Title: Storm Chaser

Author: Kuria Dalmatia

Rating/Warnings: FRM/R (profanity, sexual situations, mild d/s)

Characters/Pairing: Hotch/Reid, established relationship

Summary: It is love. Aaron is certain of that. Why else would he be on a trip that could best be summarized as a "tornado stake out"?

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The remaining two days go by quickly. Despite impressing the hell out of the guides with his driving, Aaron's demoted to passenger status. He understands why of course; Dale is absolutely correct in saying the insurance company would have a fit if they knew someone else drove the minivan under those circumstances. It doesn't mean he doesn't want to drive.

The other tourists can't stop talking about the tornado and over the course of the final two days, the twister graduates in scale from barely an F3 to a raging mile-wide F5 complete with flying pickup trucks and cows. Aaron wonders how long it will take until someone includes a house with a girl and her dog inside plus a woman on a bicycle. Again, he knows his being unnecessarily cruel because this is probably the biggest thrill any of those tourists have had in their lives.

He decides that that part is okay. He doesn't want them to have the type of "excitement" that he and Spencer deal with at work. He doesn't want that for anyone, but hopes a little more that this particular group is spared. Some of them are idiots. Most of them are oblivious of how vulnerable they make themselves. Still, this group has become 'his' in that weird way that happens when spending a week working a case (or chasing a tornado) in such close quarters.

They still call him Crotchner and, on the last when Dale announces out that Aaron's an FBI agent, the group laughs and all agree that it's not possible. Bert goes so far as to say, "Next thing you'll be telling is that is that you hunt down serial killers!" Which earns quite a few hoots and even more heckling.

It's the first time in a long time that people doubt that he's with the Bureau. It's insulting because he's not used to it and then he thinks of all the times the LEOs scoffed at Spencer's gun and badge.

Aaron knows if he were wearing his suit and not jeans and a sweatshirt, they wouldn't question it. He also knows the only way to dissuade them of the notion is to flash his badge, but Aaron opts not to. Correcting the misconception is not worth questions about what he does and it would be stealing the attention away from their guides, which Aaron doesn't want to do.

After all, the six professional storm chasers put up with a group of tourists for seven days. They deserve the firm handshakes and hugs and adulation from the group. They earn it.

So Aaron shrugs and says nothing, because it really isn't all that important.

What's important is that Spencer is happy. What's important is that Spencer can cross off another thing on his bucket list.

What's important is that Aaron may never have to do it again.

But he would, of course.

Because he loves Spencer Reid.

And he will never regret spending time with Spencer Reid.