Baby baby baby!

i don't win Bleach unfortunately

If there was one thing Ichigo didn't understand it was woman. One day they look at you with a beet red blush, the next their excited about going home to see someone else. He didn't know why he was so angry, it wasn't like if he and Inoue were together, yet he wasn't angry, he was seething! He kicked a soda can across the street, and huffed. Dammit, he thought, control yourself.

He thought back to the school day, Inoue had been jumpy all day and when there were only ten minutes before the bell rang she was practically bouncing off the walls. Needless to say, when it did ring she was the first one running towards the door.

"Orihime!" Tatsuki shouted "what's the rush?"

"Huh? Oh I just have to go see Takuya! I miss him sooo much! See you tomorrow Tatsuki-chan!" she said walking out the door.

Ichigo stared wide eyed. Who the hell was Takuya? He wondered looking at Tatsuki who had a confused look on her face as well.

"Dammit" he said out loud walking into his room "what the hell is wrong with me?"

She thanked Ms. Espinoza and handed her a few dollars from her wallet. Walking into her room she found a small body, wrapped in a small blanket. His soft snores, made her smile as she took out something to eat. The night before, a mysterious basket had been left on her front porch, it's contents were a note and a small baby boy. She didn't know what else to do but heed the note and care for little Takuya. She sighed, sipping some water and taking out her textbook. She'd have to ask Tatsuki to help her cook something for him to eat, she wasn't sure he'd like her red bean paste soup. After she finished her homework, a small cry came from the other room, and she stood quickly picking him up out the bed and holding him close. He cried for about half a minute before she found his bottle and fed him. After that, it was bath time for both of them, and finally bed time, and as he fell asleep on her chest, she smiled. She actually liked being a mother.

"IIIII-" brown eyes opened.

"CCCHHIII-" orange locks rustled as he stood and stretched.

"GGOOO!" his dad shouted jumping through the window and missing his sons back completely, but not escaping the kick that ensued.

"Get out of my room you psycho path!" he shouted, a vein popping out of his neck. He pushed his father out, who was crying about unappreciative sons and got ready for school, his mind, still on Inoue and her Takuya.

"Awww! He's adorable Orihime!" Tatsuki said looking at a small photograph the girl showed her.

"He's gorgeous." Chizuru said trying to hug the girl, but receiving a Tatsuki style punch to the face.

"Back off lesbian!" she shouted pulling Orihime away, who just smiled. It was lunch time, and they sat on the roof a few feet away from the boys.

"Um, Tatsuki," Orihime said putting the picture away "could you come over today? I need help cooking. I don't think he's going to like my food." she said softly and Tatsuki smiled.

"Of course! I can't wait to meet that cutie anyways!" Tatsuki said and Ichigo's eyebrow raised, his fist tightening around his juice box causing it to pop and cover his school shirt in orange juice. What the hell? This must be one hell of a guy if even Tatsuki Was drooling all over him. Orihime laughed and Uryu shot Ichigo a dirty look, his school shirt spotted with flecks of orange. This made Ichigo grin evilly and Uryu's eyes to close into to slits.

"Idiot," he mumbled.

"What was that?" he asked tossing the box aside. They were about to get into it when Orihime called out.

"Kurosaki-kun, Ishida-kun, Chado, Renji-San do you guys wanna come over for dinner tonight?" the boys turned to look at her, Renji nodding eagerly, Chad giving her a thumbs up and Uryu answering a polite yes. They turned to Ichigo, who sighed.

"Fine." he answered grumpily and Orihime simply laughed.

"Ok, it's at seven so don't be late! Oh!" she said eagerly "I'm so excited." she smiled up at the sky, and Ichigo felt his heart beat, a mile a minute. A strange thought crossing his mind, he wished he caused her such happiness. He shook his head and grumbled, but everybody knew, that was his way so they didn't think anything of it.

Orihime, smiled as her friends walked through the door. All but one. Among all the heads, the orange one was missing, she shook her head, slightly disappointed but asked them to sit. Three pairs of eyes bulged out of their sockets. Even Uryu, was flabbergasted.

"He's... he's... he's adorable!" Renji said itching to hold the three month old child in Orihime's arms. She bit her lip and asked him to be careful and he smiled down at Takuya, making him cry. Orihime laughed as she took him back and steadied him, she felt their eyes on her and smiled shyly.

"Are you ready for this Inoue?" Uryu asked pushing up his glasses.

"Its going to be hard, especially seeing as I spend most of my time in school, then at work. But I hired a babysitter who'll help me out a lot. So I know that he's going to be cared for." she answered staring down at wide grey eyes. The few strands of black hair on his head in disarray.

"Why didn't you just drop him off at an orphanage?" Uryu asked receiving a dirty look from Tatsuki but Orihime just smiled.

"I guess because, having him around keeps me less lonely." she said handing him to Chad who smiled slightly and rocked him from side to side. Uryu smiled as well deciding not to push it, if she was happy that's all that mattered.

"Ah, I wonder why Kurosaki-kun didn't show up." she said once they'd finished eating and Takuya had fallen asleep in Chad's giant hands.

"Who knows," Tatsuki said helping clean the table. Orihime sighed and looked at her best friend.

"I really want him to meet him. I bet he'd like him." she whispered walking towards the kitchen. Tatsuki smiled following her.

"Yeah, I bet he would." she said.

He refused! He refused to sit across from the man that was known as Takuya, why? So that they could mock him? Pfft, I don't think so. He thought to himself walking towards school, bag over his shoulder. He didn't understand why he was so jealous, it's not like if she belonged to him. Yet he'd thought, that after the winter war and the way she looked at him, that they might have had something. He growled at the thought and nearly ran over a small woman before him.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

"Kurosaki-kun," she said and he realized it was her, the woman he couldn't get out of his mind now. "Inoue, you're going to be late for school." he said looking at the grocery bag in her hand. She smiled.

