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Forever the Apple of My Eye

Ichigo paced, back and forth in Orihime's small living room. She was currently changing in her room; he'd asked her out on a date, just the two of them. He looked down at Takuya, playing with his trucks in front of the couch, before turning to Tatsuki, who looked up at him amused.
"Why are you so nervous?" She smiled and he stopped, glaring at her before rolling his eyes and sitting down next to his son.
"I'm not." He mumbled, playing with a plastic red car. Tatsuki laughed, sitting back while holding her stomach.
"Let me tell you something Ichigo." She chuckled leaning closer to him after her laughing died off. "You are whipped." She smiled, just as Orihime stepped into the room.
"How do I look?" she smiled, twirling in front of her bedroom door. Ichigo stared up at her, his mouth open. She looked beautiful. She wore a white jacket over a deep purple turtleneck, light grey stretch jeans that brought out her wide hips, and white platform high heels. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail; with her hair pins securing her bangs behind her small ears, and her light purple eye shadow only dusting her lids, her lips shining only with a gloss.
"You look beautiful Orihime." Tatsuki smiled, as Ichigo tried to gather his bearings. Yes, she definitely did.
"Mama's pretty." Takuya smiled, reaching up for the girl as she walked over.
"Thank you baby." She smiled hugging him tightly.
"You ready Hime?" Ichigo asked, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, damn, he couldn't stop ogling her.
"Hai," she smiled, handing Takuya to Tatsuki. "If you need anything his bottle's in the fridge, remember he gets a little upset before bed, and if you need anything call us, we will come back in a heartbeat." She ranted as Tatsuki pushed her to the door.
"Yeah yeah Orihime come on, you act like it's the first time I've taken care of him." She grunted, shoving her friend completely out of the apartment.
"I know, I know, I just worry about him." Orihime shrugged, looking up at Ichigo, who simply stared up at the orange sky. The sun was just setting, casting orange and pink hues around the Karakura sky.
"Well, relax, auntie Tatsuki's got this covered. Go have fun you two." She smiled gently at her best friends.
"We'll see you later Tatsuki." Ichigo finally spoke, taking Orihime's hand in his and walking down the hall. Tatsuki stared after them, shaking her head nostalgically before closing the door and running back to Takuya, tickling the unsuspecting boy.

"You look beautiful Orihime." Ichigo whispered as they turned the corner on their way to the restaurant. She smiled, looking over at him; he wore a dark blue button up shirt, with dark denim jeans and black Doc Martins, his hair was as unruly as ever, but his scowl wasn't as deep set, his lips were curved slightly upwards as his hand tightened ever so often around hers. She inhaled, resting her head on his shoulder as they strolled through the comfortably cold street, she adored his cologne.
"Thank you Ichigo-kun." She smiled up at him and he winked down at her. He had no idea when they'd fallen into using their first names, it'd just happened one day, and neither of them had corrected the other. Although he was pretty sure, he'd been the one to say it first; and the more he thought about that, the more he realized he'd probably do the same with the three words that were running through his mind constantly. He frowned, he didn't want to just blurt it out one day, and he wanted it to be special, because he wanted everything with her to be special.
His badge ringing pulled him out of his reverie, and he grunted as he pulled it out of his pocket before it suddenly stopped ringing. Orihime looked over at him, confused and he chuckled, shoving it back in his pocket and taking her hand again.
"I asked Chad and Uryu to take over hollow duty tonight, I guess I should've left the damn thing at home huh?" he explained as they finally rounded the last corner.
"I don't mind, I just don't want to have to throw your body somewhere." She whispered looking around at the long line of people waiting outside the restaurant. Orihime bit her lip, it was a cold night, and she didn't exactly want to stand outside just to eat in a specific restaurant.
"Relax," Ichigo smiled, sensing her inner turmoil, before wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her a little closer. "You're boyfriend pulled some strings and made reservations."
"Really?" Orihime asked surprised, looking up at him as he led them right to the entrance. Ichigo smiled down at her before turning to the host, a tall man with long black hair tied back by a blue ribbon, and lazy brown eyes.
"Reservation for two, under Kurosaki." Ichigo said and the man took a swift glance down before nodding and gesturing for them to go on inside. Orihime could hear the grunts from the people waiting in line, and though she felt bad for them, she was beyond happy that Ichigo had made reservations, although she was also shocked. Ichigo rarely planned anything, and she wondered what could be so special about tonight. She bit her lip, contemplating. It wasn't their anniversary, and nothing important had happened that would be cause for celebration, so why had he gone so out of his way?
"Is it a crime for me to want to treat you?" Ichigo asked out of the blue, making her release her lip and stare up at him, confused. "I know what you're thinking, but I don't need any reason to take you out Orihime." He smiled, pulling out her chair for her. She blushed, sitting and placing her napkin over her lap. "You're my girlfriend now, is it a crime to want to take you out to a nice dinner?"
"No, I guess not." She smiled, a light blush coloring her cheeks. "I feel underdressed though." She whispered looking around at all the women in overly revealing dresses.
"You look perfect." Ichigo whispered, reaching across the table and taking her hand. Orihime blushed, but smiled none the less.

