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My sister the vampire

Olivia's POV

"Help! Please don't leave me," I was yelling in my dream to the mysterious man. He's been haunting my dreams for two months now but I never even get a glimpse of him. BEEP, BEEP! An annoying beeping noise pulls me out of my reoccurring dream and back into reality. My eyes slowly open and search for the beeping.

My eyes land on my pink bunny alarm clock that has the bunny wearing a black shirt saying "Not all bunnies are bad." The clock read 8:28am. I hit the bunny and the alarm shut up. I looked over at my calendar hanging on the wall to see why I had to wake up so early today. My eyes bugged out at the September 13th circled in red. It's the first day of school and I already slept in. Oh my gosh I have about five minutes to get ready so I can meet Ivy A.k.A my sister at the corner near the bus stop.

I have no time so I use my cheerleader energy to wiz around my room. First things first, I brushed my hair and put it up into a high ponytail. I then went on to makeup. I add a thin line of pink eyeliner on my bottom eyelid just like Ivy taught me to do with her black one. Then I ran over to my closet and pulled out the new vintage bunny shirt Sophia and Ivy bought her for my birthday.

The bunny shirt is bright pink with a black bunny on it saying "What you looking at?" Then I grabbed my nicest black mini skirt. I pulled on the outfit while making sure I had everything I would need in my backpack even my cheerleading outfit. I glanced at the clock and saw I had one minute until I had to leave the house.

I ran down the stairs bag in hand towards the kitchen. I grabbed the lunch money I left on the counter last night while giving my mom a good morning kiss on the cheek. I slipped on my ballot flats and grabbed my black trench coat that Ivy helped me pick out for the cold days in Franklin Grove. I ran over to the bus stop and rounded the corner in hope I hadn't missed my sister because of my lateness. When I turned the corner though I saw my sister in all her glory wearing the bright pink trench coat. Since I bought the black one she bought the pink.

"Hey sis, nice coat," I say with a wink. She smiles and then pulls me into a bear hug.

"Oh my gosh Olivia, you look killer but if I have to show up to school in pink everyone will think I am a bunny! No offence, your an awesome bunny."

I smile, "None taken and fine give me your coat. I don't really mind I like yours better anyways." Ivy and I start walking to school but neither of us say a word until Ivy speaks up.

"Hey, Why is your bag so full?" she says while giving me a curious look.

"Hello cheerleader," I say while pointing to myself. She laughs and then makes a joke about how Charlotte forgot her uniform one year and had to wear the old boys one. I burst out laughing and almost fell flat on my face. Hence the almost. Sophia's arms caught me under my arms.

"Whoa there Olivia, don't want to wreck that pretty face of yours on the very first day," she is holding back her giggles. I catch my balance and then smile.

"Thanks Sophia," but before Sophia can hear my thanks Ivy tackles her in a best friend hug. Ivy then starts searching for Brendan but don't have any luck. So Ivy, Sophia and I head to our new lockers. Ivy and I had our lockers right next to each other while Sophia's is down the hall on the other side of the wall. I spin my new combo 15-30-45 and wait for the lock to make the click sound. I open my locker and a horrible smell penetrated my nose.

Ivy plugs her nose and says, "To bad you got one of the Beasts old lockers." The Beasts if you don't know are the stupid vampires that like to play jokes and say stupid things.

I say, "No worries I was prepared for this." I pull out my water bottle and two purple tablets from my backpack.

"What's that?" Ivy says while pointing to the tablets.

"Just wait and see Ivy. You will be amazed, I know I was when I first saw this." I put the first tablet on the bottom of the locker and the second on the top. Then I sprayed both of them with water and slammed my locker close as fast as possible. I heard the soap tablets fizz and clean in the process. When I open my locker after the fizzing stopped it was spotless and smelled like roses.

Ivy's jaw dropped to the floor. "Oh my gosh, that's killer! Where can I get some of that? Really because my room could need some cleaning." I laughed.

"I really don't know where it came from but my mom accidentally bought it when she was trying to buy her favourite bubble bath." I put my gym bag into my locker while Ivy put up her poster on her locker door. I noticed someone walking towards us and identified it as Brendon. He mouths for me to make some kind of noise so Ivy doesn't notice him. I nodded my head to him then let out a girly scream. Ivy looks at me in panic and her eyes look over to see what happened.

"What's wrong? Are you alright?" She asks quickly but I shrug and just said I saw a bug climb out of my gym bag. She looks at me as if saying are you serious that's all? I shrug my shoulders and turn back to my locker acting as normal as I can. Brendon sees this as his chance and places his hands over Ivy's eyes.

"Guess who," he whispers into her ear while then mouthing to me thanks. I just smile and watch for my sisters reaction. She relaxes her stiff shoulders when she figures out who it is and her body leans into his touch.

"Brendon," She says in a happy voice that I only hear her ever use with Brendon, Sophia and me. She turns around into his arms and kisses his cheek lightly. I turn away because I felt like I was intruding on a personal moment. I couldn't not help but feel a little jealous though that I didn't have someone to do that with. I closed my locker and turned to tell them I was going to the office to get my schedule when I see Brendon showing off his new phone which leads me to the thought of where my phone is.

Oh right I left it on my dresser. "Shit," I mumble under my breath but of course with their bat hearing (no pun intended) they heard.

"What's wrong Olivia?" Brendon asks me.

