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Chapter Four

"Sometimes you just can't help hating the reflection that's staring you back in the mirror," Hanna said, looking down at her hands.

Hanna tossed and turned on her bed, those words constantly on repeat in her mind. How could she have been so stupid? She let him in... She let him into the place where she promised no boy, no ONE for that matter, would ever enter. And she had been right. In the end, he left her.

Hanna sat up in her bed, patting down her bed head. She glanced at her clock that rested peacefully on her bedside table. It read 2:45 AM. She ran her fingers through her blond hair, contemplating whether or not she should call Spencer or not. She knew Spencer was probably not sleeping either but it wasn't because of Caleb. It was because of Ian.

About a few weeks back, Melissa and Spencer went to go see a church for the baby's christening. Melissa had realized she left her phone there when they were on the way back home, and were interrupted by a car hitting them. Spencer was fine but Melissa was in a hospital bed. Spencer urged her mother that it was fine for her to go back and retrieve Melissa's phone from the church, for that was the least she could do for her sister.

From what Spencer had told her, she had entered the church but Ian had attacked her. But then the infamous A had saved her. Hanna shuddered. All this time, the girls thought that A was Ian. But A wasn't Ian. "A" had pushed Ian off the railing, causing him to topple over and his head get caught in the church's bell's strings, choking him to death. But was it to death? Even Hanna saw him caught in the strings. But then when the police had arrived, they said that they had found no body on the scene. Did "A" take Ian? But what for?

Hanna reached out onto her bedside and disconnected her phone from its' charger. She dialed Spencer's number.

"Hello?" a whispered voice said through the phone.

"Hey," Hanna said gently. "I figured you wouldn't be sleeping."

Hanna heard bedsheets rustling, "You figured right," Spencer said, "I couldn't sleep."

"Neither could I," Hanna frowned.

Like a good friend, Spencer asked, "Wanna talk about it?"

"It's okay. Like always, it's always about Caleb," Hanna looked down onto her free hand.

Hanna heard Spencer sigh, "Han, I know I said some mean things about him but he really loved you."

"If he did then he wouldn't do what he did."

"He didn't know that when he took the deal with Jenna that he'd fall madly in love you."

Hanna knew Spencer was right. "But how could I have been so stupid, Spence?"

"You weren't and still aren't stupid. You didn't know. That's not stupidity, that's being unaware."

"Spence, I had sex with him. I lost the one innocent thing I had left. To him! That's called being stupid!" Hanna frustratedly said.

Spencer was silent.

Hanna continued, "He didn't even wanna say goodbye," she whispered almost inaudibly.

"Are you sure about that? Maybe he left you a note or something?" Spencer asked.

"How would I know? I was avoiding him," Hanna groaned.

"So it was partially your fault," Spencer said.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Either way, I can't do anything about it. He's run off to Arizona, where he'll find a better girl and live happily ever after."

Spencer laughed lightly, "There's no such thing as happily ever after, Hans. And you CAN do something. You can call him. But it's just your ego that's the bigger problem."

"Excuse me?" Hanna asked, with an attitude.

"My point exactly," Spencer laughed again. "Get over that little Hanna attitude and call him," she said, "or else you'll really regret it."

Hanna took a deep breath. Spencer was right. Hanna was going to call him tomorrow morning. Attempting to change subjects, Hanna asked, "How are you, Spence?"

Spencer hesitated, taking a deep breath, "I'm gonna be okay."

"What do you mean?" asked Hanna.

"My parents don't believe me when I say that Ian attacked me, Melissa thinks that I've lost my mind and my parents are beginning to side with her, like they always do," she said, in one big sigh.

"Okay, well give them time. I'm sure Ian's body will resurface."

"I guess. It's just hard, ya know?"

"I know." Trust me, Hanna thought, I know. "So what are you gonna do until then?"

"Might just lose my mind," Spencer joked lightly. "Oh wait, already been there and done that."

"I'm sure Toby will be there to help you out," Hanna smirked.

"Hey, be nice. He's not as bad of a bad boy as he seems," Spencer said, sighing dreamily.

"Alright," Hanna said, running her fingers through her hair, yawning. "I'm gonna go back to bed. You go dream about your lover boy," Hanna smiled.

"I will," Spencer said, and Hanna could feel Spencer smiling.

Closing her phone, Hanna placed it back onto her bedside table. Spencer had found the guy of her dreams and Hanna could not be more happy for her friend. And Spencer was right about before. Hanna made a mental note that tomorrow, she would call Caleb and sort things out.

"Sounds like you credit Alison for the friendship," their therapist said, looking at all four of the girls. The girls' parents along with the police department thought that it would be a great idea for the girls to go into group therapy. Maybe it would help resolve their "problems", the parents thought. But boy, were they wrong. The only problem the girls had was that Ian's dead body was missing and "A" was playing with their minds.

Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna all sat together on one long white couch, peering off in different directions. Hanna huffed as she crossed her arms, not wanting to answer. This was completely ridiculous. Group therapy? How was it going to help the Ian-missing-A-is-a-psycho problem?

"We became friends because of her," Emily said slowly.

"But she's gone and the four of you seem very close," the therapist said, her legs crossed, with a notepad and pen in hand.

Emily looked down into her lap, "We weren't always."

The therapist glanced at Spencer, who stayed silent, her elbow resting on the couch's arm, her head being propped up by her hand. She also didn't believe that group therapy was the way to resolve their issues.

The therapist then glanced at Aria, who spoke, "We lost touch," she blurted, "When Ali went missing."

"What brought you back together?" the therapist asked.

The girls all looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

"You don't all have to agree," the therapist said, "There are no right or wrong answers here."

Spencer sighed, placing a finger onto her temple of her forehead. "Her death," she exhaled.

"She means," Aria said, a little fearful, "when-when they found her," she stuttered.

"When they found her body," Emily corrected Aria.

"Do you think you were looking for closure?" the therapist asked.

Hanna twirled a strand of her blonde hair around her fingers, rolling her eyes. She was about two seconds away from taking her heel off from her foot and throwing it at the therapist. These questions were so stupid! Pointless, even! These sessions were pointless. It wouldn't help anything and it definitely would not help resurfacing Ian's body. And it sure as hell wouldn't help her situation with Caleb. She looked away in disgust.

"We were looking for answers," Spencer answered slowly, placing her hands onto her lap, looking at the rest of the girls.

"The answer to who murdered Alison?" the therapist suggested.

Spencer sighed, nodding slowly.

"The four you don't have to go through this alone. This is a safe place to talk," the therapist said, looking at each and every one of them. "Nothing you say goes beyond these walls."

Emily looked up, the look of fear in her eyes.

The girls all looked at each other, expectantly, and Aria said, "Should we... Do we wanna talk about that... thing?" she asked the girls, thing referring to "A".

The girls didn't answer her, and Emily grabbed Hanna's hand, squeezing it. The girls all took a deep breath but before either of them could respond, their phones buzzed and rang.

Hanna rolled her eyes. Of course it was "A". "A" had excellent timing.

Author's note: Ooooh did you see that? I incorporated a promo that was on one of their fansites. The scene with the therapist is actually what happens in the first episode of the second season. Alright, thank you guys for the tremendous support and I hope you all enjoyed. Love you all!