Dreary grey clouds rolled over the countryside, casting a gloomy shadow over the small hills. Those on the ground would look up and grumble, but there was one who was glad for the dark cover the clouds gave her. It made it harder to be noticed.

Far above the ground, away from the grumbling and sour faces, a black a white blur soared through the clouds.

The blur was a girl, with snow white hair and bright green eyes. She wore a black jumpsuit with white streaks on the legs and on the top half of the suit. A black glove was on her right hand, and a white one on her left. White boots covered her feet, and a white emblem was on her chest.

The emblem was a familiar one. A blazing D with a P inside, the mark of the famed ghost boy Danny Phantom.

But this girl was obviously not him. No, while this girl did indeed have a similar suit, wore his emblem, and even looked like him, she was not Danny Phantom.

Not the one the world knew, anyway.

No, this girl was Danielle Phantom, or Dani Phantom, with an i.

She had been cloned from the ghost boy by his arch enemy, Vlad Plasmius, or Vlad Masters as he was better known, had been trying to persuade Danny to become his son, or apprentice, and betray his own father in doing so. When Danny had refused multiple times, Vlad had started gathering information to clone the ghost boy.

Danielle had born as a result.

While Danielle was not mindless like the clones before her, she was unstable like them, and did whatever Vlad told her to, which had meant capturing Danny so Vlad could get the last piece of information he needed to create the perfect ghost boy clone.

Danny helped Danielle to see that once Vlad had this information, he was simply going to let her melt into a pool of ectoplasm like the other clones had. Thanks to Danny, Danielle was stabilized, and had been traveling around, seeing the world and fighting off ghosts when there was trouble, though she was more discreet about it then her older cousin.

Right now, however, she was a bit ticked off as she flew over the open countryside.

"Aw man. I knew I should've taken a right at Iceland," the girl grumbled, "Now where the heck am I?"

Dani looked around, and perked when she spotted a sign. She flew down, landing in front of it. Hands on hips, she squinted to read the worn out sign. Made of what looked like rotting wood, the sign had certainly seen better days. Or so she hoped. The blocky lettering looked like it had been scrawled in a hurry, and years of rain, snow, and possibly being run into by cars (if the recent tire tracks around the pole was any hint) had caused the paint to peel and chip away. Frankly, she was amazed the sign was around at all.

"Letsee, Ghost Hill five miles," Dani blinked and frowned in confusion. "Weird name for a town. Wonder if there's really any….Nah, probably not," she told herself, shrugging it off. "Probably just some paranoid people named the place."

With this conclusion, the ghost girl crouched and jumped into the air, flying in the direction the sign was pointing. Five miles was a snap and she got there in no time. To her surprise, the town was in the same condition as its sign. Buildings were old and weather beaten, in dire need of a paint job. Cracked windows, weeds sprouted up from the pavement, and dumpsters overflowing with trash sat in the dark alleys. A small, rugged town indeed. Dani wondered how it hadn't collapsed yet.

The people looked cold and unfriendly. They wore long trench coats and carried briefcases as they got into beat up looking cars and drove out of town. In fact, it was then Dani noticed there didn't seem to be any stores in the small town. It was all houses and apartment buildings.

"Weird," she said as she hovered over the town, arms folded across her chest. "And very depressing," she added. A puff of blue mist exited her mouth just then, making the girl tense and look around. Maybe this town had been aptly named. Just below her, Dani caught a glimpse of a familiar green blob slinking down an alley. A ghost.

"Well, least something good came from stopping here," she muttered, swooping down to follow the ghost slug. She hadn't had any ghost fighting action for a while. Sharply turning around the corner, Dani held up her fists, now glowing with ecto-energy.

She blinked. The ghost paid no attention to her and simply continued its slow crawl down the alley.