"I forgot my phone," I whisper out hoping they didn't catch it but of course they did. Ivy laughs and makes a joke about how I brought cleaning stuff but forgot my cell phone. I blushed scarlet like always when embarrassed then told them I was getting my schedule. I was walking down the hall looking at my feet hoping that the red in my cheeks would fade. I bumped into someone right in front of the office and landed on my butt. I got up and apologized. "Oh my gosh I am so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going," I said in a rush and then looked up to see the person I bumped into to be none other then Camilla. "Camilla!" I practically throw my arms around her. "How are you?" I say while checking out her outfit and might I say she was rocking the aero-postal shirt and pants.

"I've been good." She replies sweetly like she always would. Camilla and I were chatting away when some guy comes up and drapes his arm over her shoulders.

"Is this your new boyfriend Camilla?" I ask excited.

She laughs, "No this is my older brother Marcus or Mark." Marcus or Mark looks me up and down then sniffs the air. All I am thinking is please don't let me still be smelling of my yucky locker. His eyes go black and his fists clench. He grunts out a "Hi" before grabbing Camilla and dragging her down the hall. Camilla tried to wave but he tugged on her arm to stop. Then they disappeared around the corner. I stood there stunned at what just occurred but I shrugged it off. I walked into the office and asked Ms. Dread for my class schedule. She handed me my schedule and told me that she loved my outfit. I thanked her and then signed my name on the sheet she told me too.

I walked out and looked at my schedule. My schedule was like this. First Block Math, Second Block Chemistry, Break, Third Block Humanities, Fourth Block English, Lunch then last but not least GYM. I got to my locker and grabbed my pencil case and notebooks so I could head to math class. When I walked into math class and saw a vacant seat next to Camilla I smiled. I was about to go sit down next to her when her brother entered and gave me a hard look while taking the empty seat I was about to sit in. So instead I go to the front of the class and sit right next to the door. The teacher went over the normal protocol and then told us what we need to have for next class while dismissing us to have free time for the rest of class.

When first block was over I headed over to chemistry. The good thing about chemistry is that I found out I had this class with Brendon and Sophia. I sat with Sophia while Brendon sat in front of us. I looked around the class to see everyone gossiping. I turned to Brendon and asked if he knew what everyone was talking about.

"Oh there's some new guy from Europe who is suppose to be super hot as the girls say," his voice is hinted with Jealousy and worry. I patted his hand and smiled.

"Don't worry my sister only has googly eyes for you, trust me." That brought the smile back to his face instantly. It was finally break and we were meeting Ivy at our lockers. When Ivy saw us she smiled and waved us over. Brendon walked behind Ivy and wrapped his arms around her waist. Sophia and I did the same just to mock them. Ivy stuck out her tongue at us, while Sophia and I high fived each other. Brendon then went over to his guy friends so they could head to there next class together but not before leaving a sweet kiss on my sisters cheek. My next class I thought I had no one special with or so I thought.

I walked into my Humanities classroom and was handed a paper informing us on what would be taught this term. Our teacher was reading from the paper and told us to follow along. We were on the second line when Ms. Lite told us to great the new kid. We all greeted him with a hello but I didn't even glance up when I said it. Ms. Lite then told the new student to introduce himself to us. I still hadn't looked up at that point but when he spoke a shiver went up my spine, so I looked up and my brown eyes with violet flecks meet the most stunning shade of violet eyes. His name was Lucas and he told us that he came from Spain. I got this creepy feeling that I have seen Lucas before but I swear that this was the first time I have ever meet him in my life. Ms. Lite then instructed Lucas to sit next to me and that I should raise my hand so he knew where I was. I lifted my hand up and when Lucas saw me he smiled hugely but then his smile faded when he got closer to me. Nobody noticed but me since I was more like studying him then just looking. Lucas then personally introduced himself to me and held out his hand for me to shake. I placed my hand in his to shake but what surprised me was he didn't shake my hand, he brought it up to his lips and kissed it. I blushed the darkest shade of red I ever have. When he finally let go I could still feel the electric tingle that passed through the two of us. I felt kind of empty when he let go though.

Lucas then looked up and saw my blush. "Your blush is lovely," he said in his sweat Spanish accent. That of course made me blush more. He started chuckling which caused everyone to turn and see what was wrong with the two of us. "I'm sorry Querida, but I still don't know your name."

I was speechless because he called me something in Spanish that made me feel special inside even though I didn't even know what it meant. I finally stuttered out my name, "O-o-livi-a-a," it sounded more like a question then and response.

"Olivia," he said with his rich accent. "That's a beautiful name."

"Thank you." I said more calmly and composed.

"Olivia, May I borrow the sheet because there were no more left?" he asked shyly.

"Sure Lucas, Actually you can have it since I already have it memorized." I handed him the pink sheet of paper Ms. Lite had given us. Lucas thanked me and then spent the rest of the class reading it. I went back to doodling on my notebook and thinking of cheer. My next class was English and I was glad to say I had that class with my sister. During that class all we did was pass notes since we were in the back row.

Our notes went like this, "Sup Olivia? Hey why do you look cheerier then normal? Oh my gosh! You have the I just meet a guy look! Who is he? SPILL!" Even Ivy's writing was demanding. He-he.

I wrote back, "I do NOT look cheerier and his name is Lucas! He's the new kid and he came from Spain. Ivy also you know how dad and I have been talking about my dreams and how he thinks that they could be a vampire power of foresight? Well I think he's right because I had this creepy feeling that I knew Lucas even before he introduced himself. I also thought about it and then saw that his figure matches the one in my dream."

