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Laura was now seventeen and in high school. She was tall with long dark hair and lovely chocolate brown eyes. Every boy at school would stare at her with want. Most of the girls would be jealous and some would look down on her. Laura didn't care however. She made a few good friends and was selling her painting to students and others. She just as kind and warm as she always was. Gentle, smart, creative and a bit sassy with a short temper.

Laura was becoming the women that Yami had always hoped she would.

She had grown from a cute and curious little girl, to a beautiful, bright and lovely young lady. One day while sitting in class, Laura was thinking about she felt about Yami. She loved him, very much of course and was forever grateful for all he did for her. However over the years and after the mess Tea, Laura noticed that her feelings for the vampire had grown.

They were much stronger than that for a sibling or a parent. It wasn't until she when older that she noticed how hansome he was. She would often think of him in her spare time. She also noticed that the way he would smile, made her blush slightly. At first she thought it was wrong.

Because he had known her since was little. There was also the fact that they were compeletly different from each other. Yet she couldn't seem to stop the feelings she had towards the vampire. Even though she was human, and she seemed to live in a different world than him, she didn't care. There was no way of her getting around it any more. Laura could no longer deny the truth that was right in front of her.

She had to admit to herself, that she had fallen in love with her protector, her friend, her Yami.

After she got home from school, Laura went to visit Yami in his study like always. She knocked on the door and walked in to find him reading something as usual. Yami turned around to see Laura waiting quitely for him. He smiled and stood up from his chair to greet her.

"Good afternoon Laura. How are you?"

"I'm okay, just have a few things on my mind."

"Well then, let's talk about them, shall we?" Yami asked as Laura nodded in return.

The two walked down the hall together to his room. Even though they always had tea together there, she began to feel a little nervous about it. Laura trusted Yami however. She knew that he would always treat her as a lady. Yami pulled a chair out for Laura at a small table when they got there. She sat down and looked around the room while she waited for him to bring the tea.

The room always looked the same. Forever unchanging, just as he was. Always dimly lit by candles and the light of fire place. Beautiful red roses in black vases sat on the capony bedside tables. Curitans that covered the windows were a deep crimson red. So were the pillows that matched the dark oak head board. The carpet was a soft, sandy gold color. It seemed to tie the room together along with the egyptain figures that sat above fire place.

Laura always felt safe in this room. Safe and comfertable.

"Here we are. So, care to tell me what troubles you, sweet one?" Yami asked as he came in with the tea a moment later.

Laura decided it was now or never.

She knew it was a waste of time to try beating around the bush with Yami. He could easily read people. Plus Laura wasn't able to hide things very well at all. Then again, what if Yami didn't feel the same way about her? After all, he was a hansome vampire. Smart,charming and kind. He could easily have any women he wanted.

Why would he want to fall in love with her? She didn't have much she could offer him. There was also the fact he might not see her as more than a family member. Laura became very discourged. She got up from the table and hung her head. Not wanting to be around Yami anymore. She decided that keeping her feeling to herself was better than ending in heartbreak.

"Laura? What's wrong?" Yami asked as he watched Laura get up. His heart broke when Laura smiled sadly at him.

"Don't worry, Yami. It's nothing I can't tell you later. I-I'm going to my room. I'll see you lat-" Yami cut Laura off as he quickly stood from the table.

Wrapping her up in his arms. The embrace felt different to Laura. The way Yami was holding her felt more romantic then the way he did before. Yami made Laura look up at him by placing a hand under her chin. He then spoke to her with warmth and love in his voice.

"Listen to me, my sweet one. I am a vampire, as you well know. My life is ever lasting, like the moon that hangs in the sky. A human's life however, is a short thing. Ephemeral, like a falling star. Many do not say what needs to be at the needed time. Thinking that there will always be a 'later' or a 'next time'. More often than not, that 'next time' never comes. You must have courage when you feel your moment of oppertunity arrives. Other weis, you'll be left with only regrets."

Yami's words made Laura feel brave again as she understood what he ment. That life was much too short to be afraid. To enjoyed every moment, and never hold back. She smiled at him and returned his embraced. Making Yami smile with a blush on his face as Laura held him close.

"Now then, what is it you wish to tell me, sweet one? You know I'll never reject you. So tell me, please?" Yami asked, cupping her face.

Laura surprized Yami by kissing him sweetly. Laura looked more even beautiful than before to Yami when the two broke away. Her eyes shined in the candle light and her cheeks were dusted with a light rose pink. It took all her courage to say what she said next. They were the smiplist of words, but they struck the vampire lord's heart like ligthing.

