Hey y'all

So, yay. One more chapter after this, and then maybe an epilogue, but there is going to be a sequel, called 'White Robes and Red Vines' (geddit?)

OMG HOW AMAZING WAS ORIGINAL SONGS? I have seen particular scenes about fifty times each.

Sorry about the gap before 'David'. Here's Wes for you

Yo, Kurt,

So, David told you about the whole 'I got concussion dancing with a candelabra' incident? Good.

I don't mean to be rude, or forceful or whatever, but you need to let Blaine see you. He's going crazy in here. I don't even think you know how he feels. You may have loved him for a while, but you have no idea what it's like, knowing that the person you love more than anyone is right there, but you can't see them. They don't want to see you. It's not like the doctors are saying no, or are trying to keep you from stress. You don't want to see him. You won't let him see you.

He's dying out here. He hasn't eaten since you woke up. All he's done is cry, and sit there, staring at your door. It's so hard for us to watch him, Kurt, because we've almost had this happen before. He's been so close to this, but he's never actually shut down. We've slapped him, chucked cold water on his face, and but it hasn't changed anything. He just sits there, tears pouring down his face, staring at the door.

The doctors are considering hospitalizing him, but his mum's a nurse, so she's been forcing him to swallow at least a sandwich a day. Which is nowhere near enough. He needs to eat, he needs to drink, he needs to sleep. God, Kurt. He needs to live. He needs you. He needs your smile, your laugh, your voice, your eyes.

Okay, you're probably a bit weirded out by this. But I only know because in the split seconds Blaine actually does sleep, it's all he talks about. He talks in his sleep. Well, he yells, most of the time.

"No, not him…not you…please, no…."

He's there again. It's happening all over again. You're in that car park, and your blood is all over his hands, and he just wants you to wake up.

But you don't.

And when you do, you refuse to let him see you. Why? It wasn't his fault, no matter what Blaine says. It was Karofsky's. Karofsky, who is now out of hospital.

Oh, and Karofsky didn't press charges, so Puck is out of jail. Just so you know.

Come on, Kurt. Let him in.


Hey, it's Sam here. Just thought you would like to know that Quinn is really sorry. Really, really sorry.

And let Blaine in. It's not his fault. He's been through enough shit.