Dusk and Dawn

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Chapter Three – Enter Machop!

It didn't take long for us to make it to Jubilife City. There, we rested for a while, and stocked up on traveling supplies...But Dawn decided that it would be good to take a tour of the Jubilife TV building, and I began to become more and more impatient to leave.

"Finally! Now we can actually head out!" I exclaimed as we left the building.

Dawn crossed her arms and turned away from me. "Well, you could have at least enjoyed it, instead of looking at your watch every few seconds." she said.

I sighed, and shook my head, walking off. There was no point in arguing with her.

We made our way to the start of Route 203, which lead straight towards Oreburgh City.

"You know, this is my first time ever going to Oreburgh." Dawn said as we walked, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, same for me." I said. I found myself looking around at the nearby trees and grass, trying to pick out any Pokemon that would be useful for my upcoming battle.

But, of course, all I saw were Starlies, Bidoofs, and a blue Pokemon who I remembered was a Shinx, none of which that would help me out.

After walking along Route 203 for a while, we eventually came to the entrance to a tunnel. We stopped and gazed into the darkness for a few moments.

"Well, I guess this is the only way to get there." I pointed out, taking a step into the black. After a few more steps, I could then make out a hint of light at the other side, where the exit to the tunnel was.

"I can see the exit!" I called back to Dawn, continuing on...Until I realized that Dawn wasn't following me.

Turning around, I could see that she was standing at the entrance still. I headed back to her, and could now see that she was shaking slightly, and had her eyes fixed on the darkness.

Is she afraid of the dark? I thought, letting out a sigh.

"Come on!" I told her, grabbing her hand and turning back around, pulling her behind me. As we began to walk through the darkness, I felt my face flush as she clutched my hand tightly and moved close to me.

"It's not that bad." I said back to her, giving her a smile that she couldn't see. I felt her grip on my hand loosen, and I knew that she must be feeling better.

The exit was growing close...But I stopped, as something caught my eye.

A pair of red eyes up ahead. I could hear Dawn's slight gasp as she saw it too, and she moved even closer to me.

"What is that?" she asked in a shaky voice.

"I don't-" I began to say, but, suddenly, more red eyes appeared.

That's not good... I thought, and the entire tunnel erupted in screeches and the sound of flapping wings.

"Run!" I shouted, bringing Dawn with me as I charged forward. I could feel whatever it was flying all around us, their screeches almost deafening. The light ahead grew brighter, and brighter...

Then, we pushed back out into the open, not stopping. Looking over my shoulder, I could now see what was coming after us. They appeared to be Zubats. A lot of them.

"We really pissed them off!" I exclaimed, stopping and turning around. I grabbed Dawn and moved her behind me, then took out my two Pokeballs, tossing them forward.

Turtwig and Starly emerged from their Pokeballs, and almost instantly got into battle-ready positions, as if they had been listening to what was going on.

"Turtwig, use Razor Leaf to stall them. Starly, you take them out with your Quick Attack!" I ordered. They did as they were told, and ran forward.

Turtwig began to toss his razor-sharp leaves at the Zubats. They didn't appear to do much, but it stopped them in their tracks for a moment, and Starly was able to dive in and slam into them one at a time, knocking them away.

"Good job guys!" I said encouragingly...However, after a few of the Zubats were knocked away, they suddenly took the offensive, and slammed into both Starly and Turtwig with their wings, sending them both back my way...

Luckily, Turtwig and Starly recovered quickly, ready for more.

"Okay, now let's-" I began to tell them, but, suddenly, a figure jumped out from a nearby tree, landing on front of us...

It was a Pokemon, almost human in appearance.

"Machop!" it exclaimed, getting into a fighting pose. A Machop?...What's it doing butting into this? I wondered.

Seeing the Machop, the Zubats screeched, and all flew forward.

"Look out!" I shouted towards the Pokemon, but he didn't seem to notice, and I watched in surprise as he leaped up, avoiding the Zubats, then dove back down, grabbing two of them and slamming them into the ground.

Then, while the others turned back towards him, he began to rapidly run and jump at them, slamming his fist into them hard, sending them smashing through trees and rocks. Eventually, only a few Zubats remained...And they retreated back to the safety of the tunnel.

Dawn, Turtwig, Starly and I all gazed at the Machop in amazement. He turned towards us with a look of satisfaction on his face.

"That was great!" I exclaimed, "You really saved us!"

Dawn, who was still shaking and holding onto me from behind, nodded in agreement. "H-He's pretty strong." she said, still in a slightly fearful voice.

"Turrrrtwig!" Turtwig said in a rather aggressive tone, walking up to the Machop, who looked down at him.

"What's up Turtwig?" I said, seeing that he and Machop had locked eyes.

"Is Turtwig...jealous?" Dawn asked. I raised an eyebrow. I guess Turtwig wanted to be the hero, I thought, a grin coming onto my face.

"Then how about this," I said, taking out Starly's Pokeball and returning him to it. "Turtwig and you, Machop. If Turtwig wins, you'll join my team!"

Machop glanced up at me, and a smirk seemed to slip onto his face. He nodded, and jumped back, getting ready for the battle.

"Ready for this, Turtwig?" I asked. Turtwig turned to me and nodded, then gazed back at his opponent.

"Then let's do this! Run at Machop!" I said, pointing forward. Turtwig ran forward as fast as he could towards Machop, who moved to the side and got ready to slam his arm into Turtwig.

"Alright, now use Bite!" Turtwig stopped and then leaped towards Machop's raised arm, clamping his jaw hard onto it, taking him by surprise.

"Throw him away!" I said, and Turtwig used all of his strength to swing Machop over him and let go, sending him into a nearby boulder, leaving an indention where Machop hit it.

Machop had to shake the blow off for a moment, then stood, ready for more.

"Alright then, use-" I began to say, but Machop made the first move this time, running at Turtwig and kicking at him. Luckily, Turtwig jumped back in time. However, Machop began to use combinations of punches and kicks, and Turtwig was barely able to dodge them.

He won't avoid them for much longer, I thought. I watched Machop's attacks, waiting for the right moment.

"Now, use tackle!" I shouted. Turtwig dodged yet another kick, and saw the opening, jumping forward, slamming into Machop hard in the chest, sending him right back to the boulder once again.

"Quick, go for another one!" Turtwig did as I said and ran forward, not giving Machop a chance to recover...

And slammed into him hard, breaking the boulder entirely. Machop was sent tumbling to the ground, and I took that opportunity to take out an empty Pokeball and throw it at him.

It hit, and he was engulfed by the ball. It then dropped to the ground, and began to wobble in the slow, suspenseful manner that it always did...

And, after a few moments...It stopped.

I threw my fist into the air in victory. "Yeah! Great job Turtwig!" I said, and the grass Pokemon ran towards me, jumping into my arms.

We walked over to the Pokeball, and I picked it up.

"One more for the team..." I said, smiling.

"Oreburgh is just right over there," Dawn pointed out, "Let's get going before it gets dark. I really want to see your gym battle after that!"

I nodded, and took out Turtwig's Pokeball, returning him to it...

And we walked on towards Oreburgh, ready for the battle ahead.

To be continued...

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