Dusk and Dawn

Note: Hey hey hey! Here's my third Pokemon fanfic, and I hope you like it!

This follows the story of Dusk, a new trainer in Sinnoh, who is aiming to become Champion. However, an evil organization known as Team Galactic is bent on taking over the world, and Dusk, along with a fellow new trainer, Dawn, and his childhood friend, Drake, must stop them.

This will be a verrry long Fanfic(Probably 50 chapters or so) Expect updates to mainly come on Friday-Sunday(Not just those days, but most updates will come them. Chapters also might come in bundles, for your reading pleasure!)

Also: Not to give spoilers for later on, but this isn't going to be a super-happy fun-time Pokemon story all the time. Just keep that in mind. ;D

Also Also: Age-Wise, the three main characters are all fifteen. And Dawn, obviously, is Dawn from the games/anime. Dusk is basically Lucas from D/P/Pl, while Drake is Barry. Remember that, so you'll know what they look like!

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Chapter One – Enter Starly!

I woke up expecting to feel the warmth of my bed, and the smell of my mom's cooking coming from downstairs...

But, instead, I woke up shivering, smelling the distinct smell of dirt. Looking around, I sighed, remembering where I was. I was sleeping in a small open area near Route 219, with just my sleeping bag and a small fire going.

It had been a week since I started my Pokemon journey, and I was already missing home. The excitement I first felt faded after I found myself constantly failing to catch a Pokemon. But, as I eventually realized, I stubborn, and only went for the toughest I could find.

The good thing was that Turtwig was getting a lot of battle experience. Seeing him doing his best in every battle is what motivates me to keep going. Even then...

"Star..." a small noise came from nearby. I sat up and peered through the darkness, trying to let my eyes adjust. What was that? I thought. I suddenly heard some rustling, and I quickly jumped up and ran over to my bag...

Surely enough, I could make out the shape of a Starly rummaging through it. "Hey!" I shouted, trying to shoo it away, but the Starly pecked at me. I backed away, and it went back to its thievery. "I'll show you..." I muttered, taking Turtwig's Pokeball from nearby and letting him out.

"Tur..." the grass-pokemon said tiredly, obviously interrupted from a nice rest. "Turtwig, use tackle." I told him. Turtwig glanced over at the Starly, and readied his legs. Then, he shot himself forward, and slammed into the Starly, sending the Pokemon flying a few yards away.

"Starly!" the flying-Pokemon said, flying up into the air. I thought that it was going to flee, but it curved back around and dove towards Turtwig. "Move!" I said, and Turtwig leaped to the side, making the Starly miss and stumble.

This Starly doesn't seem very tough... I thought with a grin. "Use Razor Leaf!" I told him, and Turtwig drew his head back, and then tossed several sharp leaves towards Starly. They hit, and stunned the flying-type for a moment. "Now tackle!" I said, and Turtwig smacked hard into the Starly, sending it back into a tree, unmoving.

Yes...this is my chance! I thought, running over to my bag and looking for my Pokeballs... Only to find that they weren't there. "W-What?" I said, continuing to look. "They were here, I know they were!" I looked around and saw, to my annoyance, a group of Bidoofs fleeing. "Hey, get back here!" I shouted, about to run after them...

But I stopped when the Starly made a small noise. Great... I thought, running over to it's side. It was banged up pretty good, and if I didn't have any Pokeballs, it wouldn't be able to rest...

Letting out a sigh, I gently picked up the Starly, who struggled and gave a cry of pain. "Hey, it's alright, I'll get you to a Pokemon Center." I said soothingly. Then, turning to Turtwig, I said, "Come on, let's go!"

We headed north along Route 219, and eventually came to Sandgem Town. Once there, I ran into the Pokemon Center, out of breath. I headed up to the counter and asked the Nurse Joy that was standing there, "This...Starly is...hurt..."

She gave a worried look and nodded. "Sure, we'll take care of it." she told me, taking the Starly from my hands. She then took it to a back room, and I sat in the main room of the Center, with Turtwig beside me.

"Twig..." he said. I gently petted him and gave a smile. "I'm sure that Starly is fine. You were just doing your best to protect me, and I was pretty impressed!" I told him. Turtwig looked up at me and grinned, nodding his head. "Turtwig!" he said gleefully.

We waited and waited...Only a couple hours later when the sun began to appear over the horizon did Nurse Joy come out with a smile on her face. "The Starly will be just fine." she told me. I gave a sigh of relief, and said, "Thank you." She nodded and walked away.

"Hear that? Everything's fine." I said to Turtwig...But then, suddenly, there was a crash, and a gasp from Nurse Joy. "What-" I began to say, but, suddenly, the Starly flew into the room and smacked into me.

I fell onto my bottom and rubbed my face. "What was that for?" I asked, glaring up at the Starly. "Starrr!" it screeched, readying to attack. Turtwig jumped in between us, ready to defend me...

But, suddenly, there was a small grumble. I raised an eyebrow, and watched the Starly cover its stomach with one wing. It then slowly descended to the ground, and said softly, "Starly..." A grin came onto my face as I realized what the problem was.