"Hey!" Dani shouted. The ghost slug looked back at her, but only for a moment before turning away again. It seemed harmless, and certainly not interested in even trying to hurt anyone. "Okaaay, I guess I can leave you," the ghost girl said slowly. The slug ignored her, so Dani took off into the air once more. Once she was air born, more blue mist came from her mouth, and Dani's mouth fell open as she realized the ghost slug wasn't the only ghost in this town.

She had been so absorb in the depressing state of the town and its unfriendly looking people that Dani hadn't noticed her ghost sense had been going off for a while. That was because the town was crawling with ghosts. Literally.

Ghosts of various shapes and sizes drifted about the town. Phasing in and out of buildings, gliding right through people, or crawling up the buildings. None of the humans seemed to notice them, and the ghosts ignored the people entirely. It probably would have looked somewhat peaceful if the town wasn't so run down, and the faces, ghost and human, looked a little friendlier.

"This, is so weird," Dani said, stunned. She'd never seen a town with this many ghosts, except for Amity Park, but even there they'd rarely had this many out and about at once. And none of the ghosts were attacking. That was even weirder.

Still, seeing as the ghosts showed no violence towards humans, and they all looked like they wouldn't cause much damage anyway, the ghost girl started once more to fly away, slower this time though. She looked down as she flew over the town, watching the ghosts and people. Then something caught her eye.

Amidst the grungy and dark colors of the town, she saw a flash of orange. Curious, Dani stopped and landed on a roof of a house to get a closer look. Across the street, hunched over and looking half starved, was a girl. She looked about Dani's age. The girl wore torn, faded blue jeans that were stained with mud, black sneakers, and a pale blue long sleeve shirt under a purple tee. Around the girls neck was a dark blue choker necklace with a black butterfly charm. She had long, pale red hair that reminded Dani of two things: her cousin Danny's older sister Jazz, but with lighter hair, and a peach. Lastly, the girl had periwinkle blue eyes that were locked firmly on the ground.

The girls appearance screamed abandon and lonely. Feeling sorry for her, Dani floated off the roof, and landed on the street. She closed her eyes, and a white ring appeared around her, splitting in two and covering her body in a white light. When the light faded, Dani shook her head to ruffle her hair, and smiled. In contrast to her ghost form, her human form had jet black hair, baby blue eyes, and she wore a blue hoodie sweatshirt, red jeans, and blue and white sneakers.

Dani stepped out into the street, glancing around, before darting across to the other side. The girl wasn't very fast, and she hadn't moved far. Dani caught up to her quickly. Putting on a friendly smile, Dani popped up beside the girl. "Hiya!"

The girl jumped back, her periwinkle blue eyes widening in fright.

"Names Danielle, but call me Dani. With an I," the black haired girl added out of habit. Sometimes having the same nickname as your famous cousin got confusing. "What's your name?"

The girl blinked and starred at Dani for several minutes before abruptly turning around and sprinting away.

"Hey, wait up!" Dani called after her, but the girl didn't slow down. In fact, she sped up. "Yeesh, she can really book it when she wants to," Dani muttered to herself as she tried to catch up to the girl.

The girl turned a corner and Dani leapt after her, attempting to tackle her, but all she tackled was the ground. Blinking dust from her eyes, Dani sat up, brushing dirt off her jeans. She looked around. The alley was a dead end, but the girl was gone. Dani huffed and placed her hands on her hips. "These people really need to learn how to treat tourists!"

Despite finding, and loosing, the only normal person in the town (normal looking, anyway), Dani decided to stay and try and find the girl again. She wasn't about to leave the poor kid in this run down town. She'd take the girl's whole family somewhere else. Somewhere where people were friendly, somewhere not crawling with ghosts, and somewhere cleaner. Definitely cleaner.

However, over the next few days, Dani saw no hide or ponytail of the girl. She even asked around, but the few people who actually spoke to her weren't much help. They said they hadn't seen the girl for a while.

