Indecent Perfection

No one else would understand. No one else had to.

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In case you don't know: an OT3 is a shipping that involves three people. In this instance, it's Gold, Silver and Kris. I love the ORIGINAL Johto trio in any shape or form. Lyra can go to hell and the name Ethan doesn't exist for me.

She could try and change her mind. She could overlook the simple and obvious facts. But no matter how it was looked at, they were a team that was destined to stay together for life. As friends, as rivals, as trainers... lovers.

She had grown up. They all had. Gone were the innocent days of finding out who's better than who in a pokemon battle. The only thing that remained of their childhood innocence were the memories she cherished so much.

She couldn't even remember how it happened, only that it just had. The stages of hormones had reached all three of them and they seemed to rage out of control for them.

One kiss lead to another and so did experimenting.

Not that she minded, but you know, it was a little shocking at first.

They were an unlikely threesome. She was a champion, one of her boys was a trainer with an occasional job at the Trainer House and the other boy was a thief with one hell of a temper. She had grown up with Gold, it just seemed so right that she would end up with him. But then Silver had to come barging into their lives and changed everything from right to wrong.

Even though she knew it was wrong, Kris strangely enjoyed it.

Maybe it was the trust. Or the unique bond they had forged. No matter the case, they were inseparable. Two guys, one girl. One sensitive and yet slightly goofy, one dangerous and cunning and one sweet and brave.

She had gone for Gold first, but Silver was still on her mind. And she hated herself for wanting both of them in her life.

But behind her back, she didn't realize that Gold and Silver wanted each other as well. The discovery was accidental and yet perfect. They could love each other completely without restrictions.

But the secrecy was murder. Kris hated having to hide their relationship, but the media loved to pry into her life for being another child prodigy, even though it had been years since she first became champion. There have been others since then but she still gets benefits, the title, the money, the paparazzi and if word got out she was involved in a polygamous relationship, word would spread worse than the fire on the Burnt Tower with equally disastrous results.

It was indecent. But it was perfection all the same.

As Gold, Silver and Kris lived for the moment where all three of them would be taken to the ultimate pleasures together, they had to thank fate for giving them this chance that not many were blessed to have. To love and be loved to such an extent was a madness they relished in, a madness they didn't want the cure for.

I'm thinking of turning this into a story. It was mostly inspired by the Vocaloid song Imitation BLACK by Gakupo, Len and KAITO. Actually, I tried writing something based off of it with my best friend, but certain circumstances had to cancel it but the idea is still fresh in my mind.

I like OT3s.

And no, it does not have to do with threesome porn.

Shut j00 maofs.