"Yami, you've always ment so much to me. Much more than a friend or a brother. Since we met, you've been my one precious person. Your my prince, and the man I love." Laura said in a timid voice.

Thinking he might turn her down. Instead he smiled at her, touched by her heartfelt confession. Yami then surpized her by returning the kiss with all the passion he held for her. Deep in his vampire heart. He gaze at her with pure love in his eyes when the kiss ended. He held her tightly as he wispered his answer in return.

"And I love you, my sweet Laura. Never did I think I could fall so deeply in love with someone like I have with you." Yami wispered as he kissed her once more.

-Lemon Start-

Once they broke for air, Yami then carried his princess to the bed. Using his magic, Yami pulled back the blankets before laying Laura down gently on the soft, silkly crimsion sheets.

"Sweet one, will you allowed me the honnor of making you my mate? You would you allow me to take you this night, my love?" Yami asked after they shared another kiss.

Laura blushed and smiled as she gave him her answer. For she knew full well what he was asking.

"Yes...I love you Yami...I want to be yours. Only yours...Please take me."

Yami's heart swelled up with happiness at Laura's words. So much so that he wanted to sing. He smiled as he wrapped her up in his arms. Saying to himself over and over again as he stole yet another passionate kiss from her soft, warm lips.

(She loves me, she loves me! My beautiful, sweet one loves me!)

The two broke away again before Yami removed his cape and shoes. His eyes filled with lust at seeing the breathless women laying before him.

Yes, she was a women now. About to become his as he hovered over her. Laura moaned, enjoying the feeling as Yami kissed the sweet spot on her neck. He slowly ran a clawed hand up her thigh. Being careful not to scratch her soft, smooth skin. His hand then came up to undo the jacket on her uniform. Before both hands ripped off her shirt in egerness.

He then took off her bra and began to gentley squzze and massage her breast. All of this treatment was very new to Laura, and it felt so good. Very,verygood. She shuttered in pleasure as the vampire lord continued his treatment. Leaving butterfly kissies all over his sweet one's soft body.

"Ahhh, Y-Yami. Ahhhhh, Mmmm..."

The vampire lord was loving the sounds his princess was making. The feeling of her sink, the taste of her soft lips and warmth that gave feeling to his cold, undead body. Yami loved it all. He loved her, she was so beautiful, kind, giving and gentle. She was all of this and much more.

The best thing of all, was that she only wanted him. Yami would often watch Laura come home from school without her knowing. Being careful to stay in the shadows. He would watch in jelously as many young men would try to swoon her with meaningless,common gifts. Yami secretly smiled to himself when each one was turned down. No one knew his Laura as well as he did.

What made her smile, what made her happy or what her wishies were. The only one who knew all that, was him.

Laura was starting to lose herself in pleasure her vampire prince was giving her. She was enjoing every moment of it. His tender hands on her body, his breath in her ears, his cool, soft lips kissing her hot, sweaty ones. She loved being like this with him, the man she grown to love.

A moment later, Laura sat up. Making Yami raise an eyebrow in question until he noticed she was tugging at his shirt. Nervously taking it off for him as she blushed deeply. Yami smiled, laying Laura back down once the shirt was off. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Kissing passionetly once again as Yami's hands pulled off her skirt and panties in one swift motion.

Laura gasped through the kiss. Slightly nervous of what Yami would think of her as she was compeletly expossed to him.

She kept her eyes shut when the kiss ended, scared of Yami's judgement. A moment later, Laura felt something soft on her cheek. She opened eyes to see that Yami had used his magic to cover the entire bed with rose petils. Each one a different shade of red. Laura smiled as they began to dance all over her. Giggling slightly as they tickled her.

She blushed again as she looked up at Yami. Who was now stripped compeletly of the rest of his clothes as well. He gazed down at her with love in his crimsion eyes. He took a hand full of the petiles and smiled when he rained them on down Laura. She giggled once more as a few tickled her face.

"Yami! Ha, ha, ha!"

"Aren't they beautiful? Just like my Laura."

"Huh? Beautiful? Me?" Laura asked as Yami cupped her face. He nodded while kissing her forehead.

"Yes...The most beautiful rose of all..." Yami wispered. Surprizing Laura when he spread her legs and placed his head in between. He pressed his mouth against her entrance. Diving his touge into her core. Yami just couldn't get enough of her right now as he licked around her walls, tasting her deeply. As if he never wanted to forget what the taste was like.