While Dani's search for the girl was coming up empty, she did learn some interesting news about the town. Some crazy old lady that had been selling exotic "flowers" from Asia(they were really dried up weeds), had pulled Dani aside to offer her some "flowers". When Dani declined, the woman started babbling how the "flowers" warded off evil spirits. Dani asked if she could see the ghosts, to which the woman had said yes, and then started saying it was because of her "flowers" and "spells" (it sounded like random gibberish to Dani) helped the Soul Whisperer keep the evil spirits away.

Dani's interest was piqued. She asked about the Soul Whisperer, and the woman told her how, every once in a while, an evil spirit would come to the town and begin causing havoc. The spirits never stuck around long, though, because there would be a flash of light, and the spirit would be gone. The woman said it was the Soul Whisperer who chased off the spirits (with her "flowers" and "spells" helping, of course).

Dani began to wonder if the town had its own ghost super hero, like Amity Park had Danny Phantom (even though he technically was the world's ghost superhero, but most of his hero activities happened in AP). It had to be a true ghost, though, as Danny, herself, and Vlad were the only halfa's in the world. At least as far as she knew. It could be possible for there to be others, but Dani failed to see how when until recently, no one believed ghosts existed, let alone made ghost portals, so someone getting ghost powers the same way Danny and Vlad had didn't seem likely. Of course, someone getting powers the way she had was even more unlikely, seeing as how she had been cloned from Danny.

That meant a real ghost must be protecting the town, even if Dani doubted the attacking ghosts would do much damage, if they were anything like the ones that crawled around the city. Still, she was curious, and kept an eye out as she continued to look for the battered looking girl.

Dani got her chance after a week of being in the town. She was walking along when cackling laughter filled the air. Dani looked up to see a small, green, goblin ghost floating above the city. Luckily, it was the middle of the day, and the streets were empty except for Dani.

The goblin ghost let out another high pitched cackle and pointed its fingers at a dumpster. Tiny, mutated cans, banana peels, and other junk that now had limbs began crawling out of the dumpster and headed toward Dani.

Dani crossed her arms and quirked a brow, unimpressed. "Really? The things didn't even get bigger," she said, kicking at one of the mutant tin cans. It fell over and its limbs flailed like a helpless turtle. Dani shook her head.

The goblin didn't seem to notice Dani's lack of terror at his creations. He raised his arm over his head, and a rubber chicken with no head appeared in his fist.

Dani burst out laughing. "Dude, that's pathetic! The Box Ghost is a bigger threat then you!"

The goblin shrieked and dove towards Dani, the headless rubber chicken raised like a limp sword over his head. Dani's eyes flashed green as she grinned and crouched. Just as she was about to go ghost, a black and yellow blur shot in front of her, ramming into the ghost goblin and knocking him all the way across town. Dani blinked in shock and looked around for the blur, but it had taken off after the goblin. Dani jumped into the air, a white ring appeared around her, and her human half swapped for her ghost half. Dani took off after the goblin, turning herself invisible as she flew. That way she'd be able to watch without being a distraction, but be there to help if it was needed.

She caught up to the goblin quickly, but saw no sign of the yellow blur. Then, it came out of nowhere, shooting past her and once more ramming into the goblin. The goblin screeched and swung its rubber chicken around, but a blast of white energy shot the useless rubber fowl from the goblin's hands.

Dani looked over where the blast had come from, and gasped.

A girl her age floated a few feet from the goblin, arms crossed and looking rather annoyed. The girl's sleek black hair was pulled back in a ponytail, with a pale gold streak running down the middle of her head to the tip of her ponytail. She wore a black t-shirt with yellow flame like markings on the sleeves and a yellow curve in the center. Black gloves with bright yellow stars in the center covered her hands, a pale yellow belt, and black pants with gold flames at the waist, while yellow flames danced from the bottom of the pants to just below her knees. Black boots and a gold choker necklace with a white butterfly charm completed the girl's outfit.

