Until Saturday, Phineas was forced to remain in the hospital. Ferb visited him every day once his homework was through, bringing along with him the work Phineas had to finish and telling him about how lunch hour of that day went. As promised, Phineas called his brother every morning at six with a new idea, and made sure that Ferb would take pictures of it for Phineas to document.

Wednesday, Candace and Jeremy spent the afternoon with him. They brought Candace's favourite robot boxing video game so that they could have a small competition. Jeremy handed him a gift which contained the newest racing video game Phineas had been dying to buy once he had saved up enough.

Thursday, his Flynn Grandparents came to see him. His grandmother had backed him a batch of Phineas' favourite shortbread cookies, and his grandfather told him stories and legends, exactly in the same manner he had done so when Phineas had been a child. And just like back at that age, Phineas enjoyed every single one of them.

Thursday was also the early return of his parents. When Candace called her mother Tuesday, just as Phineas was in surgery, Linda and Lawrence did everything in their power to get an early flight back home. It was only Thursday evening at seven that they finally returned, which had still allowed them to attend the Chicago Antique Convention on Wednesday. As soon as they arrived in Danville, Lawrence drove the car to the hospital and the couple stayed with Phineas until the teenager was too tired to keep his eyes open.

Isabella came to visit him on Friday after school with Ferb. She brought a large gift for him, complete with purple wrapping paper and a glittering silver bow. Inside was a giant package of homemade chocolates—Phineas had had a sweet tooth for Isabella's old family recipe since his childhood—mechanical pencils with different coloured leads, a stuffed platypus that Isabella made herself, and a giant card that said the words "Get Well Soon." There was a poem written by her inside the card, along with a photo they took together during summer at the pool.

Although Phineas had not yet gotten the hint, Isabella did not mind; she had not intended on flirting with him that day. She only wanted to show how much she cared.

Friday night, Perry came and paid his owner a visit. Because of the daily missions he had had, he had not had the chance to come and check up on the boy himself. So while everyone was supposedly sleeping, Ferb texted Phineas and told him that Perry would be dropping by. The platypus slipped in silently through the window and climbed onto the bed to sit at Phineas' feet. He, like several other visitors Phineas had had that week, had a gift in his hands. It was small, but Phineas had learned never to take anything about his pet platypus for granted anymore.

As it turned out, Perry had given him the laser pen Phineas had fancied since the day the platypus allowed him and Ferb access to his lair. Because of Phineas' wild imagination and energy, Perry had made it clear that neither he nor Ferb were allowed to touch any of his secret spy gear—he was worried they would harm themselves. The laser pen had been one of Phineas' favourites, and the fifteen-year-old had often taken it without permission in order to work on inventions. Perry had eventually caught on.

But now that he was sure Phineas knew how to use it properly, not to mention Perry hardly ever used it himself, he decided to give it as a gift. Then, considering he could not verbally communicate with the teenager, Perry playfully rubbed Phineas' head, tipped his fedora, and slipped back out into the night before a nurse noticed him.

Saturday afternoon was the day Phineas could return home. Which he did gladly.

And the best thing about that Saturday was that he was allowed to do anything he wanted to until dinner, as long as it did not involve him using too much of his abdomen muscles. And so, because the sun was out that day, Phineas decided to do the one thing he had continuously done with Ferb since they were children: sit at the base of the backyard tree and wonder what they would do the following day.

Although it involved mostly Phineas making a list, Ferb was more than happy to assist him in this activity.

Sunday was the first day in his entire life that Phineas slept in.

Isabella dashed down the hallways as quickly as she could, dressed in her favourite pink skirt and black top. Hair tied in a braid that Monday, she zigzagged between her peers, desperate to reach her destination. She only snapped at someone once when they refused to move out of her way.

"Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me—MOVE IT, BUSTER!"

Her friends giggled as they watched her zip by in such an eager manner. Had they not known where she was headed, they would have undoubtedly followed her out of curiosity.

Turning the next corner, she squealed upon recognizing her crush. "Phineas!" she cried out joyfully.

Phineas and Ferb were just closing their lockers when Isabella arrived. Baljeet and Buford were already there, asking one question after another to the red-head about his week at the hospital. When Isabella made her presence known, all four boys turned and looked at her.

Isabella would have leaped into Phineas' arms, had she not known that it might still cause him a bit of pain—his stomach had not yet completely healed. Instead, she skidded to a stop before him, smiled brightly and then threw her arms around his neck, making him laugh. "Oh, you don't know how happy I am to see you as your old self again!" she said as Phineas hugged her back. "I missed you, missed you, missed you, Phineas Flynn!"