I slide her notebook back over to her for her to read and when I got it back her response was, "I know but be careful and don't get all excited about having powers before I talk to dad about it again okay?" Her concern for me always made me appreciate having her as my sister.

I wrote back quickly, "Yeah I know, but wouldn't it be cool is I could see the future? Ahhh teachers coming don't reply." Mr. Wolfe came by handing out the book list for this year.

"Class, this year instead of assigning a book you all will hate, you may pick from the five books on the list. Moby Dick, Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, Sense and Sensibility and Macbeth. You have two days to either purchase or check out one of these books."

"Hey Ivy, Which book are you going to read?" I wrote when the teacher left.

"I'm going to read Wuthering Heights since I own it and have read it over a million times. What about you?"

"I always loved Romeo and Juliet but my copy got lost in the move so I'll have to go to the book store or library after cheer practice. So make sure you don't wait up for me. Hey maybe Brendon could walk you home." I winked and then passed the notebook back over to her. She elbowed me when she finished reading and laughed.

The bell for lunch rang so Ivy and I headed to the café. We walked into the lunch line and I got my usual bunny salad while Ivy got her burger. We crossed the café earning a glare from Charlotte and her clones while also getting an almost wave from Camilla, who was stopped by her brother and his friends. Ivy and I sat with Brendon and Sophia. We talked about our new favourite teachers and classes. I couldn't help but search the café for Lucas. I felt a little disappointed when I couldn't find him.

The end of lunch bell rang so we all headed to the change rooms for gym. I stepped out of the change room in my pink short shorts and Franklin grove high cheer shirt. Ivy and Sophia came out in similar outfits of Black shorts and a bright coloured bunny shirt. When I looked at my sister I wasn't surprised her to find her eyeing Brendon and him eyeing her back. When Lucas stepped out I almost gasped at how hot he looked. He wasn't even wearing anything special just a normal pair of blue shorts and a white band t-shirt. Coach asked all of us to come together and sit on the football field. Ivy, Sophia, Brendon and I sat close together on the field chatting until Coach started babbling on about the cheer moves we cant do without guy cheerleaders. Coach then announced that this year every football player would also be on the cheer team to help us out in nationals so they have to start learning the moves. Then she asked for a volunteer pair to do a demo but no one raised there hands so she just shout out two names.

"Olivia front and center, and Lucas your new here lets see what you can do." When Coach said Lucas my eyes went wide. I saw Lucas get up and head over to where Coach and I stood. He smiled at me while then nodding at Coach. Coach came over to me and told me to do a simple ballerina turn. I nodded and then walked over to Lucas. He watched my every move which sent the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up.

"Okay so Lucas were going to do a basic ballerina turn. Is that okay?" I asked waiting for his answer.

"Sure thing boss, just tell me what to do," he said all excited.

"Okay well this is what were going to do. I'm going to stand in front of you but not facing you. You have to put your hands on my waist and then lift me onto your shoulders. Then you have to grab my left foot and hold me up. I'll do the rest from there, got it?" I asked hoping he got all that and I wouldn't have to repeat myself.

"Yep I think I have it memorized," He said with a wink probably referring to humanities class when I gave him my sheet. I nodded my head then turned so I wasn't facing him. I looked at everyone else and saw my sister and friends having panic written all over there faces. I finally locked eyes with Ivy and when I did she composed her face as if she wasn't panicking a second ago about something.

I closed my eyes to not worry about that and focus on the demo when I was pulled into a pre-motion.


Ivy was yelling, "Get away from her," towards some old but handsome looking vampire.

I was snapped out of the pre-motion or vision as I call it by two strong arms on my waist.

Lucas whispered in my ear, "You okay?" I nodded my head and then motioned us to go. He did exactly as I explained and lifted me up onto his shoulders. He then grabbed my left foot and lifted me up higher. That was my cue to go into a ballerina pose and twirl in a circle. Coach yelled for me to do a simple flip down and I agreed. I told Lucas to let go of my foot on three.

"One...Two...THREE," I yelled making sure Lucas could here. Once Lucas let go I flung my body forward but over rotated so instead of on flip I did two. Luckily I still landed on my feet but I felt a little dizzy. Lucas came over to me and asked if I was alright seeing as I did two flips not one. I nodded my head and then ran over to my sister but couldn't help but feel giddy that her cared about me so much. I thought I should ask Ivy why she had panic on her face so I did.

Her reply was, "I just thought Brendon was going to break up with me because of something he said." I thought that was possible but that didn't explain why both Brendon and Sophia had matching masks of panic as well.

"Then why did Brendon and Sophia have a similar face of panic?" I asked wanting to see what she would say but right before she talked I noticed her bite her lip. That was always a habit Ivy had when she was thinking of a lie.

"Well Brendon thought I was going to break up with him and Sophia was panicking because she didn't know what was wrong with the two of us." It was a good lie but I wanted to know the truth so I pushed a little more but she didn't want to tell me so I stop because I guessed it must have been really important if she doesn't want to tell me of all people about it.

"Olivia, did you have a pre-motion when you had your eyes closed?" She asked her sisterly instincts back in full presence.

"Yeah I did, but don't worry its nothing important, just a cool outfit I was going to buy is sold out." I was lying through my teeth but Ivy didn't seem to notice and if she didn't she wasn't showing it.

Coach the put everyone into pairs and the front row looked something like this, Brendon/Ivy, Sophia/Brad, Derek/Me, Lucas/Molly and Marcus/Camilla. I didn't mind that shy Molly would be Lucas's partner then the other bimbos in my gym class like Charlotte. Coach told everyone to do the demo Lucas and I had with our new partners. Coach blew her whistle for us to go.

