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"Tommy!" I exclaimed as I burst through the door into studio A. "I have a new song for you!"

I had spent all night writing. I had not been this excited about a new song in a long time, and I desperatly needed to show it to Tommy, he was my Yoda!

"Jude, relax, we have all day..."

What a killjoy. Way to harsh my mellow, Quincy. I sat down and let the glee slowly seep out of me while Tommy finished working on his current project. He rubbed his eyes and took a sip of coffee. Tommy looked a little more tired then usual but I decided not to say anything. Last thing I need is a visual of his late night escapades with whatever Supermodel he was courting at the moment. No, thank you! He finished up and turned his chair towards me.

"Ok, Harrison, tell me about your song." Tommy said while flashing me that million dollar smile.

"It kind of sounds like a No Doubt-Garbage mash-up with a little Hole mixed in for good measure. You're going to love it." I matched his smile and grabbed my guitar and began playing.

Come on, lets try this again

And I don't want this night to end

So follow me home

and we can finish what we started there

Kiss me, tell me what I want to hear

Inhibitions vanish into thin air

Just don't tell me

That I'm too young to know exactly what I want

Put your hands on me

and I'll show you everything

That i am thinking

You can stay the night

This just feels so right

The space between us shrinking

You know, It's just casual

So lock the door when you go

I'm not looking

For anything permenant

I just want to lose control

A little while

I finished, turned to Tommy and smiled. He had an awful pensive look on his face but I wasn't quite sure what that meant so i decided to be up-front about it.

"What did ya think?" I asked hopefully.

Tommy looked like he was searching for words. I should have just known at that point that this was going to be a difficult day. He may be my producer, but Tom is also my friend and he doesn't like to hurt my feelings...usually.

"The lyrics are awfully...mature" He said, cringing back on the memory of the words i had sung.

Of course they were mature. This felt like my coming-out song. I was tired of sounding like a kid, of everyone thinking of me that way. Even Tommy said himself that "Not Standing Around" sounded like it was for a pre-school party. Well here's my answer to that, Producer Man! I am a full grown woman (even if the law says otherwise at this point) and I'm entitled to sing about whatever I damn well please.

"That's the point, Tommy. I've grown up! I'm seventeen years old and I want to mature as an artist as well as a person, so I think my music should showcase that, don't you think?" I tried to push my point home with logic, but I estimated that i only had about a 50/50 chance of that actually working.

"Jude, you have to have some kind of transition time, you can't just jump from one to the other. Give people the chance to get used to thinking of you that way before you go there, you know?" Tommy was making some sense, but it frusterated me that he was avoiding telling me what he actually thought of the song, rather then what he thought other people would think.

"That's funny, cause i thought you, of all people, would understand this." A slight smile on my face relayed to Tommy that I was thinking about my sixteenth birthday, and the variable high-jinks that went on. "Don't you mean give youa chance to 'get used to this'?" I tried to relay with the look on my face exactly the certain kiss-that-never-happened that was on my mind. It happened, buddy, but it certainly doesn't give you any kind of CLAIM over me. Especially since we don't speak of said kiss or it's reprecussions. No it's filed under that "do not discuss" tab along with him dating my sister, the first kiss that shall not be named and about 10 other things that pisses one of us off when we talk about it.

"Just out of curiosity, that song it hypothetical, right? Not, uh, speaking from life experiences?" Tommy asked, looking like he didn't really want the answer. The sad part is that yeah, it's hypothetical, I haven't done anything yet. But do I want to tell him that and see the relieved look on his face? Hell-to-the-no! Ok...this might be fun.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I smiled at him suggestivly. I winked at him and tossed my long blonde hair over my shoulder.

"Jude..." Tommy started with a warning tone. In fact, I didn't like his damn tone at all! He wasn't my father, where the hell does he get off?

"Tom, I think we can both agree that that aspect of my life is none of your damn business." I said calmly, bringing my blue eyes to his. My heart raced a little at the thought that he may actually be bothered by me being with a guy. "Unless, of course, you're jealous..." I kept eye contact with him so he didn't call my bluff. I mean, of course he's not jealous, he's Tom freaking Quincy and he's got a thousand girls lined up for him. Why would he give a second thought to who I was or was not dating and/or sleeping with.

"Jude, don't go there." That warning tone was still in his voice and I could tell that he was getting more than a little pissed with my attempt at calling him out. "You know that doesn't have anything to do with this. I'm concerned for you because you're my artist." He explained carefully so his words were clear. Obviously that just pissed me off more. But him referring to me as just "his artist" is what really set me off. I mean, artist? Protegee, maybe. Friend, sure.

