Pairing: Whitney/Jasmine

I will admit that this is pure fluff. Oh, well. Written on a dare from the Serebii forums.


The sun is high, her head is spinning, and Whitney is stealing her food. The last one might be contributing to the one before. Jasmine's not quite sure.

Whitney swallows. "Wow, they really give you good helpings here!" She tilts her head towards Jasmine and leans on the counter, the leisurely movement doing nothing to counteract her usual sense of hyperactivity. "I bet you come here a lot, right?"

Jasmine blinks, tensing up. "Oh, well, I..." It was an accident in the first place to let Whitney know this was her favorite place; Jasmine doesn't want to seem like a big eater. Is it rude to answer 'no'? "Sometimes, I mean..."

Whitney nods enthusiastically, mouth somehow full again already, and takes a moment to finish chewing. "I know I would if I lived here. It's not that far, but... Well, it's so easy to find a place in the city, you know? Plus I've got the gym to take care of... Oh!"

Jasmine starts at the sudden exclamation; it takes her a moment to ease herself back into a more relaxed position, and by then Whitney has continued. "How has your training been going? I heard about what happened with Amphy."

Jasmine nods, feeling out of danger. "Amphy's doing fine now; a trainer brought me the medicine." She fiddles with her fork before she remembers to look Whitney in the eye. "It's been slow getting back into training, but... I have everyone at the gym to support me, so that's all right."

Whitney nods more slowly, putting her silverware down. Jasmine glances at her own, barely-touched by her food. Usually she eats so much more than this, and she's a little hungry, but she can't feel comfortable eating like that in front of other people. "Yeah, I don't know what we'd do without them." Whitney bites her lip. "They're always standing up for me when I lose... not that that happens a lot, or anything!"

Jasmine smiles slightly, automatically, and Whitney beams. "There you go! You should do that more often, you know." She sighs as Jasmine shrinks back at the attention. "Whoops. Well, it's a start, right?"

Jasmine nods, even if she's not exactly sure what she's agreeing to. Even if she's not smiling, she's happy to be with Whitney.

The other girl frowns, glancing at Jasmine's plate as she moves her fork to it. "Aah! I didn't mean to... Here!" She switches their plates quickly, giving the Olivine Leader her own partially full dish. "You need to eat something. You're going to waste away otherwise!"

Jasmine blinks and glances at the plate in front of her. Suddenly, eating doesn't seem so awkward.

"Well? I didn't touch it much, I swear!"

She doesn't smile openly, but inside, Jasmine's laughing. "Thank you," she tells Whitney, and digs in.