Derek lift me up and all was going fine until he twisted my foot in the wrong direction. A ripe of pain passed through my foot to my leg which caused me to lose balance. I fell backwards and heard Sophia scream for someone to catch me. I was prepared to hit the ground but instead I felt the same two strong arms that held me earlier under my legs and back. Lucas had caught me if you still haven't guessed who it was.

Coach told Lucas to take me to the nurse to check my ankle. He agreed and started walking with my still in his arms. As we passed I saw Ivy and Sophia glaring daggers at Lucas so I guessed that had something to do with before. After we rounded the corner I asked Lucas to put me down but he just refused and tightened his hold on me.

I was getting anger that he didn't listen to me. "Lucas, I order you to put me down! I have my own pair of legs that work perfectly fine!" I said this in a firm but demanding voice. I don't know what but somehow something I said made Lucas smile.

He turned to me with a smirk on his face, "No my princess, I will not let you walk on your own two legs, when my arms love carrying you." What he said left me speechless. He thought of me as his and a princess! My heart was pounding 4x faster then normal but we finally got to the nurse. The nurse told Lucas to put me down so she could check my ankle. I stuck my tongue out at him as if saying "Ha, I win." That of course caused Lucas to laugh and then give me a dirty look.

When the nurse was done checking my ankle she said nothing happened but to take it easy so no cheerleading. That caused me to frown but Lucas told me that at least I got a break. I smiled at him and thanked the nurse. Then we both parted ways I went to cheer and he went to football. I of course had to just get my bag then go to my locker to get my wallet since I wasn't aloud to cheer today. Once I had my wallet in my bag I headed over to the supermarket to use there phone since I forgot mine. I called my mom and told her I would be going to the library and maybe do a little shopping. She agreed but told me to be extra careful since I didn't have my phone with me. I reassured her and then hung up.

I walked over to the clothing stores near the supermarket and check out there new fall line but the only thing that caught my eye was this short pink dress with a satin black ribbon on the waist. I tried it on and looked into the full length mirror. I absolutely loved how the dress hugged my curves and made them look good. I felt like a princess, I couldn't not buy this dress. So when I left the store with a cool new dress in hand I smiled. I put the shopping bag into my backpack so I didn't have to carry two things. Then I checked my watch and saw that cheer practice was ending right about now. I decided it was time to go to the library and check out Romeo and Juliet for English class. I was walking through the side back of the store so I could get to the library faster when I heard a noise. I started to walk faster but that didn't seem to make the noise disappear. Out of no where I was slammed into the stores wall. I looked at the person who pushed me and saw it was Marcus, Camilla's brother.

"Stay away from my sister you bloodsucker," he growled at me. He bared his teeth and was shaking. All I could think was that he looked like one of those wild dogs you run away from. Then it came to me, he could be a werewolf. I wanted to act cautiously but my emotions took over.

"Marcus," I yelled getting his attention, "First of all I am not a vampire and secondly if I was I would never hurt Camilla." He growled at me again but this time louder and his hand pushed me into the wall with even more force.

"Don't lie to me, I can smell that your a leech," I thought about what he said and just thought that my sisters scent probably rubbed off on me.

"No I'm not Marcus, I can prove it. When I get hurt I don't heal super fast. Give me your hand for a second." He didn't seem to want to be he did. I took on of his fingers and made his nail cut a line through the palm of my left hand. I held it up for him to see that the wound wasn't closing like I had seen happen to my sister whenever she got hurt. He still didn't believe me so I decided to tell him my story. " When my human mother gave birth to my sister and I, all the vampire genes went into on of the twins A.K.A my sister and all the human genes went into my body. So that is why I am human yet my sister is a vampire and I probably smell like a vampire because I am always around my sister."

"You lie and make up stories. Time to die leech," Marcus didn't believe me and now he is going to kill me. I close my eyes and let out a whimper. Right before I think Marcus is going to hit me I hear Lucas voice.

"Don't you dare touch her or else you die mutt!" Lucas says in a voice that even I feared. I had never seen this side of Lucas before but right now I was kind of glad that I did. Lucas came out of the shadows and I saw that his eyes were pitch black not the usual gorgeous green eyes that I loved. His posture was tense and his hands looked like they were ready to rip someone apart. Tears started streaking down my face at how glad I was to see Lucas. Marcus backed up and then bared his teeth at Lucas. I felt something in my heart tug and I wanted to scream out at Marcus to stop. Lucas crouched down and looked like he was ready to fight back at any second. Marcus then launched himself at Lucas and I shrieked in fear that Lucas would be hurt. Luckily Lucas moved out of the way at the last second cause Marcus to hit the wall. Lucas to this to his advantage and went up behind him and hit him somewhere one the neck which knocked him out. Lucas then turned around to face me. His face softened and his eyes changed slowly back to the lovely shade of violet I loved so much. His body relaxed but when I looked into his eyes I saw regret, pain and worry in them. He started taking cautious steps toward me to not scare me into running away. I couldn't take it any longer and ran over to him and through my arms around his neck. His arms instantly wrapped around my waist and held me close to him as I buried my face in his chest and sobbed. Lucas whispered sweet words of nothing into my ear while I tried to catch my breath and even kissed my forehead.

Once I finally calmed down I looked Lucas in the eyes, "I'm sorry for wrecking your shirt," I said in hope of lightening up the mood.