The girl's eyes glowed amber as she glared at the goblin. The goblin screeched and a banana peel appeared in his hand. He flung it at the girl, who merely went intangible as the peel passed right through her. The girl then raised her hands, and blasts of white light shot towards the goblin, hitting him full in the face and sending him spiraling to the ground. Just as the goblin was about to hit the ground, he made a sharp turn and flew back up, facing the girl with a nervous look in his eyes. The girl raised her fist, which glowed white, and the goblin screamed and flew off in the other direction. He disappeared from sight.

Dani chose that moment to become visible. "Cool! You're pretty good at this! A little overkill, considering that guy was a wimp, but you were awesome!"

The girl jerked at seeing Dani, looking startled and, frightened?

"Oh, sorry. I'm Dani Phantom, with an I," she held out her hand and smiled. "You're Soul Whisperer, right?"

The girl blinked slowly and looked at Dani's hand for a minute. Then Dani experienced a déjà vu moment. The girl turned and flew off very quickly.

"Man, what's with this town!" Dani exclaimed as she took off after the other ghost girl.

The girl was faster than Dani, and the white haired ghost girl had trouble catching up. When she did, she flew towards a building, somersaulting and landing on the side with her feet, then pushed off like a rocket towards the other girl. Her plan worked, and the two ghost girls collided, sending them both sprawling to the ground.

Dani got up and brushed dirt off her shoulder, then looked over at the other girl. The girl was on her knees and holding her head with one hand, looking dizzy and stunned at what just happened. Then she saw Dani and her amber eyes flew open and she scooted backwards, away from the white haired girl.

Dani smiled gently. "I'm sorry about that, but why did you run? I don't want to fight you."

The girl eyed Dani warily, but seemed to relax a little. So Dani continued. "You're Soul Whisperer? The ghost protector here?"

The girl nodded.

"Cool. Like I said, I'm Dani Phantom, but with an I. Danny Phantom with a y is my cousin, you've probably heard of him."

Soul frowned a little, like she was thinking, then shook her head.

Dani starred at her in disbelief. "Seriously? You've never heard of Danny Phantom? THE Danny Phantom?"

Soul shook her head again.

"But, he just saved the world a few months ago!" Dani exclaimed. "Doesn't this town get the news, or the paper? Didn't you notice the giant green chunk of glowing rock that passed through the earth? Every ghost in the ghost zone knows him to! How can you not know who he is?"

Soul shrugged and made a large circle in the air in front of her, then jabbed the middle with her finger.

Dani blinked. "Huh?"

Soul bit her lip and beckoned her closer. Dani did so, and looked down as the girl wrote something in the dirt with her finger. Dani tilted her head and read it.

This town is in the middle of nowhere, we rarely know what's going on anywhere else. Even the people who work in the cities, they never share what's going on. This town is news deprived and never notices anything. The earth could explode and they wouldn't notice.

Dani frowned. "Wow, poor you. But, why didn't you just say that?" she asked, and Soul wrote something else in the dirt. Dani read it again.

I cannot speak. I am mute.

"Oh…" A rather awkward silence hovered between the two girls for a minute, then Dani cleared her throat. "So, how'd you end up here?"

Soul hesitated for a minute, before slowly writing in the dirt.

I'm not sure. I woke up and was floating in this, strange green place with purple doors floating everywhere. I opened them until I found one that led me here.

"That was the ghost zone," Dani explained. "It's where ghosts live. Well, most ghosts, anyway. It has portals that lead to other realms in the zone, and sometimes earth."

Soul wrote in the dirt again. This time, it was a question for Dani.

Why are you here?

"Oh, just flying over and saw the ghosts. Thought I'd look around," Dani said with a shrug. "Uh, what?" she asked, seeing Soul look at her with a puzzled expression. Dani looked over her shoulder, then back at her. "Something wrong?"

Soul wrote in the dirt and Dani leaned forward to read it.

You seem different from the other ghosts.

