Walking around the village, Hinata felt bored it was too quiet and there was no action around here, she just wished she could go back to Sora and train, but that will be suspicious because she already disappears for half of the day and doesn't want anyone following her.

"Hinataaaaa" Kiba yelled while running to his teammate, she spoke too soon.

"Kiba-kun hi, what is it?" Hinata smiled at him.

"Hey... I was wondering if you know you wanted to go out sometimes." He shuffled nervously, blushing he felt like the old Hinata this thought made him even more red.

Hinata stood there in fake surprise. She knew that Kiba has liked her since the beginning of the academy.

Out of all the people out there she knew that he would stay loyal to her even if he knew about her secret.

Even in training he never attacks her and takes all her blows and returns none.

Yes, he holds back on her but she knows that it was because he cares for her.

He and Shino where the only ones that actually noticed a difference in her when she first met Sora. Well Shino only noticed when Kiba brought it up.

Hinata blushed and put her head down hiding her smirk, she wasn't going to act very confident in front of Kiba, he'll be suspicious.


"Uhh you don't have to answer me now- I mean umm... Yeah you don't have to answer me now." Kiba said hurriedly in a panic state

"Kiba-kun I-I would l-love to go out with you." Hinata answers with a blush.

'It's hard to fake a blush' She thought holding her breath to make her face redder.

Kiba jumped up and down with a big smile on his face. "Really?" Hinata nodded shyly.

Kiba smiled wider and hugged her. Hinata also smiled awkwardly hugged him back.

"Alright then where do you wanna go?"

"A-anywhere is fine." Hinata smiled along with Kiba.

'Guess I'll have my fun with Kiba then' She grinned.

"Hmm? Alright Pick you up at 7?" Hinata nodded.

Kiba smiled one last time while running the other way jumping with joy.

Once he was out of sight Hinata smirked.

" I know your there... Sasuke." She started to walk towards the woods knowing he would follow.

He came out with a scowl on his face.

"How did you know I was there?" He said as he leaned on a near by tree crossing his arms.

"I'm a ninja. What do you expect?" She giggled as she picked a Kunai from her pouch.

"Barely any ninja can sense me, exception-" But he was cut off when the Kunai whizzed past him and dug to the tree's bark by Sasuke's head.

"Look Sasuke, am not like other ninjas. I unlike them can sense a lot of things. My senses are high. I can hear, smell and see things from miles away." Hinata stated in a bored voice as she fiddled with another Kunai.

"Hn" Sasuke was trying to not think about the Kunai beside his head, she caught him off guard and no one, no one catches the great Sasuke Uchiha off guard.

They stayed in silence for a couple of minutes.

" So you like him?" Sasuke asked with a bit a jealousy in his voice. You would have to be very attentive to hear it.

Hinata of course heard it. She mentally smirked.

" My my is someone... Hmm... Jealous?" She teased the avenger.

"What? Don't be ridiculous. What would I be jealous off?" He snorted.

"Hmm oh so many reasons. Kiba's strong-" Hinata decided to tease him more.

"Am stronger."

"He's good looking."

"Am better looking."

"He's wild."

"Am wilder."

"He's funny."

"Am funnier." Hinata raised an eyebrow at him. Really?

"He's sociable."

"Am even more sociable." Hinata laughed 'Says the loner!' She thought as she continued.

"He's outgoing."

"Am more outgoing." 'Oh my he's really full of himself'

"Hes fun."

"Am fun-er."

Hinata smirked.

"Oh is that so? What's so fun about you?" She cooed.

Sasuke stayed quiet until he smirked.

"Let me show you." He ran towards her and picked he up in a swift movement plopping her on his shoulder.

"Hey what do you think you're doing? Put me down!" Hinata yelled at Sasuke, hitting her fists on his hard back

But Sasuke merely shurgged the slight pain and started to jump up and down.

"Why? Am showing you how fun I can be." He chuckled as he bounced Hinata on and off his shoulder.

"Haha so funny. Put me down." She tried to make it convincing but it came out sarcastic.

"Hmm? That wouldn't be fun now would it?" He teased catching her sarcasm.

"This isn't the type of thing people call 'fun' you know." She huffed slaming her fists on his back.

"If it's not, then what do you call fun." He said as he shifted Hinata to get comfortable, stopping her brutal beating.

She stayed quiet.

"I don't know what fun is." She honestly never knew fun because she never had fun, living with the Hyuga's had taught you that.

"Is that why your with him? To show you what fun is?" He glared at the dirt on the ground, just thinking about Hinata with that mutt made him even more angry.

She gave it a thought.

"I'm with him... So he can... Show me how to feel again." She whispered in his ear making him shiver a little.

"I can show you what my definition of fun is if you show me yours." He grinned as he patted her back.

"Alright then. It's a deal" She chirped.

"Hn.'' Was his only answer.

''So…..can you PUT ME DOWN NOW?" Hinata yelled at sasuke while trashing around in his arms.

Sasuke sighed "No.''

"Why the fuck NOT?" Hinata whined.

''Because...I'm having fun.'' He smirked.

Hinata smirked. She closed her eyes and in a swift movement she jerked to her left sending Sasuke to the ground with her.

''Well so am I." She said while Sasuke roll them over so he was on top. She did the same and it all came down to a very childish game of rolling in the ground.

It wasn't to see who was stronger. It wasn't to see who the dominant one was, but instead it was an attempt to feel something. To feel happiness again. Any type of emotion to make them feel human again.