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It's Never Too Late
Chapter Three


After Ryou woke up, he would do his usual warm-ups before getting ready for school. After school, he did martial arts training with the spirit coaching him. Once he ate dinner, he went into the other's soul room and continued his thief training. The teen had slipped into this routine so deeply that when Bakura stated that they weren't going to do any training that night, Ryou didn't quite know what to do with himself.

"What is it we're doing instead then?" He asked curiously as he tapped his fingers on the table in the kitchen.

"Research. We need to find out where the most likely place to find the scroll is." The spirit replied calmly from the boy's mind.

Ryou paused thoughtfully before he stood and retrieved the laptop from his room. He figured that it would be faster just to use the internet to search, not that he was sure that they would get any real results at all. It all depended on the keywords they searched for. Once he was back at the table, he booted the laptop up.

"It should be faster this way," Ryou explained to the spirit needlessly.

It wasn't long before he pulled up a page with a list of museums, "Chances are that it was found and placed in one of these places." He murmured thoughtfully as he saved the page to a document. It didn't look like there were any more museums in Japan they could go to.

"Forty Three Museums… Are you sure, boy?" Bakura asked in an irritated tone. He didn't want to have to go though all of those museums just to find something that might not be there.

"Yes," he replied easily before pointing to one, "We should start here, if only because that's where the scroll originated from."

"The Egyptian Museum in Cairo?" The thief read aloud as he peered though Ryou's eyes.

"That seems like a decent place to start, don't you think?"

"Might as well." He grumbled, though there seemed to be a hint of excitement in his tone.

The ivory haired youth could understand the spirit's excitement. Who knows how long it's been since the other had been home? Ryou knew that Bakura's real home was no longer there, however. That story was something he could never forget, though he never brought it up with the thief. He had to admit that he was a bit excited to go to Egypt as well. Luckily he wasn't going anywhere near where his father was digging.

Despite not having seen the man in over two years, he wasn't keen on running into him. Sure, Ryou still loved his father dearly, but he seemed like just a man who sent money and possessions sometimes anymore. The teen wouldn't even remember what his father looked like if it weren't for some pictures that the man sent every now and then. He was almost positive that the old man wouldn't even recognize him even if he did run into him. His shoulders slumped slightly at the thought.

"Anyway," he murmured softly, pushing those thoughts from his mind, "I'll make a list of museums, just in case."

The sound of typing filled the small kitchen as Ryou roughly mapped out their route. He'd never been to any of the places they planned to go, so he wondered exactly what they were going to have to do to search properly. The youth knew that he wouldn't be able to learn all the languages needed to be fluent by the time they leave. Perhaps he could learn just enough to get them by though?

"You don't need to learn any language other then Egyptian," Bakura stated suddenly, it was obvious by his tone that he meant to teach his 'host' exactly that.

"I know a little," Ryou said thoughtfully, "but probably not enough to read anything that I might need to."

The longer the teen spoke with the spirit, the more comfortable he was admitting things that he usually wouldn't. Before all of this happened, Ryou wouldn't have willingly admitted any shortcomings he may have had. It only led to problems if he did, then again, it lead to problems even if he didn't.

"Will I have enough time to learn it?" he asked finally as he saved to document. It was still odd talking to someone that didn't appear to be there. It was almost like he was talking to himself, and surely he looked like he was to anyone else.

"If you were anyone else, I would say no," the thief began thoughtfully, "but it seems like you will be able to. I only need to show you something once, and you get it right. Your ability to understand is incredible. Perhaps that will count for this as well and not just physical activities." He paused for a moment and Ryou got the impression of a shrug, "I suppose that we'll find out soon enough. We will be doing that today and tomorrow, as well as gathering supplies for the trip. We leave tomorrow evening."

The snowy haired teen allowed himself a small frown at the mention of gathering supplies, though he didn't mention it just yet. "How long do you think we'll be staying in Cairo?" Ryou asked instead.

"I'm unsure, but I suppose we will be staying at least a week, if not longer." Was the reply he received.

Ryou paused for a moment before he decided that he would also book a hotel for a week. If they stayed longer then that, so be it. It wasn't like it would be difficult to pay. Absently, he wondered how long they would stay in the areas listed. That is if they didn't find what they needed there. Again Ryou wondered how long this journey would take. It could take weeks, months, or even years to get what they want. There's even a possibility that they wont even find it.