Dani blinked and rubbed the back of her neck nervously. "Heheh, uh, well, that's, ah," she hesitated, and looked at the girl warily, thinking. Soul didn't flinch, but looked back calmly. The girl seemed okay, not evil or spy like. Plus, she could already tell something was different. How, Dani had no idea, but still. Lying now would just make her more suspicious. Sighing deeply, Dani looked Soul firmly in the eye. "You can't tell anyone, what I'm going to show you, kapeesh?"

Soul nodded solemnly. Dani sat back on her heels and the white ring appeared around her, passing over her body, reverting her back to her human form. Soul blinked and starred as Dani held out her arms, displaying herself. "This, is why I seem different from other ghosts. I'm only half ghost."

Soul continued to stare, but her expression changed from startled to confused. Dani opened her mouth to explain more, when there was a flash and a ring of white light appeared around Soul's middle, splitting over her and concealing her body in a white light.

Dani gasped and starred in blank shock. Instead of Soul Whisperer, the battered looking girl from earlier that week sat in front of her. The two girls starred at each other in silence for several minutes before Dani spoke. "How, what…you're a halfa?"

Soul shook her head and wrote in the dirt.

What's a halfa?

"I'm a halfa. Half ghost, half human. That whole light transformation thing I just did, that was me going from ghost mode to human." Dani explained. "You just did it to."

Soul frowned; looking puzzled, and shook her head.

No I didn't. I'm a ghost. I died.

Dani blinked. "Then what was with the light and the whole costume change just now?"

Soul shrugged.

I don't know. I woke up in the, ghost zone place, with that black outfit, and when I got out, I looked normal again. I've been able to switch back and forth since.

Dani quirked a brow and crossed her arms, frowning in thought. "Okay, well, that was your transformation. When the light surrounds you, you go from human to ghost, or vice versa."

Soul shook her head, starting to look a bit frustrated.

No. I am a ghost. I'm not human anymore, I died. I don't have a human side to transform to.

Dani huffed. "Yes, you do. You're in your human form right now. I'll show you."

Standing up, Dani jumped up and down a few times. "See? I can't fly when I'm human, but I can when I'm in ghost form."

Rolling her eyes, Soul stood up. Dani's jaw went slack as the girl jumped into the air, but didn't come down. Instead, she floated a few feet above her, arms crossed and giving her a pointed look that said, "believe me now?"

Dani shook her head to get over her surprise. "Uh, okay. That's different, but, I can use some of my other ghost powers in human form, so you probably can to," she said slowly, making her point by holding up a glowing green fist.

Soul drifted back down, an annoyed frown on her face.

"Look, maybe you thought you died, but you only, uh, half, died," Dani said awkwardly, thinking of no other way to put it. "You're a halfa, like me. But that doesn't mean you died," she added gently.

Soul stubbornly shook her head, kneeling down to write in the dirt again.

I don't care if you think I'm a halfa or not. I. Died. I. Am. A. Ghost. I know I am. I don't need to eat as much and can go longer without food then humans can. I got shot at by a cop and it didn't hurt, my blood is green and glows, plus what you saw me do! I'm dead! I'm a ghost!

When Dani didn't respond to that, Soul grabbed her hand and placed it on her neck. Dani frowned in confusion as the girl held her hand where a pulse should have been.

Wait a minute.

Dani blinked and starred, moving her hand a little, trying to find a pulse. The girl didn't have one. Soul quirked a brow and looked smug as Dani pulled her hand away. "Okaaay, I, have nothing to say to that," she said, dumbfounded. "But, you don't look like a ghost. I mean, you're not green or blue or look mutated. You're not even pale! Your skin's tanner then mine," she added, holding her hand next to Soul's. "Seriously, this is weird. You can pass as a human, but you're…dead. That's, really freaky," Dani told her.

Soul shrugged.

I know. How confusing do you think this is for me? One minute I'm alive and breathing, the next thing I know I'm dead and can do freaky things.

"Well, you certainly have control over them. That was pretty cool how fast you caught the goblin thing," Dani told her, and Soul smiled shyly.