Taking off my bag, I reached in and found a bag of Pokemon food. "Here, is this what your problem is?" I asked, taking a handful of the round pellets and holding them out. The Starly leaned in and sniffed them suspiciously, then cautiously took a bite out of one.

"Star Star!" it said cheerfully, eating the rest of them from my hand, and then running over and stealing the bag from me. I chuckled. "Yeah, I guess you can have the rest." I said.

Nurse Joy came into the room, and had a confused look on her face when she saw Starly. "Oh my..." she commented. I gave her an assuring wave. "Don't worry, this must've been what he wanted in the first place." I said.

The Starly nodded, and looked around after finishing the bag of food. "Uh...I don't have anymore right now." I said. The Starly sighed and threw the bag away, crossing his wings with a sort of pouting look.

"I-I have some more Pokemon food if you would like some." Nurse Joy said. The Starly jumped up and happily flew over to her, perching on her shoulder and saying, "Ly!" I laughed, and then realized that I myself was hungry.

"We have food for you too, if you would like." Nurse Joy told me with a smile. "Hehe...yeah, that'd be great." I told her, rubbing the back of my head, my face flushing slightly.

After eating, Turtwig and I left. The Starly followed us out, with a satisfied look on his face. "So Starly, are you going back to your home now?" I asked him. He shook his head and jumped onto my shoulder. I grinned. "Well, then I guess you want to come with me." I said, and Starly nodded...

But I then remembered that I didn't have any Pokeballs on me. Turtwig nudged my leg, and motioned over to the path leading back to Route 219. Surely enough, there was a Bidoof lying on its back, playing with a Pokeball.

"Hey!" I shouted, running towards it. The Bidoof saw me and quickly ran, the Pokeball in its mouth. "Turtwig, go get it!" I said, and Turtwig bounded forward, trying to catch up with the wild Pokemon. Then, to my surprise, Starly jumped off my shoulder and flew forward, a trail of white light coming from behind it.

Quick attack, I thought, watching as he easily caught up with the Bidoof and hit it, sending it flying forward. It hit the ground and dropped the Pokeball. Turtwig quickly jumped over the Bidoof and picked it up.

I caught up with the three Pokemon, out of breath. The Bidoof got up and looked at me, obviously scared. "It's not nice to take people's stuff!" I exclaimed. The Bidoof looked down at the ground, and I sighed. "Just run along now..." I said, and the wild Pokemon quickly scampered off into the brush.

Turtwig walked towards me, and I took the Pokeball from his mouth. "Alright Starly, now you can officially come with-" I began to say, but I realized that Starly was no longer beside me. "Starly?" I said, looking around...

And I saw him sitting on a girl's lap on a nearby bench. She was feeding him some food, and I sighed. "He just liked me for my food..." I muttered.

As I walked up to the girl, she asked me, "Oh, is this your Starly?" I nodded, but then shrugged. "Uh...Kind of, but not really." I answered. She giggled, and fed Starly another handful of food.

"I think Starlies are really cute." she commented. "Starly"! The flying-Pokemon said gleefully, eating the food. I sighed. "What's wrong?" She asked, so I sat down and began to tell her about everything that had happened since early that morning.

After I was done, she gave a big smile and said, "You're a new trainer too?" I raised an eyebrow and nodded. "Yeah And this is Turtwig, my first Pokemon." I said. The girl looked down at Turtwig, who struck a sort of pose, and exclaimed, "Turtwig!"

The girl giggled, and took out a Pokeball. "I was actually going to choose Turtwig myself...But another trainer got to him before me." she said, eying me. My face turned red for a moment, and I said, "O-Oh...I'm sorry." The girl grinned and shook her head, "It's alright; Besides, I wouldn't trade Chimchar for anything!

She opened the Pokeball, and a Chimchar came out. "Chim!" he said happily. But then, seeing Turtwig, he crossed his arms. "Tur..." Turtwig muttered. "Char..." The two of them locked glares, and I gulped. They must not get along... I thought.

"Oh yeah, what's your name?" the girl asked. "My name's Dusk. What about you?" I answered. The girl stared at me for a moment, and she said, "M-My name's Dawn..."

Then, a silence washed over us. "Wait...really?" I asked. She nodded, and gave a small smile. "I guess that means we're opposites." Dawn said teasingly. I gave a nod and a hesitant smile.

Starly began to peck around, looking for more food. Finding none, he pecked Dawn in the face. "Ouch!" she exclaimed. "Starly, don't-!" I began to shout, reaching forward for the flying-Pokemon...But I accidentally put my hand down over Dawn's...

I felt my face flush, and watched Dawn's face turn pink as well. We stared at each other for a few moments, then looked away, and I retracted my hand. There was an awkward silence, with Turtwig, Starly, and Chimchar looking at us in confusion...

And, although I didn't know it at the time, that meeting with Dawn marked the true beginning of my adventure...

To be continued...

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