He looked into my eyes to see if I was really not going crazy but I don't know what he saw because the next thing I know he had pulled me as close as I could be to him in a hug and whispered, "I'm so sorry princess, you really shouldn't have had to see that."

I pulled out of the hug a little bit and focused on Lucas. "Hey don't worry about me I'm fine, see," I twirled around in front of him. He suddenly went stiff and looked me in the eyes. I saw hunger, fear and pain in those eyes. I couldn't stand him being in pain for some reason and by accidentally I lifted my injured hand up to his face to move a piece of hair that was in his eyes. I noticed that when my hand neared his face he cringed. I pulled my hand away quickly realizing I was the one causing him pain. "I'm so sorry," I said while I gave him some space.

He looks at me and asked, "Why are you sorry?" He asked confused.

"Well because I'm making you thirsty with my blood. Aren't I?" I didn't know for sure but I had a feeling he was a vampire like Ivy.

He looks at my in shock, "You know?"

I giggle and step closer to him feeling brave, "Of course I know silly. My twin sister is a vampire." He still looks at my stunned as if the information I am telling him isn't valid.

" I knew Ivy was a vampire but that doesn't explain how my human princess has a twin sister that's a vampire?" he kind of said it like a question but I decided not to tell him yet. He stepped forward to me and took of his tie. He was about to wrap my hand when I stopped him.

"Why are you stopping me? If you don't let me cover your hand I wont be able to resist any longer Olivia! Your blood calls to me, Please let me cover the blood!" I looked at his face and couldn't help but feel like I should be sedating his hunger not increasing it. I brought my hand up to his lips and said, " Don't resist."

He put my hand at my side and said sharply, "Olivia, you don't know what offering blood to me like that means to vampires." I can see the anger in him rise.

"Then tell me," I challenged.

"It means I am tied to you and you are tied to me,

It means I would fight for you and you would fight for me,

It means I would kill for you and you would kill for me,

It means I would die for you and you would die for me,

It means you are my mate and I am yours,

It means you are my wife and I am your husband,

It means no one can drink your blood but me and no one can drink my blood but you. Do you understand how serious that is? I love you Olivia and I don't want you to be tied to me unless you love me back and understand what that means and that you want to be mine forever." He said this a little harshly but he was just trying to get me to realize how important it was and it sure did.

I flinched a little though at the death part but somehow I knew in my heart that I was Lucas's and he was mine. So again I moved forward and brought my hand up to his lips but this time I only spoke one word, "Drink." Love was in my voice as I said it and I hoped that he heard it. Lucas looked into my eyes seriously and made sure I was completely sure that I wouldn't regret it later. I nodded my head for further consent. The next thing I felt was his lips on my hand and his tongue licking my blood. I smiled and then felt Lucas put on last kiss on my hand. I shivered and then looked at Lucas. He licked the remains of my blood off his lips so I wouldn't freak out and then smiled. I looked at my hand to see the wound almost completely closed. I smiled back and grabbed my bag off the ground. Then I walked back over to Lucas and asked, " So do I taste as good as I smell?"

He pulls me into his arms and kisses my cheek, "You taste heavenly, better then I could ever imagine." I looked at my watch and saw that I had about thirty minutes before I was suppose to be home and I hadn't even gotten my book yet.

"Lucas I have to go to the library really quickly." I say in a rush even though I am still smiling from his comment.

"Well may I accompany my princess to the library? I will make sure that nothing that goes bump in the night will hurt you especially on my watch." He smiles at my that winning smile that melts my heart while extending his arm for me to take. I grin but instead of looping my arm with his like I should have, I grabbed his hand and took off running. He caught on quickly and was soon matching my pace. We were so close to the library that I could see the front steps. I pushed my legs as fast as they could go so I could beat Lucas but of course her could run faster. At the top, Lucas picked me up and twirled me around earning himself fits of giggles from me. When he finally set my down he kissed my forehead while tugging on my hand to hurry up and enter the library.

We entered the library and I quickly lead us to the classics section. I scanned the bookshelf for the book I needed and found it easily. I pulled it out and looked it over to make sure it was in good condition. It looked fine to me so I dragged Lucas to the check out counter and signed out the book. When Lucas finally saw which book I had chosen he asked me if I had read it before. I told him that I had but that I had lost my copy of the book during the move to Franklin Grove. I loved Romeo and Juliet it was one of my favourite books it old him during our walk out of the library. We talked about the books we liked and he was surprised to hear that I loved reading the classics and vampire books. Lucas then totally changed the subject by asking about my sister and I. I was hesitant to tell him but remembered that we were now bond for life that I might as well tell him now.

"My dad is a vampire and he fell in love with a human woman my mom. My mom got pregnant and the doctor told her she was having twins. When my human mother gave birth to my sister and I, all the vampire genes went into on of the twins A.K.A my sister and all the human genes went into my body. So that is why I'm human, yet my sister is a vampire." When I got that all out I sighed. It felt good to finally have that out in the open. I waited for his reaction and was pleased to find him smiling.

" Well its good to know I'm not the only vampire in history to fall in love with a wonderful, gorgeous, sexy, smart, kind, loving human." Lucas made me feel like I was floating on cloud nine. I pulled him close to me and kissed him chastely on the lips.

"You make me feel like the most special person in the world, did you know that?" I smiled up at him while still in his arms.

"No I didn't know that but I'm glad to know I make you happy. Also just to let you know you are the most special thing in my world," Lucas said passionately.

