Bella's POV

I am sitting on Emily's back porch daydreaming, waiting for Quil to come by I have everything ready for the bonfire tonight, when a pair of very strong very warm arms wrap around my neck. I lean my head back and smile into the most beautiful brown eyes on this planet; I reach up and pull his lips down to meet mine. I love kissing Quil, he makes my toes curl. As he pulls away he comes around in front of me and kneels down on one knee pulling me to him and kisses me, a kiss that makes my panties wet. Damn, this is the hottest, sexiest man I have ever met and he is mine. As he pulls back he growls low and says "Mine!" I have to laugh because I am thinking the very same thing. He doesn't realize how hot it gets me when he growls, my panties get wet real fast when he growls, let's face it my underwear is always wet when I'm around Quil.

"Bella, I love you and there will never be another woman in my life. I don't see other women any more, I don't notice them like I used to. You are everything I will ever want or need. Please make me the happiest, luckiest man on this planet, marry me, Isabella Marie Swan, Please marry me. He holds up a little blue box with a gorgeous diamond ring in it.

I look into those beautiful eyes; they have turned almost black with all the love and need in them. I smile and reach up and put my hand on his cheek.

"Quil, I there is only one answer that I can give you. Yes, my love…." He stops my words with his mouth crushing into mine. He slips the ring on my finger it is a perfect fit. He lifts me up in his arms bridal style and carries me to the beach to the tree where we walked the first night, never taking his lips from mine.

"Bells, I am a happy man right now. My wolf is howling and dancing, I brought you here so we can have a few minutes alone. I never seem to get enough alone time with you, what with the pack, work, your classes, your dad, my parents, I just want us for a few minutes."

"Quil, darling, Emily and Sam went to Port Angeles; there is no one at the house. We can go there and be alone, my room is done and I have a big roomy empty bed just waiting for us."

"Honey, I don't want to rush you, we have all the time you need. I just need to hold you, for us to be together."

"You haven't rushed me, Quil, you have been very patient but I'm ready, I need you, I need to have you inside me. Please I…." I didn't get a chance to say any more his lips were on mine again and he sweeps me up in his arms again and runs for the house. He doesn't stop except to lock the doors and carries me to my room, to our bed. Our bed, I like thinking about things being ours. Quil and I are forever, I know that, I know what I felt for Edward pales in comparison to what I feel for Quil.

Quil growls, "Any fucker that comes in here is going to die if they interrupt us. Bells, I love you, are you sure about this?"

"I'm sure." That is all I had to say Quil gently lays me on the bed kissing me as if I am going to disappear at any moment. I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down on the bed with me.

"Quil, honey, make me yours in every way, take me, love me, make me scream your name and mark me I want everyone to know I'm yours."

"Bella, if I mark you do you understand everything that it means?"

"Yes, Uncle Billy, Sam and Emily have all three explained it. I will not be able to have sex or children with any other man, and why would I if I have you, you are all I will ever want or need. I will carry your scent on me so that all the other wolves will know I've been taken, that I belong to you. I want to belong to you, make me yours forever."

Quil's POV

My wolf is going crazy hearing what Bella said about marking her, I don't want to hurt her but the urge to mark her is getting harder to resist. I start kissing her and I trail kisses down her neck to her collar bone I nip her a little there and she draws in a sharp breath. My hands go down to the bottom of her t-shirt and I pull it up over her head. She doesn't have a bra on, she should never wear a bra, it is a shame to cover her tits. She has the most beautiful tits I have ever seen, they are big and firm and I lean over wrap my lips around her nipple and suck, hard. Damn it should be against the law for her to smell and taste this good. I continue to suck on one nipple while I roll the other between my fingers then I switch tits and give the other the same treatment. Bella is moaning and has her hands buried in my hair. I kiss down her stomach to just above her shorts I lick her stomach dipping my tongue into her belly button as I hook my thumbs in the top of her short pulling them down, Damn, commando! Bella has no underwear on, I can smell her arousal, she smells so sweet, I can hardly wait to taste her pussy. She has another surprise she has shaved her pussy clean damn that is sexy. I moan as my tongue strokes her slit she tastes as sweet as honey. "Bells, damn are you trying to kill me? You are so damn sexy."

