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5. "Ryan! Guess what day it is!"

"Uhh, Monday?" I guessed knowing that was wrong, her answers were never basic. They were always something fun or fluffy or completely out of the ordinary.

"No! Ryan, your such a ditz! It's MOVIE NIGHT! Remember, last week we were cuddling on the couch watching '27 Dresses' and I came up with the brilliant idea that we should have movie nights like every Monday? Like our own little tradition?"

I remember that movie. It's about some neurotic lady at a dead end job that was somehow a bridesmaid at 27 weddings, for people she didn't even know. Of course, she ended up falling in love with someone that hated weddings and, at the end, they got married and had 27 bridesmaids. I remember that part the most because afterward Kelly went on and on about how, even though I didn't like weddings, we still ended up married.

"Well, be at my house at like 7, wait no. Like 8. We're watching 'Uptown Girls'! Dakota Fanning is like totally adorable in that movie!"

I leaned in to give her a soft, lingering kiss on the forehead but instead she gave me a delicate peck on the lips and seductively whispered,"See you at 8."

Surreptitiously, I'm kind of excited. Romantic comedies and kettle korn flavored kisses are my favorite.

4. I know that she thinks my mid-sentence kisses are just to make her shut-up. However, truth be known, this isn't entirely true. I mean don't get me wrong, I relish at the idea of Kelly Kapoor not giving me the allocation on the latest celebrity gossip or complaining about God knows what, but the experience is something... different all together. The vibrations from the back of her throat; her mouth, unable to move from being in a slight state of shock; the way her lips try to take leadership. It is all very- no, extremely- intoxicating.

3. "Then number 5 becomes number 4, number 4 becomes number 3, et cetera et cetera. And..."

I love listening to her elucidate it. Even though I've had Netflix for about a year now, the way she illustrates it is just about the only thing that can make me smile. It's the same explanation each time. Two minutes and forty-two seconds of bliss.

2. The light snores are impeccable. The drool leaking from the side of her lip is enticing. Her make-upless face is superb and breathtaking. I lay there next to her every night (every night she stays over anyway) and watch her stately petite body rise and fall at every inhale and every exhale. She is lucidly pure as she is cynical and sly. She is dormant, she is mine. I like her better on my couch, in my bed, in my arms. Anywhere that belongs to me. The truth is, watching her sleep is my favorite part of the day.

1. I love her.

Point blank, she is my everything. To tell her, I would have to be a dimwit. Her overreaction would be unsurpassable. She would think this would leave a radiant path into jointment and offspring. Neither of which I want. Sure, we were wed. The divorce was cardinal. If we remained eternally unified life would never be the same. Marriage leads to children and from there it all goes down hill. So, love is a factor I will keep buried deep inside my heart. So deep, not even her all-knowing, chestnut eyes can find it.

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