"Lucas you don't make me feel 'happy'," I stalled to see the his pained face and decided to let him off the hock, "You make me feel overjoyed, ecstatic and tickled pink!" His face immediately had a smile back on it. Lucas walked me home and kissed me goodbye. "Night Lucas," I yelled for him to hear as he walked away.

"Goodnight my princess, have pleasant dreams," he blew me a kiss while winking.

"All my dreams are pleasant because your in them," I yelled back honestly. He gave me a stunning smile before waving and then walking away.

I walked into my house while shouting to my mom to tell her I was home and would be down for dinner once I was done my homework. She yelled back to me saying that was fine, so I went up stairs to my room and hung up my new dress. I got out the little homework I had from the first day of school and finished it. After I ate dinner with Mum and Dad I got a text from ivy asking if I could go over. I went to my dad who was doing his judo stretches and asked if I could go over.

"That's fine Olivia as long as you get home by 11:30pm," he said while stretching. It was currently 9:30 so I thought that was unfair so I agreed and then headed over to Ivy's house. I was greeted with my biological father pulling me into a hug.

It was awesome having two dads. "Olivia, Ivy has been telling me that you have been having pre-motions more lately? Is that correct?" he asked me seriously.

"Yeah dad but nothing major," I said quietly hoping he didn't see my reluctances about talking about it.

"Alright well Ivy will help you progress your power tomorrow. Today I want you to go relax and go find your sister because she has something to tell you." Dad then walked over to his office since his phone was ringing.

I walked into my sisters room to find her reading Wuthering heights with headphones on. I pulled off her headphones and yelled, "BOO!"

She jumped across the room in a heart beat. "Oh my gosh Olivia, You gave me a heart attack." She fixed her hair which got all tangled and then turned to me again.

"Sorry I just couldn't help myself you were just the perfect person to scare."

"Well what's up? How was your day off from cheer practice?" I shuddered remembering Marcus attacking me but then blushed red thinking of when Lucas kissed me goodbye. I didn't feel like telling Ivy about Marcus or Lucas yet so I just told her I was tired.

"I'll tell you tomorrow because I'm kind of tired and want to go home."

"Okay sis just don't forget to dress warm since its going to rain tomorrow." I nodded my head then walked home. When I got home it was around 11:00pm so my dad didn't get mad. I went straight to my room and crashed onto my bed. Once my head it the pillow I was out.

The next morning I woke up and backed my bag while grabbing my cell phone to make sure I don't forget it again. My mom came up to my room to tell my it was raining and to not forget my umbrella. I put on my hot pink skinny's so that they would go with my rain boots then head out the door. I rounded the corner near the bus stop and was glad to see my sister there waiting for me.

"Hey sis, how do you like the rain?" I asked knowing she heated it when it rained. She gave me one of her shut up looks and then grabbed my arm to stop me from walking further.

"Olivia dad told me to tell you to try and focus for something in the future," I nodded my head at Ivy and closed my eyes while concentrating on Lucas.


"You cant make me stay away from Olivia," Lucas yelled with an angry face.

"Yes I can I'm her father!" Lucas then lunged for Ivy and my father.

End of Pre-motion

"Did it work?" Ivy asked calmly while making sure I was alright all at the same time.

"Yup it worked," I said back slowly.

"What did you see?" she asked curiosity was evidence in her voice.

"I just saw you and Brendon kissing today." I hope she didn't hear the shakiness in my voice.

She smiled, "when?"

"I don't really know let me try again." This time I actually focused on Ivy and Brendon kissing.


Ivy gets kissed by Brendon on the mouth at lunch and then when they pull away Ivy starts glaring at someone coming there way.

End of Pre-motion

"At lunch is when Brendon will kiss you," I say while my mind is busy trying to figure out who Ivy could have been glaring at. We reached school and headed straight for our lockers. We waited for Sophia and Brendon and as we were waiting Marcus walked by. He growled at us but right then Brendon showed up and pulled Ivy and I behind him. I already felt like Brendon is my brother and him showing protectiveness of my sister and I just makes me think it more. I cant wait until Brendon and Ivy get married. I know everyone is think what married there only in high school but see being vampires you have mates and mates are for life so I know that Ivy and Brendon are forever.

Marcus finally walked away and Brendon relaxed. "Thanks bro, 10 points for protecting my sister like you did," I say all happily.

"No problem and I would do anything for Ivy," He looks into my sisters eyes and have a couple moment. I head over to my first class still a little scared at what Marcus might do but surprisingly when I got to class he wasn't there. I took that as my chance to sit next to Camilla.

"Hey Camilla," I said in a happy haven't seen you in a long time kind a voice.

Camilla replies with a blunt, "hi" like she's afraid to talk to me.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"I know what you are?" was the only thing that came out of her mouth. I looked at her bewildered. Then I put two and two together, her brother probably told her I was a vampire even though I clearly am not.

"Camilla, I'm not a 'V'." She looks at me with a hurt expression on her face.

"Olivia, I may not be a 'W' yet but I can still smell you."

"Camilla, I have 'V' friends that's why I smell like them," I say hoping she will believe me but with the response I get I take it as she doesn't.

"Whatever Olivia, I think it would just be better if we weren't friends anymore." My heart just died as the words fell out of her mouth. I felt like my heart had been ripped out and stomped on. My only human'ish' friend just ended our friendship and was waiting calmly as if my answer wouldn't even effect her decision.