"AHHH!" She screamed out.

It felt amazing, Laura's head fell back in pleasure as her hands gripped the sheets. Yami held her thighs firmly, so she wouldn't escape and made sensual touches in her inner thigh. When he hit a sweet spot, she cried out. He grinned, finding that sensitive spot. Making Laura scream out in pleasure.

"AHHH! MMPH! Oooh, oh Yami!"

"You taste divine, my sweet one. More delicious than the sweetist chocolate." Yami wispered in Laura's ear once he finished.

The vampire lord then gazed down at his princess. Kissing her forehead as positioned himself between her legs. Yami quickly noticed Laura's nervousness and he began to stroke her face gently. Her eyes seemed to glow as she leaned into his touch. Yami talked to her in a quite voice to keep her calm as he entered her slowly for the first time.

"AAAAH! AH! Ooooh, Mmmmph, ugh- ah! Y-Yami!"

"Shhhhh, relax my sweet...the pain wil only last a moment. Soon it will be replaced by great pleasure...I promise..." Yami wispered.

Keeping himself still until she got used to his size. The whole experince was so odd to Laura. The feeling of Yami throbbing inside her, felt so different and so good at the same time. When she finally felt comfertable, Laura nodded to Yami as a signal to move. Yami understood, and pulled back until he was almost out of her before thrusting back in at an even pace.

Laura was able to match his rhythm by moving her hips along with his. Suddenly a wave of pleasure hit her hard and fast. Causing Laura to cry out which told Yami that he found her sweet spot. He smirked as he dove into her again. Reaching the right place each time from that point on. Laura wrapped her arms around Yami's neck as he thrusted into her again.

He held her close as he dove in deeper, the two of them drowning in the pleasurable sensation.

"Ah,AHHHH! YAMI! Yami..."

"Mmmph, Ahhh, Ah! You feel so sweet...So warm...So perfect...Ahhhh,Mmmph!"

Yami moaned as he continued to plunge into her again and again. He felt pure pleasure as he began to feel his climax. He could tell Laura was reaching her's as well. A shock of release hit them both as they came together. A heavenly feeling ran through their bodies as Yami pulled out of Laura. Never had he felt so compelte, so warm and so calm.

The two kissed each other deeply as symbol of their union. Yami smiled as he wrapped his tried princess in his embrace. He couldn't believe just how amazing she truly was. For she had done what even Yami didn't think would be possible. She had shown pure heaven, to a man who for so long had only known hell.

-Lemon end-

"Yami, can I ask you something?" Laura wispered as she laid on Yami's chest.

"Of course my sweet. What is it?"

"Can I, become a vampire?" Laura asked in a timid voice. Yami gave her a questioning look as he gazed at her.

"Why would you want to do that?"

"So I can be with you forever. Like you said I'm human, and someday I'll get old and past away. I don't want to leave you, I don't ever want to make you sad. So please?"

Yami eyes widened in surprize and sat up sraight at Laura's words. He began to cry as he felt the love for her grow even more. Laura sat up as well and began to wipe the tears from his face. The vampire lord quickly wrapped her in his arms and pushed back onto the bed. He smiled happly at her as he cupped her face.

"You would become a vampire to be with me? Just for my sake?" Yami asked. Laura smiled back at him as she gave him her answer.

"Of course I would. I love you, I want us to stay this way forever."

"Your such a sweet, lovely girl Laura. I love you too, but I fear I don't have the heart to turn you into a monster. However, what I can do is place a spell of immortalty and enternal youth on you. That way you can live forever and still be yourself. You can stay with me without giving up the things you love. Will that be alright?" Yami asked once he was finished.

Laura smiled and nodded before she kissed him softly and snuggled into his chest.

"Yes, that's fine. As long as I can be with you." Laura answered as she began to yawn.

"Very well. If that is what you wish, my love. We will cast the spell tomarrow. For now, sleep. And hold me close, even in your dreams." Yami wispered as he held his princess tightly.

"I'll always keep you close Yami. I love you." Laura said softly as she fell asleep. Yami smiled as he gazed at Laura, giving a deeply, passionate kiss.

"I love you too, my sweet Laura. Always..." Yami wispered.

Before he too came under the spell of sleep. The two held each other close throught out the night. Dreaming of the peaceful life they would have as they slept under a beautilful red velvet moon. Over the years, the life that they shared with their friends and eachother became just as they two had hoped.

A hope that became possible with the love, of the vampire lords princess.

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