Fanficion (Before I fall –Lauren Oliver)


In my dream I was falling. Falling through the darkness, endlessly. My body didn't feel heavy at all, as if I was part of the air itself.

I seemed to be falling forever, and I couldn't see anything. Then I saw it, a light. That shiny light was almost too small to be seen, yet it was all so clear to me.

That's when I heard her sweet voice, "Thank you, Sam". Juliet, Juliet Sykes. I knew it had to be her. I had saved her life after all –and somehow she had freed me from mine.

Finally I would rest in peace, knowing I had done it all right. I felt a tear slide down my cheek. I couldn't believe my life had ended so early; a least Juliet would get another chance.

My body was becoming heavier, and memories started to flash back. I closed my eyes. I was ready.