So Maybe

She's at a club. She's grinding against random guys. She's getting drunk. And she doesn't care about anything. Not that she's underage. Not that her parents and siblings and the rest of her family will kill her if they find out. Not that she has a boyfriend.

She's tired of being the good little baby of the family. She's been good since she was born, and it's been bo-ri-ng! She wants to be the rebel for once. All of the other girls in her family have done it, so why not her?

Someone taps on her shoulder, and she turns. Her charm is turned on high, and she's got a seductive smile on. Until she realizes that it's her boyfriend, and he's not happy! Her eyes are wi-de in shock. So she runs away.

So maybe she's not cut out for the life of a 'bad girl'. She couldn't even go out without being caught by her boyfriend. So maybe she'll leave it to the rest of her family. Maybe being the good girl is okay. After all, people don't suspect the good girl, do they?