I pulled myself together and then replied, "If that is how you wish then goodbye." I stood up and gathered my things and took the seat I sat at yesterday right next to the door. When class ended I flew out of there like a bat from hell. I could feel the tears in my eyes spring but I held them back. When I got to my next class Sophia saw how I looked and demanded to know what happened. I told her I was fine and just poked myself with my eyeliner. She didn't believe me but she knew me well enough to know that when I was ready I would talk to her. When it was time for break I went to the bathroom and tried to calm myself down. I did pretty good since not one tear slide from eyes yet. I walked into humanities early and longed for Lucas to show up.

The class bell rang and people filled into the classroom but I couldn't help but notice non of them were Lucas. The time passed slower the usual without Lucas here beside me. We were half way through the Barbarian worksheet when Lucas walked into the room looking ruffed up. Lucas went over to the teacher and handed her a slip of paper, Ms. Lite signed the paper and then told Lucas to take his seat. Lucas's locked eyes with me as he came to sit down. While our eyes were locked all my worries went away and new ones a raised on who had hurt Lucas. Lucas hair was messed up, his face was flushed and his knuckles were red and tender looking. When Lucas sat down I immediately grabbed his hands and looked over his knuckles. I rubbed them softly and quickly kissed the top of his knuckles when no one was looking.

"Lucas what happened? Who's butt do I have to kick?" I hope he saw all the concern I had for him but what I saw in Lucas's eyes was fear.

"Nothing happened Olivia, you don't have to kick anyone." he said this as if it was just a regular day.

"It surely isn't nothing or you wouldn't be looking like this and acting all defensive," I raised my voice a little but not enough for the teacher to notice us.

Lucas went livid, "Fine I went to go smash the mutts face for the stunt he pulled this morning! Olivia you aren't going near that monster because I don't want you to get hurt, understood?" He was telling me this and all I could think was that he fought Marcus!

"You fought Marcus! Oh my gosh Lucas you could have gotten seriously hurt. Oh and don't worry I wont go near Marcus or Camilla for that matter," My voice grew small as my anger diminished. My voice was sad at the end and I could barely manage saying Camilla's name.

Lucas pulled me into his arms, "What's wrong?"

"Camilla said we shouldn't be friends anymore since she is turning into a 'W' and I'm a 'V'. I tried to tell her I wasn't but she wouldn't believe me so we just ended our friendship in math class," tears were finally streaking down my face because I couldn't hold my emotions back any longer. Ms. Lite saw my face and excused Lucas and I to the hall to calm down.

Ms. Lite was one of the vampire teachers who knew about Ivy and I. Ms. Lite is like my vampire mother when I need her to be. I mouthed a thank you to her as I passed by and she gave me a kind smile. Lucas wiped away my tears and whispered his love for me. When I finally calmed down it was time to switch classes. Lucas gave me a sweet kiss before wiping away all the tear stains so I didn't look like I just cried. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and then headed to English class to meet Ivy.

I walked in and Ivy immediately saw the mood I was in, "Olivia are you okay?" she asked. I shook my head no. I felt like exploding and I wish I could just tell her everything right now.

"Can I talk to you after school?" I asked sounding sadder then I ever thought possible for myself.

"Of course sis," Ivy said while giving me a hug and then started to read Wuthering heights for class. I did the same and for the rest of the class I just escaped everything and entered a world of Romeo and Juliet. I put myself into the story and let myself get distracted. When the bell rang I was pulled out of my peaceful state and all my rushed back to me like a ton of bricks. I walked to my locker and got out my lunch from my bag. I felt two pair of arms go around my waist and my heart speed up so I knew It was Lucas. I leaned back and turned my head to kiss his neck which sent a shiver through his body. I loved that I could get such a reaction from him.

"Hello princess, feeling better?" he asked while kissing my cheek.

"I'm alright, a little shaken up but better then before. Hey come sit with my friends and I at the café. You can formally meet my sister, her best friend and her boyfriend. "

"I would love too and that boyfriend of your sister," I cut him off.

"Don't worry I only have googly eyes for you." I tapped his nose when I said you and it seemed to make him smile.

"That wasn't what I was going to say but that's good to know." He gave me a smirk that sent my heart fluttering. We walked into the café hand in hand and as we neared the table I saw Ivy glare just like she had in my vision. I turned to see who she was glaring at and found it to be Lucas. Why would Ivy glare at Lucas?

"Hey Ivy can we sit here?" I asked trying to stop her from glaring more. Ivy looked at me then at Lucas and then at where Lucas and I hands were joined.

"Yeah but who's your friend?" I was going to answer but Lucas answered for himself.

"I'm Lucas Kessler, Olivia's boyfriend," he stuck out his hand for her to shake. Ivy shook his hand but I couldn't help but notice the fear that flashed through Ivy's eyes when Lucas spoke his last name. Lucas then stick out his hand for Brendon to shake.

Brendon shook his hand and Lucas spoke, "Thank you for protecting Olivia this morning from that stupid Mutt. I was shocked but then realize that was what he was going to say when I cut him off.

"No problem, she is going to be my future sister in law and I love her to bits." He smiled at me and then gave my sister a knowing look.

"Thanks bro, you rock," I smiled back at Brendon and then Ivy spoke up.

"Lucas have you meet our dad yet or have you told Olivia who your dad is?" she glared putting in as much fear as should could into the glare.

"No I haven't meet your father or have I told her about my father," he said this calmly but I could see that it was a touchy subject for him. My sister sighed but then smiled.