"Thanks, Isabella," Phineas replied before letting her go. He hoisted up his bag a little and smiled. "And thanks for dropping by the hospital last Friday. It was really nice seeing you."

Isabella teetered from side to side while giggling childishly. "I figured you'd like to have something to help cheer you up," she replied. After a moment of silence, while Buford muttered something about "blind love" to Baljeet, Isabella opened her mouth again: "So… Whatcha gonna do today, Phinny?"

Phineas shared a smiled with Ferb. "Surprise, like usual," he said. "But it's gonna be big. Like, mega huge—!"

"Which brings us back to the subject before Isabella showed up," Buford interrupted. He frowned suspiciously and crossed his arms. "I don't believe that this surgery left that big of a mark on you, Dinner Bell. You're too short to leave something that huge behind."

"I believe him," Baljeet disagreed. "Phineas never lies, Buford!"

"Just because he doesn't lie, it doesn't mean that he can't exaggerate."

Isabella looked at them curiously until Phineas chuckled. "I wasn't exaggerating," he said. "You can ask Jeremy if you want to. He's the one who told me they had to cut me open."

"Like a lab rat or something?" Baljeet asked eagerly.

"Well, no, not to that extent, Jeet. But they did have to cut me open in order to clean everything up."

Baljeet was incredibly giddy. "Oh, that sounds so interesting!" he said. "If I was not so interested in sciences, I would probably be hurling by now, but that sounds so cool!"

"And unbelievable," Buford repeated. He pointed at Phineas. "If your scar really is as big as you say it is, why don't you just show it?"

Phineas looked at him for a moment before grinning and shrugging. "Fine," he replied. Grabbing the bottom of his hoodie and his striped t-shirt beneath it, Phineas pulled up his clothes to reveal his bare stomach. Near the bottom right was a large scar, which was still in the progress of healing.

Isabella, Baljeet and Buford leaned in to see better. "Oh, wooooowwww!" Baljeet said in awe. "That is big!"

Buford scoffed. "It's not that big!" he complained.

"Are you kidding me?" Phineas replied. "It's huge!"

"Gimme a break; I've gotten worst cases than this. That's puny!"

Ferb raised a finger. "Maybe, but it goes all the way down to where his appendix once was," he clarified. "Do your wounds go that deep?"

Buford stared at him in silence before looking at Phineas' stitches again. After considering Ferb's words, he shrugged. "Okay, so it's deep," he muttered stubbornly. "But mine are still bigger."

"Fair enough," Phineas replied as he let his clothes go and smoothed them out. "But you know what else is good about this? I can get away with not doing the drills in gym."

At these words, Buford gaped in disbelief and then looked at Ferb. Pointing at himself, he said, "You think you can pull out your portable lab thingy and put it to good use?" he asked,

Ferb shot him a disgusted glare while the others laughed.

"That's got to be the most disgusting thing I have heard you say this year," Baljeet said, although he was laughing as he spoke.

"Well, it's not fair! Why does Phineas always get away with something like that?" Buford complained. "Either the girls think he's cute, or the guys like his ideas, or the teachers like his grades, or the doctors like his insides—!"

"Let's take a pin and hang this conversation up before it goes too far," Phineas interrupted, partially in disgust. He looked at Ferb with a grin. "Besides; it's all in the past now, so we don't need to talk about hospitals or pain anymore."

Ferb grinned back.

"At least not until Buford chips another tooth."

"Hey!" Buford exclaimed as Baljeet and Isabella laughed. "That last time was not my fault! I didn't know that stupid sandwich you an' Ferb invented was made of titanium! Who would build that anyway?"

"It was for an experiment for science class last spring," Ferb replied as-a-matter-of-factly. With a sly smile, he added, "Which proved our theory that most humans fressen instead of essen."

"Yo, I understand German!" Buford snapped as the others laughed. "And I do not think with my stomach! Only when it's empty."

Phineas stifled another laugh before the five-minute bell rang. "Op, time for class," he announced. "We'd better get going before we get tardies."

Buford rolled his eyes as he, Baljeet and Isabella walked off. "Sheesh; I think I liked him better when he was sick," he mumbled. "He was less of a chatterbox."

Phineas beamed proudly at these words, though, and looked at Ferb. "I guess I'm completely healed then, right?" he guessed.

Ferb winked in reply as they followed the others. "Just perfectly."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay! So that concludes another PnF story. The next big one is Vocal Blues. You can also read the PnF oneshots in my gallery on deviantart. I won't be posting those here, so if you want to read those, go to my gallery, open the PnF folder and you'll find a few things.

Other than that, this story has now been a gift for my dear friend Melty94 on deviantart33 Her brother recently had to go into surgery because of Appendicitis, so keep him in your prayers guys. Hopefully all goes well.