"I didn't know if you would like it."

"Like it I love it, smooth and sweet like the finest chocolate. MMMMMMM

I continue to lick her cunt stroking up and down dipping my tongue into her, finally I grab her hips and pull her to me I bury my face in her cunt. My tongue circles her clit and she starts moaning and thrusting her hips shoving her sweet pussy into my face I love it. I start tongue fucking her and then I slip a finger into her and start stroking slow at first then I add another finger and then another stroking faster and harder. My tongue is now massaging her clit and licking down her slit I can feel her tighten around my fingers as she cums, her juices flowing out and catch them all with my tongue licking her clean, I pull out my fingers and suck them clean. Bella is breathing hard as I slide up her body to kiss her lips, I stick my tongue in her mouth and she moans.

"Damn, Quil if I knew it felt that good I would have jumped your bones a long time ago."

"Sweetheart you ain't felt nothing yet." I say as my very hard aching cock probes at her opening she looks down at me then looks up and says, "Fuck, Quil, you're huge how is all that going to fit inside me?"

"Don't worry baby, it will hurt a little at first but I'll make the hurt go away. I love you."

"I love you Quil."

My cock starts entering her tight little cunt, she is so wet and so tight I'm about to blow my load already. I push in a little at a time giving her body time to stretch and get used to me being inside her. I feel her barrier, "Bells, I sorry but this is going to hurt."

"Just fuck me Quil I can't wait any longer I want you so bad. I love you."

I shove my cock past her barrier she moans in pain I stop moving to let the pain ease, she finally nods that I can move again and I start to move in and out slowly. Bella picks up the rhythm and matches me stroke for stroke, "Damn Bells you are so wet and so tight and you feel so good."

"Please Quil faster, fuck me faster." I pick up speed and the she yells "harder" I pump a little harder. "Fuck me harder, damn it harder!" I really start to slam into her cunt she starts to moan I don't know how much longer I can hold up without filling her up with my cum. I feel her tighten around my dick and she screams my name as she falls over the edge and takes me with her. I have never felt anything this good in my life. And I have fucked a lot of women but Bella is different she was made just for me and damn I going to keep her forever. She is MINE! My wolf is dancing and howling he finally got his mate now he wants to mark her.

"Bells, are you alright?" I ask and I slide out of her and pull her against my body.

"I don't think alright describes how I am Quil, I'm feeling pretty amazing right now. WOW! Who knew it would feel like that?"

"Bells did I hurt you?"

"No Quil, just the opposite, you made me feel amazing things. What about you did I disappoint you? I know I don't have any experience but I'm sure I can get better."

"Bells, Bells, you were perfect, I have never felt anything that good before."



"Then you want to do it again?"

"Hell yes, but rest just a little honey."

I lay looking at my imprint, my soul mate, thank you Taha Aki, you chose the sexiest most perfect woman in the world for me. I'm watching her sleep, I just had her and I want her again, the urge to mark her is stronger than ever. She keeps telling me she wants me to mark her; I just don't want to hurt her, she looks so tiny and delicate, compared to me. She took everything I gave her when I was slamming into her she was meeting me with each thrust, damn, it feels good being inside her, my dick is twitching just looking at her and thinking about fucking her. Her eyes open slowly and she smiles at me.

"Quily," she says as her hand caresses my cheek, "I want you to mark me. Let your wolf go, I'm not afraid of him. I love your wolf and he loves me, I'm in no danger from him. Let him go, let him mark me. I'm instantly hard hearing this; I grab her and pull her to me crushing her lips with mine. This woman knows exactly what to say to make me hard. I'm inside her with one swift thrust, she screams with pleasure, she is so wet, and warm as her pussy slides over my dick.

"Quil, I love how you feel inside me. Please baby harder, fuck me harder."

With that I slam into her growling, my wolf wants control, I know he will mark her if I let him go.

"Baby, let your wolf out to play, we will all enjoy it. Mark me, Quily."

I look into those chocolate brown eyes and I cannot deny her anything. My wolf breaks free; I grab her around the waist, pull out of her, flip her over on her hands and knees and slam back into her. Damn, she is so tight, and warm, and wet. It is good to be me, I have a hot, horny woman under me and my wolf is loose. I pull her hair to one side of her neck and start to lick her neck and suck the skin where I plan to mark her. She is moaning and pushing her ass back against me taking me deeper inside her.