"Well Lucas let me get this straight. I don't disapprove of you actually I love you since you make my sister and are able to keep her safe. The only problem I have is that your father because he hates humans and wouldn't think twice about killing my twin since he doesn't like humans and tends to still think humans as food." Ivy spoke sending me a smile telling me she liked Lucas and approved of him. I smiled back and through my eyes yelled thank you.

Lucas growled and tightened his grip on me, "He will never touch her!" I kissed his cheek to calm him down and it seemed to work pretty well since his grip loosened and his jaw unclenched. "I apologize for my outburst," he said to my sister.

My sister nodded and smiled at me about the kiss on the cheek making my cheeks blush. "Lucas how about you come and meet our dad after school and see how that goes?" Ivy asked quickly.

"Yes that would be great." Lucas gave Brendon and Ivy a hug while giving Sophia a hand shake. We all went to gym class but didn't really concentrate. I was to busy admiring Lucas and Ivy was admiring Brendon. When the day ended we, Ivy, Lucas and I went to see dad. Dad wasn't home yet so we had to wait for him.

I turned to Lucas and asked, "Could Ivy and I have some sister time?"

He smiled and replied, "Of course princess, I'll just be in Ivy's living room." I gave him a peck on the cheek before dragging my sister into her room.

"Ivy I am so sorry for keeping things from you so I am going to tell you everything. First of all my vision have been coming more often and more detailed. I had a feeling that Lucas was special and he is since I am his mate and he is mine. I got attacked by a werewolf which is Camilla's brother Marcus. Lucas saved me from Marcus and then I gave blood to Lucas tying him and I together. Camilla is also turning into a werewolf so she doesn't want to be friends with me anymore because she thinks I am a vampire. I tried to explain to her but she wouldn't listen since I smelled like you. I love Lucas and I don't ever want to be a part from him sis and I know he is my soul mate just like you know Brendon is yours. Please don't hate me that I kept things from you." I spilled everything I could and prayed she wouldn't hate me.

The strangest thing happened instead of her being mad she pulled me into her arms and said "I've missed you so much and don't worry about anything. I love you and nothing you ever do will change that. Also I wasn't completely truthful with you either so were even." We pulled a part right when we heard are dad.

"Girls I'm home," Dad called. We raced up that stairs to Lucas and then waited for dad.

Dad entered the room and I immediately went into action, "Dad I want you to meet my boyfriend Lucas Kessler." Dad paused but then stuck out his hand for Lucas to shake.

Lucas grasped my dads hand and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you sir."

"Lucas you seem like a good vampire but I cant let you see my daughter. I'm sorry but your family is dangerous and I will not let my daughter be in danger like that!" Dad raised his voice in the end a little because I know how much it hurt my dad to see me in pain or even to think of me in danger that was the whole reason he didn't want me meeting him or being with Ivy. Lucas of course didn't know this and his temper flared.

"You cant make me stay away from Olivia!" That was exactly what he said in my vision and I was starting to worry.

My dads face turned red as he spoke, "Yes I can I'm her father!" I knew what was going to happen next so I stepped in front of my father and yelled stop right when Lucas lunged for my dad. Lucas stopped mid lunge when he saw me in his way.

My dad looked shocked and mumbled to more himself then us but we heard him say, "I've never seen a Kessler take an order from a women before. Maybe he really is a good vampire." I pulled Lucas into a hug and then ran over to may father and did the same.

"Thank you daddy," I said feeling absolutely happy until 10 seconds later a dark figure showed up and called Lucas and my name. The reaches for me and Ivy calls out, "get away from her!" just like in my vision so I knew instantly who it was. I stepped towards Lucas and hide behind him.

Lucas father stepped out of the shadows. "Hello son, good to see you again. Might I say its hard finding you when you run away," his teeth were gleaming as he spoke. He saw how Lucas was protecting me and raises an eyebrow. "Oh and who may this young," he sniffs the air, "Human be?"

Lucas growled at his father but I ran my hands down his back to soothe him. "She is my mate father and you will never touch her!" he spat the word father and ended his sentence fiercely. His father dismissed what Lucas had said as if his son had asked him to keep out of his room or something like that.

"She smells quite yummy son, when do you plan on eating her?" He asked curiously. My body shook in fear of his words and I let out a small whimper.

"She is not food father! She is my mate! She will be treated as a princess and no one will harm her or they will deal with me!" He yelled at his father.

"As you wish son. You may have her as your mate as long as she is changed into one of us at around the age 19-21," his father said simply.

My father growled but stayed silent during this time. Lucas looked at me for an answer and I looked at my father. My father saw what I truly wanted in my eyes and sighed.

"Olivia will become on of us, I will make sure of it. My only conditions are that Lucas and her join my family not yours and that they not be a target of anything involving your vampire mafia." My father said calmly striking his own wager.

Lucas father seemed to be weighing out his options. "You may live in peace. Lucas you are no longer part of my family so no one will hurt you or your mate but never get all excited. Your brothers and I will drop in from time to time to make sure she has been changed and that you don't soften up too much." Lucas nodded his head and then escorted his father out. When he came back I pulled him into my arms making sure he was alright and really right here.

"You will never leave me?" I asked while looking him deep in the eyes.

"Never," he vowed and kissed my forehead since he was in the presence of my father.

That night my father accepted Lucas into our family and the fact that one day I will be like them as well.


That is the story of how Olivia got a boyfriend/mate/soul mate.

If my readers really like this one shot I have a little epilogue in mind and wouldn't mind writing it for everyone. Just let me know and I'll add it.

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