Bella and Quil

Chapter 1

Quil's POV

I don't know who the little paleface girl that is hanging around Jacob Black all the time. She's probably some rich little bitch come to save us ignorant savages from ourselves. I know he has a big crush on Isabella Swan but this isn't her, I remember her from when we were kids she was skinny, pale and her face was always dirty because she fell down a lot, she also had long stringy, mousy brown hair and big brown eyes. She always looked hungry, not for food but for love I think. Her mother wasn't very motherly, her dad Charlie did what he could but I guess a girl needs a mom. Sarah Black, Jake's mom tried, she smothered Bella with affection when she visited. But her mom left her dad and took Bella to Arizona when Bella was about eight, Jake was devastated, she was his best friend. This girl though looks really good from the back, I haven't gotten a good look at her face but she sure has a rocken body, long wavy, chestnut colored hair down to her ass, tight ass, pale skin, and big, I mean BIG tits. Damn, I would love to tap that, if she is here to help us savages she could help me by letting me release my big fully loaded cock into tight little cunt. She is small probably about 5'4" and I'd guess 100 lbs. I'm sure my guess is accurate because I'm the resident La Push horn dog, man whore, if you like. I've fucked girls all shapes sizes and colors at La Push, Forks and the Mekah rez where my mom's parents live. I don't care about their color but there are those in La Push that say white meat is better, like I said I'd like to try this girl on for size. I heard that Bella has moved back to live with her dad, who happens to be the Chief of Police of Forks, Washington, Charlie Swan. I like Charlie he's a good guy, fair cop too. Forks cops have jurisdiction in La Push too so I've dealt with Charlie a few times, nothing serious just stupid kid stuff. Anyway I hear that Bella is almost a zombie since that bloodsucking leech, Edward Cullen left her in the woods to die. He dumped her then left her alone in the woods, a helpless girl, fucking leech needs his ass kicked. I saw her in Sam's mind after he found her she was a mess, if Sam hadn't found her she would have probably died of hypothermia, but he did and took her home to her dad. She had been dating the leech, ugh, how could a thinking human being date a vampire. Yes, vampires are real. I haven't seen Bella in years because I spent my summers up at the Mekah rez with my grandparents when she was spending her summers with Charlie.

Who am I? I'm Quil Aterea, of La Push reservation in the state of Washington. I am a member of the La Push protectors, a group of young Native Americans from the Quileute tribe that shape-shift into wolves to protect our people from the cold ones. I'm 19 years old, 6'7" and 255 lbs. When we start phasing into wolves we grow real big, real fast. Jake and I were good friends until I started phazing and he didn't, Sam Uley our alpha wolf makes us stay away from normal humans because we have problems controlling our tempers for a while. I'm in control now so I've started trying to renew my friendship with Jake, he seems willing to be friends again, I've stopped by his place a few times and he was friendly enough, his dad, Billy Black, is one of the tribal elders and knows about the wolf pack. Jake will be phazing soon so we can explain everything to him then, right now I just want to be friends again. We have been friends since we were in diapers.

Speaking of Jake and this mystery girl, there they are just coming out of my parents' grocery store in front of me. Damn, like I said she is hot, fuck hot, today she has on a tank top and a tiny pair of shorts she even has great legs. This is my chance to find out who she is.

"Hey, Jake, man what's going on?

"Hey, Quil, come here. Do you remember Bella? This is Quil Aterea, you knew him way back when before the hag took you away."

"Uh, hi, yeah, I remember you Quil." She says quietly.

Damn, even her voice is sexy, soft and low, she blushes when she notices that I'm looking at her. I hold out my hand to shake hers, "Bella, it's nice to see you again. That's a lot of groceries you have there feeding an army?" I ask chuckling.

"Just Jake and Billy and Charlie." Bella answers looking up at me, as I gaze into her eyes it's like the world disappears and the only thing left is Bella. Fuck, I just imprinted on Bella Swan, and she's in love with a leech!

Imprinting is what a wolf does when they see their soul mate and look them in the eyes, Bella has big chocolate brown eyes, and a man could lose themselves in her eyes. It is like love at first sight, but stronger, imprinting doesn't make you fall in love it just helps you fall in love with the one you are meant to be with.

"Who is cooking?" I ask.

"Bella she is making Lasagna, salad, and garlic cheese bread. And something she calls Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache, I don't know what it is but it sounds good." Jake says.

Bella laughs, "The word food sounds good to Jake, and he eats like a horse. I'm fixing three times what I fix for me and Charlie just to feed Billy, Jake, Charlie and me."

"Hey, Bella, is there enough for Quil, too? We haven't spent a lot of time together lately and this would give us a chance to catch up."

"Sure, there will be plenty."

"Are you sure, Bella, I don't want to butt in and cause you extra work." I say.

"There will be plenty, Jake can eat extra salad." She says laughing.

"If it's your homemade dressing I will. Quil, you won't believe how Bella can cook."

I'm thinking I'd like Bella to be cooking for me, breakfast, after a long hot night in the sack. I shake my head to clear it she's Jake's girl.

"So, how long have you two been dating?" I ask.

"We're not dating," Jake says, "She is my best friend, always has been, always will be. She is like a sister to me. I've been dating Lyndi Walker for about 2 months now; you would know it asshole if you came around more."

