Okay everyone, this is a note about what to expect about upcoming chapters. In the rest of the story from this point, things are going to get a bit darker. Sesshomaru, Kagome and Inu Yasha are all going to seem a bit OOC- Kagome has a very odd scene coming up. When these moments arrive, try playing this game: what personality traits are being demonstrated and who do they belong too? You'll see what I mean later on.

                As Telosphilos posted on the review page, here are a few warnings:

'a. Sesshomaru is a complex character who has had a rough life and has childhood issues.
b. Momaru is not a static character with high marks on the loving and virtuous side of things.
c. Kagome is a little OOC in the first section, but that is because we have more respect for her and made her smarter.
d. War is violent and unpleasant and this is a war story.
e. Taomaru is a good guy, but he his also a dynamic character who can make mistakes.
f. Inu Yasha is also a dynamic character and this story is in part about his divided nature which in places can make the story quite dark.
g. No one is being killed off dammit!

Please do not flame Pennath, she doesn't deserve it. If something really bothers you about what she is doing with the story, wait for the next chapter or two before commenting. The characters have a tendency to make assumptions, just like we do in the real world, and they can be dead wrong. It is very likely that whatever was bothering you was not what it had originally seemed. Part three is hard hitting (in a different sense from part two) and tends to go very much against many of the common themes found in other fanfics.
So hold on tight, it's going to be a wild ride.'

::Scratches her head:: Well, I'm not sure how wild a ride it's going to be but I can promise romance, drama, fighting, character development, a lot of answers and much more. Unless it's important, I'll try not to clutter the beginning of each chapter with notes- I'll do it at the bottom instead.

                As before, if you haven't read the first two parts of Divided We Fall (Sick Days and War on the Horizon) you are going to be completely lost. No way around it. I will also add here that sexuality does pop up but there is no sex at all in this part of DWF- maybe in the last installment of this story depending on my reviews (hint- make a note on the review page! If you want a sex scene, tell me!) Oh! The story point of view is going to switch back and forth a bit more; There is Kagome's POV (1st person), there is regular third person, and now there is another third person- these are the flash back portions and are going to become important (If you skip over them, you will lose part of the story).

                That's it for now. I'm staying to my posting schedual from earlier- a new chapter every two or three days. Enjoy the story!