She was the 'good girl' of the family. She was kind of the middle child. Five cousins younger, five cousins and a sister older. She was the daughter of the 'law-abiding citizen' and her mother wasn't exactly a rule-breaker either. Her cousins enjoyed wreaking havoc. Her sister wasn't exactly a slacker when it came to rebellion, and enjoyed pushing their father's buttons. So it's was always up to her to enforce the rules, no matter how much it made her relatives – and schoolmates – dislike her.

But oh, how she hated it. She hated hearing the hisses of 'goody two-shoes', 'nerd', 'narc', 'mole', as she walked around school, or sat in the Common Room. She had few friends outside of her books, and the library was her safe haven. She was the epitome of nerd, and the glasses didn't exactly help.

Then she started dating the son of her uncles' and aunts' good friend Luna. Her son was cool and intelligent, not a bad combination. And his shaggy blond locks and sigh-worthy blue eyes weren't so bad, either. He was a hottie – she knew that – and she was a nerd – she knew that too. So them ending up together was a miracle and a half, and it raised questions around campus for a week.

They clicked somehow. There was something about the two that just fit so…perfectly. He was secretly a schemer, and she was an undercover dreamer, and schemers and dreamers are somehow just drawn together. That's just how the world works. And that was fine for them.

It was such a happy time for them. She was in love with him. She was pretty sure that he was in love with her as well, and that kept a smile on her face. She was in bliss, and in the back of her mind she knew that it wouldn't last. But the front of her mind told the back of her mind to shut up, and the back of her mind – pansy that it was – obeyed.

The back of her mind shouldn't have shut up. She knew that when she saw him in a broom closet with another girl. He didn't love her. That much was clear. She was just another girl to him, a toy for him to play with for a while, and then throw aside.

She didn't tell him that she saw, and he didn't tell her it happened. They started drifting apart, and though they never announced it, they were done. She cried, she sobbed, but that didn't change anything. Her first love was gone, and she felt so empty inside. She didn't want to say goodbye, because it was sososo hard. But she did it, because it was the only way she could pretend it was her choice.

Maybe love was a lie, a fairytale. Maybe schemers and dreamers didn't work out. Maybe that wasn't how the world worked, after all.