"After everything, your going to tell me that I'm just your artist? That's all this is? What the fuck, Quincy?" I sounded mad, but underneath that anger I was really hurt. We had spent the better part of every day together for the last 18 months (minus the 2 months I was on tour). And when did he become the concerned, professional type anyway?

"Of course you're my friend as well, but right now I'm trying to look out for your best interest." Tommy said with frustration.

"You mean YOUR best interest, Tom! Where you have my total attention and all my feelings. Is it fun for you to watch me struggle with this? Well, fuck off Quincy! You're not my boyfriend OR my father. I am singing this song at my performance tomorrow, deal with it. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go get ready for my date..." I hated Tommy in that moment, because he made it clear that I was too young, that he didn't think of me that way, but I know he enjoys all the attention I give him. What a hypocrite! In the end, he doesn't really give a shit if the song is too mature or sexual or whatever, he just doesn't want my attention to be elsewhere.

Tommy walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. "I can't stand it when your mad at me. Can't we just..." and he trailed off. He started to look a little uncomfortable and ceased any physical contact with me.

"Can't we just what, Tom? Kiss and make up? HA! Laugh riot!" I put my hands on my hips and glared at him. Maybe I was overreacting a little, but I felt like he only wanted to get on my good side because he found out I had a date. I know Tom, and I swear this would have been a lot bigger arguement and he would not have given up without a fight if I hadn't broken out the D card. He's always really nice to me on days when I have dates, probably so I will be thinking about him while I'm out with someone else. AND IT WORKS!

"Not this time, buddy! I see what you're doing!" and I explained my theory to him, and he proceeded to laugh at me.

"Jude, I have a lot better things to do then play these teenage games with you." Ohh, low blow, Quincy. Of course, it's always about age.

"Yes, I'm sure there is liquor to be drank and models to be fucked. What are you waiting around here for?" I replied shrewdly. He never ceases to look shocked when I start swearing up a storm around him. But, it makes me feel naughty so what the hell? I walked a little closer to him and looked him straight in the face while I was speaking. I was standing there with my arms crossed when a small smile crept across his face.

"Now who is jealous?" Tommy smirked at me, like he knew exactly what I was thinking. Obviously that irked me something fierce.

"Yes, I would love to be a coked-out, anorexic skank just so I could make time with Little Tommy Q!" I spat at him. Using his hated nickname was the easiest way to best Tom in a fight, I've found. I usually try to hold out a little longer, but this was quickly turning from a small arguement to a knock-down drag-out brawl where all the dirty laundry was on the table. Tommy turned red at the sound of his teen-idol nickname, and stared straight into my eyes. Their usual friendliness was gone and all I saw was anger...and something else I could not quite place but I might have seen it before.

"Hey, you're the one who has guys falling all over themselves during dates with you but never gives them anything or even a second date. I prefer a skank to a TEASE any day of the week. At least they're honest!" Tommy was pacing around the room at this point, when he saw that the blinds were open on the studio windows and we had begun to attract a crowd with our yelling. He shut the blinds and turned around to face me again.

"So we're going to make this about honesty now? Because I find that truly hilarious! Seriously?" I chuckled at the thought of Tom Quincy giving me lessons about honesty.

"No, this is about you acting like a slut. How can you even think about releasing that song? The press sees you out on a shitload of dates and then you put out a song that's about hook-ups? Sounds like a pretty fucking good way to end your career." He growled at me in a low tone that was actually scarier then him yelling at me. Tom still had that smirk on his face, because he knew he was getting the best of me.

"SLUT? SLUT? Since when does enjoying sex automatically make a girl a slut?" I yelled at him. Tommy visably flinched at the thought I was actually having sex with any of my dates. I wasn't, but I was so mad at this point that I decided he could think whatever he wanted if it would make him any madder. Still, I couldn't tell if he was actually angry or turned on at the thought of me having sex with random guys. I just can't believe he would actually think I was like that. "What, did you think I was saving myself for you?" That hit a sore spot. His eyes darkened, he grabbed my arm and put his face within 6 inches of mine.

"This is not a conversation we should be having." He spoke slowly, ennunciating every word to make sure he didn't say something he would regret.

"That is where you're wrong, Tom. This is a conversation we should have had a long time ago! At least now I know what you really think of me!" I tore my arm out of his grip and shoved him away from me.

"No, you don't." He came back at me and pulled me into a kiss.

To Be Continued!