"Baby, I'm so close, I love having you inside me. Please Quil; fuck me harder let your wolf go let him take me."

"God Bella I want you, my wolf has you and he doesn't want to stop, baby cum with me. Let me hear you scream." I bite down on her neck as we both cum, I am really drilling into her, slamming her hard and she is meeting me thrust for thrust. I keep pumping as she cums, I am pumping her full of my seed, I keep going I have never pumped so much cum into any woman. She is still meeting my every thrust, I reach around her and rub her clit with my finger and she screams cumming again and again. We cum for a good five minutes, I pull my teeth from her neck and lick the mark. My saliva seals the bite and it heals almost instantly. I pull slowly out of her and lay her down and curl myself around her. I kiss her head and bury my face in her hair savoring her scent, damn she smells good even better since I marked her, I can smell my scent mixed with hers. My wolf is dancing and howling and smiling he is beyond happy, he has his mate she is marked.

"That was amazing; I never knew I could feel that much pleasure at once." My beautiful Bella said.

"Honey, I'm sorry if I hurt you the urge to mark you was so strong I couldn't hold my wolf back."

You didn't hurt me I loved it. Quil you can mark me any time you want. I know I don't have much experience but didn't you cum for a long time, longer than normal?"

"Yes, I don't know what happened, it has never happened before. I guess I need to ask the elders and Sam if they know why."

"Do you think it will happen again?"

"I don't know sweetheart."

"Want to find out?" My girl asks me with a giggle, she wiggles her eyebrows at me.

I growl and pull her to me crushing my lips to hers. "Bells, I love you so much and yes I want you again. Are you sure you're not too sore?"

"I'm not sore at all and I want you inside me like before."

"Like before?"

"Exactly like before."

"Honey, you are making me want to mark you again."

"Do the other side then I'll match."


"I'm serious, Quil, I want you to mark me as bad as you want to mark me."

I'm already so hard it hurts so I slide into her with one thrust. She feels so fucking good, I can't help myself, I start pounding into her. She matches me stroke for stroke. She digs her nails into my ass and arches to meet my thrusts, moaning with pleasure. Her lips trail across my chest to grab my nipple, she bites it gently when she does I grab her and flip her over again. I slam into her cunt from behind and she screams with pleasure, my wolf is loose once again.

"Fuck me Quil, faster, damn, you feel so fucking good. I want to keep you inside me all the time. Mark me baby, mark me again."

Who knew blushing Bella would be such a tiger in bed. I hit the imprint jackpot with her. I grab her hair and pull her head to the side giving me better access to her neck. As I sink my teeth into her I pinch her clit and she screams in ecstasy, loud enough I think all of La Push heard her. Like before I continued to pump her full of my cum. I continue to massage her clit and she came again and again.

"Don't stop, Quil please don't stop. I continued to slam into her.

When I finally stopped we collapsed into a heap of legs and arms. She turned to me crushing her lips to mine, her tongue demanding entry into my mouth; we kiss for twenty minutes non-stop. "Bella, baby we need to get ready for the bonfire. Tonight you officially become a member of the pack."

"I have a refrigerator full of food to take; I cooked all morning while you were on patrol."

"Honey, this bonfire is in your honor you didn't have to cook."

"I know but you do you really want to eat Kim's cooking tonight? I mean Emily needed help, so I volunteered it takes a lot of food to feed the pack, the imprints, and the elders."

"I know and you make me proud when you cook, the guys really appreciate it and they love your desserts. And you are right, Kim's cooking could kill a human, probably hospitalize a wolf." I said laughing.

"Kim is improving between Emily, Sue and I we are making progress."

"I love you so much, baby. I hate to make you put on clothes but we need to get ready." I kissed her and went into the bathroom to run a hot bath for us. I return to the bedroom and pick my girl up and carry her into the bathroom and sink down into the hot water. I soap and rub every inch of Bella sitting behind her. I'm glad we put in this extra large tub; I have never enjoyed a bath this much. Especially when Bella raised herself up and slid herself onto my hard cock and began to ride me in the tub. She was facing me straddle my hips with her big tits bouncing, I grabbed one with my lips and began to suckle like a baby. I pinched and massaged the other one, Bella starts moaning.