"Don't even think about failure. We WILL find the scroll." Bakura said in an obviously irritated tone. It seemed the spirit wasn't keen on accepting that possibility, even if it was more likely.

"Alright, alright, I'll stop thinking about that. We'll find it eventually." Ryou stated with a slight roll of his eyes. He wasn't about to admit that he didn't mind Bakura's attitude, but he truly didn't. It was refreshing to have someone tell him not to think about failure when all he heard growing up was that he would fail at everything he tried to do.

"You aren't a failure," The spirit said blandly, "If you were, we would still by on stage one of your physical training."

Ryou had to agree on that. He had gotten far in his training with Bakura. A lot of it going well the first time he tried. He didn't even know he could do most of the things he did. The youth paused for a moment before he closed the laptop. The spirit had been reading his thoughts again and he didn't even realize this time. Damnit.

"Would you mind not doing that?" he asked in a slightly colder tone.

"Doing what?"

"Stop reading my mind. My thoughts are private. They need to stay that way." Ryou stated as he stood and went back into his room. He needed to pack some things for their… his trip. At least it would take his mind off of Bakura's intrusiveness for a while. When he was finished, then he would begin to learn Egyptian with the spirit. Until then, however, he planned on cutting the other off from his thoughts.

To do that, he visualized a large steel door and shut it in the other's face. His eyebrows rose as the string of curses from the spirit were cut off as suddenly as they began, revealing that his little trick had worked. Ryou mentally patted himself on the back before he went back to gathering what he thought he needed.

The white haired youth decided that it would be best to pack light on this trip, no matter how long it ended up taking. He gathered three t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, a pair of dress pants, a nice collared shirt, a tie, a pair of black pants that were easy to move in, a black long sleeved shirt, and his fleece cap. Despite the list of clothing, when he placed it all in his travel bag, there was plenty of room left. He decided that he would bring his own bathroom supplies as well. There was no telling what kind of supplies he would find in hotel rooms, so it was better to be safe then sorry.

After packing a few more things, he paused to look around the small bedroom. He would miss it. How long would it be until he returned back here? How much would he change during the journey? Would this place even seem like home anyone when he returned? There were so many questions running though his mind and no answers. He supposed he would have to wait and see. He didn't really like waiting.

It was strange. He didn't know why he felt so compelled to help the thief get his own body. Perhaps it was what he had seen when the dreams first began. When he had seen those memories that Bakura no longer seemed to remember. Perhaps that was what compelled him to so do? Ryou wasn't so sure anymore. As time passed and the spirit remained in his body, the more he became accustomed to it. He feared the day that he would feel more at home with Bakura sharing his body then having it to himself. Was that even possible? Would he feel lonely by the time this was all over? The snowy haired teen had to remind himself that he was lonely to begin with. He didn't know if he could go back to that. Not when he finally knew what it was like to have someone who didn't see him as a complete waste of space. Not that everyone did, that was just how Ryou felt about it.

Thin, slightly calloused, fingers trailed over the aged wood of his footboard. His gaze softened as he peered around the sparse room once again; it didn't seem like he lived there. It never had. There was always something missing and he never understood what it was. He still didn't. Perhaps he would figure it out one day.

With a shake of his head, he placed his packed bag onto the floor beside his doorway. His thoughts were a jumble of various things and he knew it. Ryou couldn't seem to focus on anything specific for the time being, though he didn't seem to mind so much. Bakura couldn't mock him for it behind that steel door. The youth was still slightly surprised that that little trick had actually worked. He wasn't even sure where he had thought of it. In fact, it was almost as if Bakura wasn't even there anymore. The teen had the feeling that the spirit couldn't even speak to him with that door in place; he needed to figure out how to fix that.

Ryou gave a great sigh, almost as if what he was about to do was a bad idea and he knew it, and pulled the mental steel door open.

A faint gasp escaped his lips as he was suddenly assaulted by what he assumed was the spirit's jumbled emotions. It seemed like irritation, worry, anxiousness, frustration, and helplessness all mixed together into one dark swirling emotion that filled the youth's mind as soon as the door was opened. He was very tempted to close it back up, but Bakura stopped him.

"Why did you do that?" He asked sharply, though his tone sounded slightly shaky. Ryou couldn't begin to imagine why.

"I didn't think it would really work," