So, I got accepted into my first choice university, and that inspired me to write this, hope you like it

She looked down at the envelope in her hands. It was made of thick paper, almost like parchment. The seal was perfectly closed, from corner to corner. The font was elegant, but perfectly legible.

She ran the tips of her fingers lightly over the return address. As nice as the envelope was, she cared more for what might be inside of it. It was thick, which gave her hope, but she was too scared to open it.

The letter may just hold the key to her future, her chance to escape. If they didn't want her, she didn't know what she would do it.

Sighing, she reread her name and address on the front before sliding her finger under the flap, and slowly opening the envelope.

She pulled the first letter out, gulping slightly. Fear filled her as she unfolded it. There was no way she had gotten in. She wasn't smart enough by a long shot. She didn't have enough extracurriculars. She just wasn't what it takes to get in.

Holding her breath, she scanned the first few lines.

"I got in" she whispered.

After quickly reading the letter completely, she blinked rapidly and let out a yell.


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