draco sudden hitch of breath and tightening and the splash of heat across his belly sent him over the edge with a garbled cry and he came, pulsing out the orgasm of his life before collapsing on top of the blonde in a boneless heap.

Soft hands carded through his hair and he sighed, moving to nuzzle just behind Draco's ear before drawing across and catching his lips.

"Are you alright?" He asked with trepidation that fled when he was answered with a tired laugh and moved to see Draco looking contentedly up at him.

"Mmmmmnnn, I could do with a drink though." The blonde sighed, lying lax as harry pulled his shirt back over him, wiping him with a waiting towel first to clean him up.

"A drink." He smiled fondly, " What kind of drink?"

A light shake of the head returned to him before still dilated eyes half opened blearily. "Anything but water ." came a lazy reply.

"Alright," Harry sighed happily, "I'll see what I can get, see you in a bit."

Dressed just in his coat and jeans and shoes, no underwear or anything Harry waltzed down the stairs in a happy daze, only reacting accordingly as he bumped into a large hooded figure that was moving up the stairs. The bloke practically walked through him and didn't even say 'excuse me' but Harry didn't really care.

It wasn't the post-coital bliss because of having been 'coital' but rather the swirls of images of Draco's soft sighs and mewls and the sweet unguarded smile he had been audience to afterward. He had no regrets, and it didn't appear Draco had any either. It was perfect, and he'd never felt so right before.

He reached the bar, which was still busy and eyed the bottle of Moet standing ready on the top shelf. The barman attended him quickly noticing his eyelined prize and discreetly passed over the bottle as well as two fine crystal cut flutes.

But suddenly the inn door flew open and a patronus of a doe rushed forth to in front of him.

"Potter!" Snape's voice shouted, "It's Averley! He's out of Azkaban and after Draco!"

Harry's blood ran cold and he dropped the champagne and glasses with a crash, charging up the stairs as fast as he could manage. He slammed open the room, but Draco was gone.

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