The Author Note That You Will Read

Ok, before I start this chapter of my tourist story I would like to thank a few people:

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Ok now on with the story.

Amy Rose was busy planning her future wedding with Sonic. She almost began to drool as she envisioned the day that she and Sonic would become "we"…that she could start to use the word "us". She almost squealed aloud as she pictured Sonic pushing a meatball toward her with his nose. And the wedding. Oh! The wonderful day when Sonic would say, "I do" and she would say "I do" and everybody else would say "Aww, that's the cutest couple since Edward and Jacob!" and blow bubbles and throw rice and take pictures as they got into the limo. Oh, that beautiful, joyful day with Cream as her maid of honor and Tails as the best man. And, oh!, their first night together, when-

Fortunately for the reader, Amy's stupid thoughts were interrupted by a certain tour guide wielding a lobster bib on a stick.

"Now, everybody, after being neglected on account of our writer's Hetalia stint, we return today to tour the lovely house of Amy Rose!"


"Nobody informed me that my house would be a stop on a tour," said Amy in that calm voice she uses before she takes out her hammer.

The tour guide ignored her. "Amy Rose is the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic. She has appeared in a great number of the games, TV shows, and comics." It was almost as if he were reading this straight from the Sonic Wiki.

"Well, I do get around," said Amy, flattered by this recognition.

"I LOVE YOU, AMY!" screamed a random tourist.

"Amy is also the most annoying Sonic character ever," added the smiling tour guide.


"Wait. Most annoying?"

"Take note of her annoying voice, everyone," said the guide. His tone would have been better suited for discussing the weather. "The pitch and inflection are almost as horrifyingly cacophonous as that of the little navy blue yoda thing that the curious and unknowledgeable editor had to listen to whilst looking for a video clip featuring Amy for reference."

"Can I record you screaming for an alarm clock?" asked the mother of some character mentioned in an earlier chapter. "Seriously; my college boy can sleep through an earthquake!"

"I love my beauty sleep," the guy sighed.

"I AM NOT ANNOYING!" A red-faced Amy yanked out her hammer.

"Amy is also a pink hedgehog," said Captain-Obvious-with-the-lobster-bib. He seemed to be forgetting about the hammer.


"Amy also enjoys reading fanfiction stories that pair Sonic with Shadow."

"I DO NOT!" Amy swung her hammer furiously but didn't hit anyone. She did manage to decimate a nearby "Sonic and Me Dancing to Footloose" macaroni statue.


"Amy is also a big fan of redecorating. As you can see, she is currently redecorating her house."

"Can you redo my bathroom?" asked a tourist.

"STAND STILL YOU TWITS OR THIS THING WILL REDECORATE YOUR FACIAL FEATURES!" Amy took another enraged swing, this time knocking the stuffing out of her custom-made Sonic Webkin.

"Amy also has anger issues and has gone to group therapy with Knuckles and Teddy the Teddy bear."

"I DO NOT HAVE ANGER ISSUES!" This time Amy managed to take out her Sonic sweet collector. She was too worked up to notice the number of video camera phones that had emerged from the gawking tourists' backpacks and purses.

"Dude, this is so going to get me hits on Youtube!"


"Now, everyone, before we leave this house and get neglected by our writer again, I think we should all take this moment to-"





This time the hammer destroyed her Sonic-and-me Photoshop pegboard and her mini fridge.

And for some odd reason, the tourists actually left the house.

And Amy woke up in a medical instruction with Dr. Eggman, Tails, Shadow, Elise, Chris, and Knuckles. Apparently, they all suffer from a disease that causes hallucinations of tourists that don't exist.


As you can tell I just wanted to end this story. Sure there are plenty of places I could put these tourists, but I don't care to write in the Sonic Category anymore. Sorry to keep you guys waiting, and sorry that this chapter sucks. You people are writers you can write your own Tourist story. I give you my blessing just be sure to thank me.