Dani grinned and held out her hand. "Like I said, I'm Danielle, but you can call me Dani."

Instead of running away like the last two times, Soul hesitantly took the hand, and smiled as she shook it.

I go by Shyann when I look like this.

"Well, Shy, what do you say I give you some ghost hunting lessons?"

Shyann's eyes lit up and Dani beamed.

This was looking to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

4 years later

The small room was dark. The only light came from a small computer on a table in the center of the room. The screen cast a dim, blue light around the cold, steel room. One would think it was strange to leave a computer in an empty room, but then again, one would find what was on the computer screen even stranger. A series of blue numbers and letters dotted the screen in a seemingly random order. However, if watched the screen for a few minutes, they would see more numbers and letters appearing on the screen, like someone was typing them. But there was no keyboard. No mouse. No person in the room to type these things.

Light suddenly poured into the room. A man stepped into the room, shutting a door that would have been missed if you did not know where it was. The man was tall, with shaggy black hair that was tied back in a punk rock ponytail fashion. His bangs skimmed the top of his sunglasses, concealing his eyes from the world. He wore black jeans, boots, and a jacket. White streaks ran up the arms of the jacket, slipping over his broad shoulders and wrapping around each other on his back. Each end looked like a snake's head; their mouths open and showing gleaming fangs, along with bright red eyes that seemed to burn right through you.

The man walked past the computer, not even giving it a passing glance. He went to the wall behind the computer, placing his hand in the center of the steel wall. Anyone watching would have surprised to see the area around his hand flash for a split second, and then disappeared, leaving a door sized hole in the wall. The man calmly stepped inside, and the wall reappeared behind him as he walked down the dark hallway.

At the end of the hall, he reached another door, this one made of some strange, black metal with a silver handle. He grabbed the handle and pulled, stepping inside and letting it shut behind him.

The room he had entered was drastically different from the previous one. Light seemed to explode from every possible source. Screens of various sizes covered the walls, large metallic devices that looked like scanners of some kind blinked and flashed, and the overhead lights were huge, taking up entire ceiling panels. It was no wonder the guy wore sunglasses.

Men in lab coats were dotted around the room. Some were standing around metal tables with various tools and smaller devices; others drifted around with clipboards, jotting down things the others told them, or watching the machines and writing results.

The men with sunglasses walked past them, neither party giving the other a second glance. He walked to a glass door and went inside. This room was slightly smaller, but also filled with metal scanners and devices. A large glass window cut across part of the room, blocking another, smaller room below. The smaller room was empty, except for one thing. A large, green, monstrous looking bird floated in the middle of the room, glaring up at the glass window. Its eyes glowed red, its wings appeared to be on fire, and razor sharp talons stuck out from its feet. The bird opened its beak in an ear splitting screech that never reached the humans ears. They had foreseen this and the room the bird was in was soundproof. And ghost proof.

The sunglasses man walked over to the window and watched as the ghost bird flapped its wings and rammed the wall of its prison, trying to phase through, and failing.

One of the lab coat men stood in front of a machine. Reaching up, he grabbed a black lever and pulled it down. Immediately, the ghost bird froze mid-ram and began screeching in pain. It fell to the floor, withering and twitching in pain. Another lab coat looked down from the window and jotted something on a clipboard, then nodded at his companion, who turned a knob beside the lever. The ghost bird jerked around violently for several minutes before it began to ooze green blood. At least, a first glance made one think it was bleeding. But it wasn't.

It was melting.

The ghost bird's feet melted into a pool, and with a final, pain wrenched cry, the bird dissolved into a large green puddle.

"Such a mess, but necessary for our work."

Sunglasses looked over at the man who had come up silently beside him. The man wore a simple black suit, with leather shoes and a gold clip pinned on his collar. Short, dark red hair was cut close to the neck in an almost military like fashion. Some grey hairs could be seen on the sides, showing the man's age. Green eyes, so dark they almost looked black, glanced at Sunglasses with a sly smirk.

