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Sorry if I don't make author's notes or good stories, I'm not even that old, so I took the first flame offensively. The second one helped me more than hurt me by pointing out that JAPANESE names do not go well with ENGLISH/ GERMAN animes. I erased "My world is Full of Full Metal alchemist", people did not like it and I now know it was cliche. Please try this one.


"I love this anime!" I squealed. "Adalwolfa, no squealing!" scolded Adelinde. "Fine, Eli. AND CALL ME WOLF!" I muttered, screaming the last part.

"What are you watching, anyway?" she asked. " FullMetal Alchemist!" I beamed. "Who's your favorite character?" I asked. "Wrath." she answered. "Who's yours?" she questioned. "I'm not telling!" I taunted.

Eli started chasing me and I ran

"E-Eli, s-stop... chasing m-me!" I panted when I was on the opposite side of the couch.

She pouted and obeyed, I WAS her older sister. She stole my spot and watched our favorite anime. "I'm glad you asked! I am god, the universe, the world, everything, the truth. I am you." I heard the Truth from the anime say. I inwardly frowned. It was effing scary when Truth had his mouth open. A white body with only a mouth.

I missed the part of when I was surrounded by white, too busy in my musings. "Hello! Aren't you going to ask who I am!" shouted a childish voice. Right in my ear. I looked up and saw a white figure with darkness on all sides of it.

"...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed, jumping to my feet so I could run. Yes, I ran, but right into the wall of a gate. "Ow..." I moaned. "That's what you get for running away from me." snickered Truth. I screamed again, this time panicking, " I don't wanna be in the gate, OH MY GOD, I'M AT THE GATE, I DON'T WANNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Truth bonked me on the head and spoke, "It's not for you to go to the other side of the gate, it's for the "FMA characters" to come to your side of the gate." "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" I murmured in realization of the TRUTH. Get it? Truth? Oh, never mind!

"What are you willing to give up for them to come to the other side of the gate? Your humanity, senses, body parts, organs, hair, MEMORIES, feelings, anything." Truth asked. "Um... my... what happens if I choose 'humanity'? Do I become a homunculus or do I just lose all my friends?" I asked. "You don't become a homunculus, I think, you become cold-heart-ed... I think." "Oi... then I choose...memories of their world and... do they have to give something up?" I chose. "Yes, it's equivalent exchange. You give, they give, you gain, they gain." Truth replied. "How do THEY gain? What do they gain? Friendship isn't worth as much as going to different dimensions. Friendship is worth more. So does that mean that I have to give up the chance of being friends with them or do I have to give something else? What are they going to give? What more CAN they give when they've lost so much already? They certainly won't give up alchemy. Do they have to die and you make them come back in our world?" I asked, barraging him with questions.

"Actually, the death is a pretty good idea!" beamed Truth, already shouting off plans of how to not exactly kill them.

"Wait, they can come here with their bodies, their loss is not being able to go home. But to do that, Al needs his body back, so you can kill sloth." I bargained, holding out my hand. Truth shook it and, in unison, we spoke, "Deal."