I guess Jake had given up on Bella maybe he won't be too upset if I ask her out. I doubt it though my luck does run that good. She is heartbreakingly beautiful, her eyes do look a little haunted like she has been badly hurt and was afraid it would happen again. I want to take that look out of her eyes and replace it with laughter. Even when she laughs she still has that look in her eyes.

The three of us start walking towards Jakes' house I reach over and take the bags that Bella is carrying and say, "Beautiful women shouldn't have to carry heavy bags, Bella." She giggles and says, "It's a good thing I'm not beautiful then isn't it."

"I disagree with you Bella, you are beautiful. What do you think Jake?"

"I've always thought Bella was beautiful." Jake says. "She's my little sister."

"Jake, I'm two years older than you!"

"But you're at least 6 inches shorter than me."

"I'm not short, 5'4" is perfectly normal; I can't help it if you Quileute boys are giants."

We all laugh, it's fun just walking and talking but I would like to be holding Bella's hand. I have a feeling that life for me has just gotten much more interesting.

We get to Jake's house and I say I have to go take care of some things and I'll be back in about an hour. I have to go talk to Sam about Bella and the imprint. I step into the woods, strip my clothes off and tie them to my ankle, phaze into my wolf self and run to Sam's house.

Sam meets me at the door, Quil what's going on?

"Sam, I imprinted." (Quil)

"On who?" (Sam)

"Bella Swan." (Quil)

"Where did you see her?" (Sam)

"In front of the store with Jake." (Quil)

"Jake may have a problem this." (Sam)

"He has a girlfriend and she isn't Bella." (Quil)

"Really?" (Sam)

"Yep for two months." (Quil)

"I guess that is why he hasn't phazed, we may have to force him to phase." (Sam)

"Not tonight please, Bella is cooking and I'm invited to dinner." (Quil)

"Okay, tomorrow, we get Jake in the woods and force him to phaze, we have to make him really mad." (Sam)

"Don't worry I can push his buttons pretty good." (Quil)

"I believe that." (Sam)

I chuckle and run home to shower and change clothes if I'm going to try to impress Bella I have to look good. When I get to Billy's house Bella is in the kitchen barefoot and humming as she cooks. Jake, Billy, and Charlie are watching the game on TV. I sit and start watching I wait a few minutes and ask Jake to go outside with me.

"Where's Lyndi?" I ask

"Mekah rez, visiting family for the next two weeks."

"She doesn't mind you spending time with Bella?"

"She knows that she and I are only friends, she trusts me. It is just really hard to be away from her for so long."

"Jake, I need to ask you something but I don't want you to get mad, okay?"

"Sure, Sure."

"Jake, I'd like to ask Bella out, do you think she would go out with me?"

"Quil, she isn't some piece of meat you can fuck and forget, you know? She is a decent girl and deserves to be treated well."

"I know I have no intentions of using her like I have girls in the past."

"And you have to tell her about the other girls, I don't want one of your whores ambushing her and hurting her by telling her the truth."

"I promise Jake I'll tell her everything, clean slate with her. She is different than any girl I have ever met, I want a relationship with her not just a fuck fest. Although she is hotter than any girl I know and that includes Lyndi."

"Yeah, those big brown eyes get you every time, I can't say no to her when she turns those things on and gets all teary eyed, she could melt a snowman's heart with them. I can't understand why Edward would do what he did to her. I thought he was a decent guy, but right now I could reach down his throat and rip his cold, black heart out and stomp on it."

"Damn, Jake, angry much?"

"He really hurt her and I can't stand to see her hurt, just remember that and remember her dad carries a gun."

"Yeah, I know he does but I don't want to hurt her I think I may be in love with her."

"Quil, you idiot you just met her today."

"Haven't you ever heard of love at first sight?"

"Yeah, just never believed in it."

"It happens believe me. What's not to love she's gorgeous, sexy, and she cooks."

"Quil, I think you need to go slow with Bella, I don't think she has ever."

"Ever what?"

"You know."

"I know what?"

"I don't think she has ever been with a guy."

"What about this Edward you mentioned?"

"No definitely not with him, I would know about that."

"You mean you think she's a virgin?"

"Yeah, I do. She is innocent as the freshly fallen snow. As Dad says."

"Fuck me. I'll go slow Jake I promise I don't want to hurt her." My wolf is dancing and howling at the thought of being the first with Bella. Wait a minute I haven't even gotten her to agree to go out with me.

"Quil, I think she will go out with you, she changed after you two met today, and she is acting more like the old Bella. She was actually singing a while ago."

"I heard her humming when I came in while ago."

"Yeah, she used to hum when she cooked all the time but not since Edward left and now after she met you she is humming again."

"Hopefully that is a good sign." We walked back in the house and I went into the kitchen thinking I may as well get this over with. Dad always says, "In for a penny, in for a pound."

"Bella, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Quil, taste this sauce for me though and tell me if it tastes okay."

I taste the sauce she offers me, damn she can cook. "That is by far the best I've ever tasted."

"Really?" She asks her eyes shining.

"Yes, babe, the best."

"Okay, thanks, now what do you want to ask me?"

"Bella, will you go out with me to see a movie maybe have dinner?"

"You mean like a date?"

"Yeah, exactly like a date."

"Yes, Quil I think I'd like that."

Now my wolf is really happy and howling. I can't wait to kiss those soft lips of hers.