It has been a year, since the Fourth Shinobi World War. Everybody's lives have gone back to normal, well so it appears. The attack has taken a toll on a certain person. You may know her as the little shy, unconfident Hinata Hyuuga but let that be in the past.

There is a new Hinata Hyuuga, she is a manipulating snake, putting on a shy mask when underneath it, there is a whole new person.

Nobody saw it coming they had no clue what so ever.

But the question is how did this shy unconfident Hinata Hyuuga turned into such an influential and demanding person.

(Flash back) A week after the attack

Naruto and Sakura were sitting in Ichiraku, enjoying a quiet lunch. Naruto had been pondering on a few things in his mind and the first in his list was Sakura,

"I have something to ask you.'' Said Naruto

''Yea? What is it Naruto''. Sakura asked looking at him with her emerald eyes

''Well I was wondering if ...ummmmm will you go out with me'' He asked shyly looking away from the pink beauty in front of him.

''Alright I'll go out with you.'' Sakura smiled at him giving him a kiss on the cheek making him yelp with enjoy. After his sudden shout of enjoyment Sakura started to laugh at him and soon he joined her, laughing heartedly.

Unknown to them Hinata was passing by and overheard the conversation. She felt heartbroken that the guy she cared so much about didn't feel the same way she does for him, the guy that gave her all the confidence through her life betrayed her like this. 'Why?' she thought with tears brimming her opal eyes 'Why must I be the one that always ends up hurt? Why can't I accept that he will never like me back?' her thoughts were irrational and her only reaction to this situation was running from the couple.

She began running towards the forest. Trees passed her like blurs of greens, she didn't know how long or how fast she was running until her legs gave out and fell on the lushes green earth, splotching her face with mud from the ground, she just curled up and started to sob quietly to herself.

''Why do you cry child?'' A deep voice asked erupting from the bushes nearby.

Hinata gasped and looked up. There stood a man in his early 20s. He had deep gray eyes black spiky hair everywhere with bangs covering his left eye. He has a right piercing in his right eyebrow with a smirk on his lips.

''W-why do you c-care?'' She stuttered fearing the man in front of her.

''I don't, I just want you to get out of my territory.'' He looked at her with boredom.

''Fine I'll l-leave'' She sniffed trying to get up

When Hinata stood up ready to leave, her legs suddenly gave out from all the soreness. Crying in pain, she lay curled up sobbing once more. The stranger just stood there watching her in amusement.

''Ugh...just tell me what's wrong and I'll try to help you.'' He sighed in frustration because she was too stubborn to speak.

''Kill me.'' Hinata whispered, she just wanted to end her misery even if it's by the hands of a stranger. He just smirked at her reaction; she was just too amusing for him.

''Why should I do that now?'' He snorted.

''P-please just end my m-misery everything I do is u-useless. My family h-hates me for being w-weak and a burden to the clan. I do nothing but h-hold my teammates back in m-missions. Not to mention my long time c-crush doesn't even know I exist. Even after I jumped in f-front of Pain for him.'' She pleaded, looking in his grey eyes, just begging him to kill her.

'' Know what you are not why you want to die. You are weak because you want to end your life like some pathetic loser. You are better than that, I know since it's all written in your eyes" he blinked slowly and concentrated in her beautiful moonstone eyes.

Hinata looked down in shame, she couldn't win over this guy, he wouldn't kill her and end her depressing life.

''No but...I just-'' Trying to give him any reason to kill her.

''STOP'' He yelled again interrupting her pathetic excuses.

''Don't you want those people who hurt you to pay for what they did to you.'' He hissed narrowing his eyes on Hinata

''I'm not strong enough'' She said quietly, sniffing.

''I'll make you strong'' His voice was cold, out of emotion, making Hinata feel a chill down her spine.

''All you have to do is take my hand and promise to stay loyal to me.'' He smirked, handing Hinata a hand so she could stand up.

"If you accept, you will become strong, you will do anything and everything I say, when I say jump. You say how high will not hold back what so ever! You will become my student and part of my property". He smiled sadistically picking her up with ease

''I-I don't think'' Stuttering all over again, now standing on her feet

''They will regret calling u weak!'' He sneered and frowned at her stubbornness

She stayed silent scared to anger him again.

''What do you say?'' He stated in a gentler voice

"I-I accept'' She stuttered a bit, but her eyes held determination.

''Good, we'll start with your stutter, repeat after me. 'I will become strong, I will make my sensei proud and I will make the village regret mistaking me as weak'.'' He spat the last word as if it's a bad taste in his mouth.

A few hours later he managed to make her stutter less.

''Come on. It's getting late.''

''What's your name?'' She secretly applauded herself for not stuttering.

''Sora.'' He smiled at his little toy.

''Where are we going?" She curiously looked around where they heading.

''Home,'' Sora smirked at that.

''W-what do you mean?'' Hinata was confused now, what did he mean by home.

''You are part of my property now. This will be your real home from now on. Of course you will be going back to your village and keep doing the things you used to do. I will see you after you training with your teammates and your father. You will come here every day unless you're on a mission and on missions I'll follow you and train you at night.'' He said walking in front of her.

''Alright Sora.'' Hinata felt bubbly after what he said, never in her life was there someone willing to train her and give a safe home, she felt happy for once.

Sora abruptly stopped in front of a huge mansion, it was beautiful, colored in white and gold and it was even bigger than the Hokage tower. The front of the house was designed with flowers and surrounded a huge lake, everything looked magical and Hinata couldn't take her eyes of her new beautiful home.

''Nobody can see this house unless I let them. Let's go inside,'' He gestured her to follow him.

The inside of the house was amazing. It was decorated with dark furniture with all different types of rooms. There were 2 master bedrooms and 4 guest rooms, a library, an office, an indoor training ground, a game room and even a tattoo and piercing room, which was odd for Hinata.

Sora entered one of the guest rooms and motioned for Hinata to follow.

''This will be your room until further notice. When you manage to complete every task l give you, you will have the privilege of accommodating the other master room as a reward.'' Sora started walking out of her room.

''Wait.'' Hinata called out to him. He stopped walking,

"Yeah Hinata... what is it?''

''Thank you for doing this for me...l promise I won't let you down.'' She smiled brightly

''I know you won't,'' He smirked leaving her in the room.