"Quil, baby, I want to have a baby with you. Please give me a baby."

"Sweetheart, I want a baby with you too, I'll just have to keep making love to you until you get pregnant."

"You won't stop once I'm pregnant will you?"

"Hell no, Bells, I'll never stop."

"Good because it feels so good when you are inside me."

"Nothing feels better to me either, honey, being buried balls deep in you is the best feeling I have ever had."

"Really, I worry because I don't have any experience and you do, I don't know if I an doing it right."

"Sweetheart, you are doing everything right, being with you is different than any other woman I have been with. With you, Bella, there is love, a spiritual connections that was never there before. With you everything feels right because I'm with the right woman."

"Really, Quily?"

"Yes and honey if you ever want to get dressed and get to the bonfire you are going to have to stop calling me that."

"Why Quily?"

"You know when you say that like you do I get hard instantly."

"I know," she says with a giggle.

We manage to get dressed even though we stop a lot for kisses.

"Don't forget to talk to Sam and the elders, about you know." Bella blushes as she says this.

"Bella, I can't believe you are embarrassed I have spent this afternoon buried balls deep in you, with you screaming for me to fuck you harder and now you blush?"

"I know but when you are inside me I can't help myself. By the way should I wear my hair up to show off my marks?"

"You can if you want but the pack will smell it before we get there. I like your hair up, easy access to your neck, like going commando is easy access to your girl bits, especially in a skirt."


"Well baby what can I say I'm an animal."

Bella goes to the bathroom to put her hair up. As she gets ready to leave she can hear Quil moving around downstairs she reaches up under her skirt and takes her panties off, giggling to herself.

Bella's POV

When we arrive at the bonfire we are loaded down with food I had cooked, pies, cakes, cookie, and six cheesecakes. I am hoping there is enough. The pack comes to help carry the food.

Sam says, "Quil your grandfather is waiting for you and Bella."

Quil and I look at each other then we walk toward old Quil, I am wondering what I should call him. I know him, I have known him all my life, this is the first time I've met him as Quil's girlfriend/imprint/soul mate, this is different it's official, just plain scary. What if he doesn't approve, a paleface with his grandson."

"Relax," Quil whispers to me as he takes my hand and I relax instantly.

"Grandfather, this is Isabella Swan, my mate." Quil says.

"She has accepted the imprint?" Old Quill asks.

"Yes." Quil

"You have mated." Old Quil

"Yes." Quil

He reaches toward my neck. "You have marked her?"

"Yes, twice."

Old Quil smiles and says, "Welcome to the family, Bella. He looks at Quil and Quil nods, Old Quil pulls me into an surprisingly strong hug. "My grandson has done well, beauty, brains, and I hear you are quite the cook. I understand there are cheesecakes tonight, cheesecake is my favorite. I have heard Charlie, Harry, Billy, Jake, and even Sue brag on your cheesecake for years. Tonight I get to sample it for myself."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Ateara I made six for tonight, I hope it is enough."

"Bella, in the eyes of the pack and council of elders you and Quil are now married. Call me Gramps after all I am your grandfather now." He said with a big smile.

I relax, "Thanks Gramps. There are two cheesecakes hidden at Emily's if you don't get enough tonight."

"Well, maybe we should walk over and I'll get a couple pieces before we start eating and I'll hide them until I finish eating." He says with a chuckle.

As we walk over to the food table Quil holds one hand and Gramps has his arm hooked through my other arm, talking and laughing. I can tell Sam and the rest of the pack and imprints have relaxed I guess they were as nervous as I was about Quil's grandfather accepting me, and outsider, as Quil's mate.

"Quil, my grandson, I have to say one thing about your young lady here." Gramps says as he takes a bite of cheesecake. "If everything this young lady cooks is as good as this cheesecake, you have hit the imprint jackpot. Not only is she smart, and she can cook but I believe you young people say, she's smokin' hot too."

My face turns fiery red and I hide it against Quil's chest. Everyone is laughing; Billy Black, and Harry and Sue Clearwater have just walked up. Billy says something quietly to Sam, Sam grabs Jared and Embry and they run toward the Black house.