Dinner was uneventful, except for the one couple that was thrown out for making a ruckus; there was nothing that really upset the evening. It was only 8:30 when they found themselves walking around the park, hand in hand, enjoying the breezy night. Yet Ichigo could feel something was wrong he felt as if there was a weight in his stomach, and as he looked down at Orihime, he noticed the dip of her eyebrows and realized she felt the same.
"You feel it?" he asked, his eyes scanning the area around them.
"Yes," Orihime nodded. "Ichigo-kun." She whispered her hand going up to her chest. Ichigo scanned her over for a second before his eyes settled on her face. She was in deep concentration; he'd seen that look before.
"What is it Hime?" he asked, and suddenly she was pushing him forward, running behind him as he took off into a sprint.
"Takuya," she chocked, her voice was thick, and he could only imagine the cloudiness that obstructed her vision. "There's something wrong with him Ichigo-kun, I can feel it." She cried as they ran back towards her apartment.
Ichigo pulled out his cell phone as they ran the few remaining blocks, and dialed Tatsuki's number; his scowl darkening when the karate champion didn't pick up. They were a few feet from the apartment when Orihime stopped running all together, causing Ichigo to nearly trip over his own feet.
"What?" he asked anxious to know what kept her from running up the stairs.
"He's gone." Orihime whispered. Tears were already spilling down her cheeks as she turned her head up towards her building. "I can't feel him in there Kurosaki-kun." Ichigo gulped, she called him by his last name, and he could only imagine what was running through her mind. He took her hand in his, softly, almost afraid that she'd break if he so much as squeezed to hard.
"Come on," he whispered "let's go talk to Tatsuki." The mention of her best friends name seemed to bring her back to reality, and she quickly jogged up the stairs and down the hall, pushing her apartment door open.
"Tatsuki-chan!" Orihime screamed running to the girl who lay unconscious on the floor. "Tatsuki-chan wake up!" she begged, shaking the girl by her shoulders roughly.
"Wh-what happened? Orihime?" Tatsuki mumbled sitting up and scratching her head, she looked around before here eyes shone with recognition and she turned to Orihime.
"Damn it!" Ichigo's voice boomed from the next room, before he stepped into the living room and closer to his girlfriend. "Takuya's gone Hime." he grunted kneeling beside her and helping her stand.
"Ichigo, I'm so sorry. I don't even know what happened." Tatsuki apologized shakily standing and looking around the room.
"It was her," Orihime whispered, her tears staining Ichigo's shirt. "Damn it, it was her! She did this!" she looked up at Ichigo, her tears running down her cheeks. "Sokaira did this."
Ichigo stared down at her, there were a million things running through his mind, his son was gone for Christ's sake, taken right out of his own home. Maybe Orihime's mother had taken him, but what proof did they have? He couldn't exactly go knocking down doors without something that incriminated the woman. He looked into Orihime's eyes, wide grey eyes, full of tears and pain, and he really didn't need any proof, because he hated seeing her so broken.
"Go change." He said releasing her, pulling out his cell phone as she stepped around him. "I'll call the others." They'd find Takuya, and when they did, he only hoped that his anger wouldn't make him kill Orihime's mother.

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