"You are highly recommended for what I have in mind, Mr. Rinkhals," the man continued, and the sunglasses man, Rinkhals, merely quirked a brow at him. "Forgive me, where are my manners. I am Elliot Haast, head of Erebos Laboratories. I sent for you because I have a small job for you." He beckoned with his hand for Rinkhals to follow, and the two men exited the room through a small door at the back of the room, where it was conveniently hidden by the machines.

The door led to the first normal looking room Rinkhals had set foot in since coming here. It was a small, dark office, with a set of windows behind the desk. The blinds were closed, casting slits of eerie yellow light across the room. Haast motioned for Rinkhals to sit in the chair facing the desk. Rinkhals did so, crossing his arms and waiting for the older man to speak. Haast stood, his arms clasped behind him as he looked out the blind covered window.

After several minutes, Haast spoke. "I understand you are a bounty hunter, and you have experience with, the paranormal. Is that correct?"

Rinkhals nodded.

"You see, Mr. Rinkhals, we were conducting an important experiment a few years ago when our system crashed. By the time we got our system working correctly again, the experiment was gone. We have been searching for it for the past couple of years, but it has eluded us. Until recently, that is."

Rinkhals arched a brow, but remained silent as Haast continued. "Our scientists have located our experiment, but there is a problem. It hasn't stayed in one place long enough for us to fetch it. That is where you come in," he said. As he spoke, he pulled a piece of square paper from his suit pocket. Haast held out the paper, and Rinkhals took it. The paper was a photo, of a young girl, probably no older than eight or nine years. "You telling me your men can't catch a little girl?" Rinkhals asked. His voice was low and rough, the skepticism obvious in his tone.

Haast frowned slightly. "That photo is rather old, but it is the only one we have. She is more than likely fourteen or fifteen by now. Also," he pulled open a drawer in his desk and pulled out two small, silver devices. One was small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand, and it had a screen which was currently black. The other was slightly larger, shaped more like a tv remote, with a red button in the center, and a small, jagged, rod like stick attached to the front. "She is able to change her appearance, but this should help you track her. Her DNA is very, specific, and this device will lead you to her, " Haast explained, handing Rankhals the screen device. "This one," he gave him the other one, "Will help you observe her."

Rankhals arched a brow. "You want me to observe her, or catch her?" he asked bluntly.

"Mm, a bit of both, actually. We want you to observe her first for a bit, so we can determine how much she's changed. Yes, my dear man, we have the technology that allows us to observe without being there ourselves," he added when Rankhals opened his mouth. Rankhals shut it and waited for him to finish. "Simply point the rod at her, and press the button. The rest will be taken care of."

Rinkhals stood, taking the devices, slipping them and the photo into his pocket. "Anything else?" he asked, starting towards the door.

"Yes. One, we need her alive," there was an odd glint in the man's eye when he said the word "alive", but Rankhals paid no attention to it. "And two, our last trace of her showed her somewhere in Wisconsin, heading southwest. We believe she may be going to Amity Park."

Rankhals quirked a brow, but shrugged and left, shutting the door behind him. Haast turned back to the window. The yellow light cast shadows across his face, and his dark eyes gleamed as his lips curled into a cruel smile. "Amity Park," he murmured softly, "What a fitting place for a test run."

Author's Notes: Kay, this is the first chapter to my DP fanfic. The first part takes part a few months after PP, and shows the first meeting of Danielle Fenton/Phantom and my DP OC Shyann Haynes/Soul Whisperer.

You'll learn more about Shy/Soul within the next few chapters, so don't worry, some questions about her will be answered then. Any other questions about her, well, you'll have to wait and see.

Also, since it's never really specified what state Amity Park is in, but seeing as how the Fentons drove to Wisconsin from it, I kinda left it open by just saying it's southwest of Wisconsin.

And you guys probably figured this out already, but anything in bold will mean it was written down, not spoken.

Oh, and Ghost Hills is in Ohio, if anyone was wondering.