The Armada Youngling Series

Summary: An explosion caused by one of Cyclonus' experiments' turns both him and Starscream into sparklings! How will Demolisher and Megatron deal with this?

A/N: Alright, I've read a bunch of fanfictions where the Decepticons have sparkling/ youngling protection programming that is activated whenever a sparkling/ youngling is around. Well, I've never read an Armada fic that has that, so I just figured that I would write one!

Disclaimer: I don't own the protection programming idea, nor do I own TF Armada. Otherwise-Starscream would never have died!

Let's get this party started right!

Inashi Silverfang

... ... ... ... ... ...

Chapter one: Boom!

'And to think, the day began so wonderfully.' Megatron thought bitterly as he held the whimpering red sparkling closer to his chest plates; trying to sooth it with the warmth of his spark. The little body just curled closer, clutching at his green and purple armor with tiny black hands.

Megatron glanced down at the little sparkling, taking in the small wings and the dark helm pressed into his chest. "Starscream." He murmured softly, catching the little ones' attention. The sparkling glanced up from where his face was buried in the commander's chest-huge, watery orange meeting gentle, blood red.

The tank-former just sighed before settling back to recline further into his throne, thinking back to how this whole mess began...

The Mini-cons had been quiet lately, leaving the Decepticons with more free time than they knew what to do with. As such, they decided to use their time in the following manners-

With Demolisher, he was pursuing the extra time to practice his aim. Various craters that marked the moon's surface were testament to his dedication.

With Cyclonus, the time was spent in a fusion of napping or toying around with various chemicals: the more colorful and dangerous the better.

With Starscream, he spent his downtime on swords' practice. The jet would stay on the training field for hours, often recharging there as well.

And as for Megatron, the time was spent on both recharging on his throne, or plotting ways to get more Mini-cons with less work.

In other words- it was the perfect time for disaster to strike.

No one had any idea why Starscream had come into the base in the first place- after all, he usually just carried rations with him, so he had no reason to retrieve them. But enter the jet did, and in walking to the mess hall, he passed Cyclonus' quarters, little knowing of the oncoming chaos.

A soft hissing sound was all the warning the seeker received before the explosion hit. The door was blown back against the far wall, and a thick, red mist enveloped the hallway.

All Starscream had time to do was let out a surprised gasp before his world went black.

... ... ... ... ... ...

End Chapter one!

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