Spike pointed toward the grave. "A Fledge has just risen." Making a show of scanning the cemetery and sniffing the air as if he were trying to find the vamp, he added, "but I'm not sure where."

"How do we find it?" Xander asked.

Spike shoved him. As Xander stumbled against a tombstone Spike called out, "We use bait." By the time Xander had turned around, Spike had vanished.

The Fledge was on Xander almost immediately; hunger had made it stupid. As Xander flailed his arms ineffectively, hitting the Fledge but doing no damage, screaming for help as he tried to free himsel, Spike shifted into position, biding his time until the moment was right. As the heartbeat slowed, Spike shoved a stake into the Fledge.

Tearing open his wrist, Spike knelt into the settling dust, hovering over Xander before lifting him into one arm, smiling as Xander latched on and started to feed. "I may be chipped, but I'm not stupid. There's more than one way to skin a cat."