"I just have to drop this off at home. It's getting colder and I don't want Takuya catching a cold." Ichigo felt his face twitch, the way she said his name. Takuya you son of a bitch! Ichigo yelled within himself.

"Kurosaki-kun, I really wanted you to see him yesterday. I'm sure you guys would love each other! Ishida-kun, Chado, and Renji-San really like him, and he's the sweetest to them although I think Renji-San scares him." she rambled and Ichigo raised an eyebrow. She seemed so happy that he accepted of her friends. He growled again, angry at the thought of her with another man. Dammit.

"So," she said interrupting his mental slur of curses. "do you want to meet him?" she asked turning towards her house. He stared at her wide eyed, he slept over at her house? What the hell!

Orihime's eyes went wide at the sight of Ichigo's face, it was changing colors, and some colors weren't meant to even be on human faces. "Kurosaki-kun, are you-" she asked but he shook his head.

"I'm fine Inoue, I'm sorry, but not today. You should hurry or else you'll be late." and with that he turned on his heel and headed towards school. She stared at his retreating back and sighed sadly. Would he ever meet her baby?

The entire school day, he had a scowl planted on his face, not that that was unusual but still, the thought of that man staying at her house it pissed him off. When he finally got home, Yuzu made him turn right around and go to the store, something about strawberry ice-cream. He walked towards the small store with his hands in his pockets, and his trademark scowl on his face. "Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream..." he mumbled looking around the refrigerator and finding all flavors except strawberry. "Dammit." he mumbled turning around and checking the other one.

"Kurosaki-kun!" he heard a soft voice exclaim from behind him. "Oh crap," he mumbled, please let her be alone, please he prayed.

"Takuya, stop it!" she said sternly then giggled. He made a fist and closed his eyes, then slowly opened them and turned around. What he saw nearly made him fall to the side (anime style). She was holding a baby in one of those no hands holders that kept the child at the chest, and he was twisting a few strands of her hair. Ichigo could feel the shocked look on his face, what the hell? That's a baby!

"I-Inoue! Th-That's..that's..." he stuttered and she laughed shyly.

"This is Takuya Kurosaki-kun." she said, trying not to look too much into the way it sounded like Takuya was his son and Ichigo knew he'd misinterpreted a lot of things.

"So they just left him outside your door?" he asked walking towards her house, holding Takuya who smiled a small smile every time Ichigo rocked him. She nodded, and smiled at the sight of her crush-turn-true-love holding a baby that was hers even though not by blood.

"I couldn't leave him in an orphanage." she said opening her door and letting him inside.

"He's to cute to be in an orphanage." he said cooing the child in his hands who let out a laugh causing Orihime to gasp.

"What?" he asked worried, and confused. She crossed over to the couch where he sat and sat beside him, listening to Takuya laugh.

"I've never heard him laugh before." she said touching the tip of his nose and making kissing noises. Ichigo looked at her then, at who she was, not just at the girl sitting beside him. She'd taken in a baby, when in a sense she was still a baby, she'd survived abduction, near death at the hands of her hollowed brother yet she still managed to smile and put a smile on other people's faces. He knew his face softened, as she leaned in and kissed Takuya's cheek. She was so close to him, he could smell her strawberry shampoo and yet she smelled of clean linen. The scent reminded him of his mother, and looking at her again he realized that she made him feel the way his mom made him feel. She made him feel, at ease, and it took him believing she had a boyfriend to understand that.

"Kurosaki-kun," she said still looking at the baby in his hands. "Yeah," he answered handing him back to her. She smiled, that warm smile again and said "Do you want to stay for dinner?" he took in a breath and scratching the back of his head awkwardly said

"Sure." She smiled up at him and held Takuya up to her bosom, then eskimo kissed him cooing "Kurosaki-kun is staying for dinner Takuya! Isn't that great? I think he likes you! Oh oh, it's bath time for this little man." she smiled as she walked around the couch then said "Um, Kurosaki-kun, can you wait a while? He needs a bath." Ichigo nodded using the opportunity to call home and tell Yuzu there was no ice cream and he wouldn't be at dinner. She seemed disappointed but excited about him being at Orihime's.

While Ichigo ate, she fed Takuya, burping him afterward and rocking him back and forth. Ichigo couldn't resist the urge to hold him and she gladly handed him over, the child falling asleep as soon as Ichigo started rocking him.

"Maybe you should put him to sleep more often." she caught herself saying, then blushed slightly at her forwardness. Ichigo noticed and setting him down in his bed nodded.

"I'd like that Inoue. If you'd let me." he said taking her hand and sitting her on the couch. She blushed at his sudden contact and he touched her cheek, which in turn turned beet red.

"Breathe." he ordered lightly and she did, slowly.

"Inoue," he tried then said in a rush "the reason i didn't come over yesterday is because I thought Takuya was your boyfriend and I'm sorry because if he was I had no right to be jealous and I admit I was jealous but it's because I like you and the thought of you being with somebody else really ticks me off." he stopped to take a breath and looked at her, she stared back wide eyed.

"You-" she paused "you like me?" she asked and he blushed realizing he'd confessed something he didn't want her to know.

"Its ok, I understand if you don't feel the same, I mean someone like you could never like someone like-" he stopped, she'd placed a hand over his chest and looked him in the eye.

"Kurosaki-kun," she whispered, blushing "I-I like you too." He couldn't believe his ears, SHE liked HIM? There was no way, she was to good for him, she shouldn't like him, she shouldn't, she shouldn't she shouldn't! Yet he was so glad she did, that he titled her head up and kissed her lips.

Maybe little Takuya wasn't such a bad guy after all.