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Her fingers were slipping— slipping off the lever that was her lifeline. The doctor's face was a mask of horror as she literally held onto her life by her fingertips. He extended his arm as if to catch her, but it was hopeless. There was no possible way he could get to her. And for that he was dying inside. He had never been so frightened in his entire existence. Every atom in his body was screaming for her to hold on.

And then she was falling. Falling away from him and into the time void. Shock, anger, guilt, denial, loss, and a million other feelings tore through him as she fell. With a cry of horror he screamed her name.


The doctor sat bolt up in bed. "A dream, only a dream," he breathlessly chanted to the darkness of his room in the TARDIS. He was surprised to feel tears rolling down his face. The image of Rose falling would not fade from behind his closed eyelids. He needed to make sure she was safe.

It was early morning, when the sun was, (metaphorically), just rising. He got slowly out of bed, crossed the hallway, and slipped into her dark room. He tiptoed over to her bed and inhaled the scent of her shampoo, and something he couldn't describe, something that was just… Rose. He knelt down beside the bed and peered through the darkness at her sleeping form. A strangled sob tore through the silence. It came from the doctor. The doctor could be found curled up in the sheets on which her scent still lingered, clinging to his last source of comfort. This was the reason he slept now. For these precious moments upon waking, when he was able to forget. He lived for these brief seconds when she still existed, if only in his mind. Every morning he would wake up looking for her, when the sun should be rising, but never would, because it had been burned up, just so he could say goodbye. It usually didn't take long for him to remember that he had lost her forever.