"Jake?" Quil looks at Billy and he nods.

"Bells, baby, I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Okay, is everything okay?"

"Jake is about to phaze."

"Go help him Quil."

"Don't worry about Bella, son, I'll take care of her." Old Quil says.

Quil kisses me and runs off after the others, shouting over his shoulder, "Wait for me Bells, I'll be back soon."

I'm missing my Quil even though I know he is coming back, it hurts to be apart from him. I tell Gramps that I'm going to walk down to the water to wait for Quil he says I'll be close enough the pack can keep an eye on me. If I need help just raise my voice and the wolves will hear me, but Leah decides to walk with me. We are sitting on the tree, I think of it as our tree (Quil's and mine) when a couple of Native American girls walk up. They are wearing really heavy make-up; I mean way too much make-up and clothes that are way too short and way too tight. I know they are trying to look sexy but they just look trashy. Leah growls under her breath as they approach. "Bella, get ready, this one thinks she owns Quil."

"Oh really, I just may have to teach her a lesson or two."

"I'll take care of it for you."

"No Leah, you can help if I need it but these girls need to learn not to mess with me. I can take care of myself, I love Quil, and I'm not going away. Ever."

"Okay, but if you need me to I'll kick their asses."

"Thanks but I think I can handle one maybe both of them, just watch my back for me."

"You got it."

"Well, well, well, who have we here, Leah? This a friend of yours?

"This is Bella Swan. Bella this is Trudy and Treanne Hill they are Quil's next door neighbors."

Treanne sneers at me while Trudy just looks like all hell is about to break loose.

"Don't forget I'm Quil's girlfriend." Treanne snarls.

"Have you told Quil, cause I don't think he knows." Leah answers sarcastically.

"Well, he sure had his mouth all over me last night, all night long."

Leah and I burst out laughing, I couldn't help myself.

"Oh really?" I ask chuckling.

"Yes, I had to sleep all day, I didn't get a wink of sleep, he fucked me all night long. He belongs to me."

I laugh again but I can tell Leah is getting angry.

"What are you laughing at you little pale faced bitch. You can't possibly think that he is interested in you, you are too skinny and pale for my Quil."

"Well, according to Gramps, by tribal law Quil and I are married and I not in the habit of sharing my man with anyone. Especially a cheap, slutty looking piece of trash like you." I say looking Treeannne in the eyes.

She screams and jumps at me, I grab her and flip her into the sand, she lands on her stomach, I hold on to her wrist, pull it up as I put my foot between her shoulder blades. I look at Trudy, "I would not advise moving or I'll do the same to you."

By this time the pack and everyone else have come to see what is going on. I can see a grin on Emily's face as she watches.

"Now there are a few things we have to get straight. Quil does not belong to you, he belongs to no one, he is not property. He does however belong with me, we belong together, you can ask him. As far as him fucking you all night long last night, funny, I don't remember you being in bed with us and we WERE together all night long. Now, I'm going to let you up but if you try something stupid again, I will put your face in the sand again. Do we understand each other?"

Treanne nods her head, I let her up, she turns toward me and looks at me, I can see Quill coming back, Jake is with him with Lyndi. Treanne screams again and lunges at me trying to claw my face. I grab her and put her down again, this time I put my foot on the side of her head, pushing the side of her face in the sand.

Trudy makes a move toward me and Leah grabs her arm, "Uhuh, don't try it. Bella is being a lady about things but I won't I'll break a few bones before I'm done."

"Thanks Leah for having my back."

"No problem sis," Leah says.

Quil, Jake, Lyndi, Sam, Jared, and Embry come running up. "Bells, baby, are you okay, what happened and why are you standing on Treanne's head."

"Nothing much, Quily, Treanne here is trying to explain how you belong to her, and I am trying to explain that you and I belong together. She is having a little trouble understanding so I have had to reason with her."

"That's right you are my wife and my life."

"Treanne said you didn't tell her last night when you were fucking her." I said with a laugh.

"Tre…..oh hell no! I have never…I was never real picky, Bells, but never her or her sister, you've got to believe me baby."

"I do love."