I'm not sure what FFN's policy is on author notes anymore so hopefully this won't get me in trouble


I really didn't mean to leave you high and dry like that, honestly I swear. I had plans to work on stories after SP, but then school started and my nose has been to the grindstone ever since and I've just been stressed out and, ugh.

I'm sorry. I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry.

I've been working on stories for this series, I promise. I just haven't had any time to go through them and put them all together.

But summer is around the corner, THANK GOD.

I don't know when it'll happen, but I promise to post something in the next couple of months.

In the meantime, I have a DeviantArt ( orciawish deviantart com/) and a Tumblr ( orcia tumblr com/) and guys, please, feel free to come pester ask me questions or talk or whatever if you want because I just feel terrible for abandoning you guys like that.

I mean, 41 reviews? :_: Ohmygod, can I just hug you all? –sends air hugs–