A Star Trek Fanfiction

I Wanted Him


As He Wanted Me

Jen tapped her nails on the table impatiently as she watched the Doctor pace the room and check monitors. She was in for her monthly exam and would have ditched if Spock didn't catch her and forcibly carry her there. What was supposed to be a thirty minute exam turned into a major pain in her ass.

"I'm getting a wedgie just watching you Bones. Can I go now?"

"You'll sit there until I confirm you are in perfect health. We can't afford any more mishaps; especially from you."

"Aren't you a ray of sunshine." huffing, she slumped forward and began to knock her boot-clad feet together, ". . . when was the last time you got laid?"

"Does your mind ever stay out of the gutter?"

"If you think my mind is filthy, you should take a look at Spock's once in a while. One time when we were on the bridge, he decided to show me what he wanted to do to me when-" She managed to dodge his hypo attack, giggling like the mischievous spirit she was, " Ah don't be a prude Bones, it could be worse."

"Worse? Like walking in on the Captain and her First Officer doing inappropriate things on my desk?"


"Or the occasion where an ambassador complained that he couldn't sleep because of being kept awake by the sound of a "tortured animal"?"

"That was-"

"Maybe it would be worse if said officials were locked away for days humping like depraved rabbits in the midst of intergalactic negotiations!"

"Well I'm sorry that I have a healthy sex life," Jen rolled her eyes as she chewed on a celery stick, "You're welcome to join if-"

"Dammit Jen!"

All smiles, she hopped off the table and kissed the old man on the cheek, "You worry too much Bones. I'm completely fine. Better than fine to be correct. The Enterprise is up and running, there have been minimal casualties, and we're bringing more planets and species together. Our universal planet is growing."

She winked and departed, heading to the bridge and into the arms of her mate, much to his chagrin.

Some things never changed, not even the Captain.

"Cap-" A stern look made him pause, "Jen, we are within a professional setting."

Jen looked over her crew, "Anybody see anything?"

"Nothing at all." answered Uhura, "Sulu?"

"Other than clear conditions for travel, I see nothing of real concern. Chekov?"

"All visuals are clear Captain."

She grinned, "You see?"

Spock could do nothing but shake his head at her shenanigans and indulge her in a hug and a kiss on the cheek before resuming his duties at his station. It was here amidst the controls that he found a strange object among them. A pale object soft at the touch with a questionable shape. As he examined the foreign object, thoughts and images trickled through the bond. These thoughts weren't anything he'd seen before; something he presumed rectified when trying to revive her. There were no more secrets or hidden shames, but this did not carry the darkness of former thoughts.





. . .


He didn't know how he got her into his arms so quickly or where this bright and vibrant smile seem to emerge from, but it didn't matter. A child. A child from the woman he loved and a new citizen of the colony, regardless of heritage. He was to be a father.

Wait until-

"Goddamnit Jen!"

Bones found out.

Author's Note:

And that ladies and gentlemen, is the end. If it sounds like a cop out, I'm sorry. I deviated far from where I wanted to go and didn't plan on being so bogged down in the middle of it. I do promise that my next story will be worth the wait and not nearly as long to update. Thank you for all of your support and all of those who read! Until next time!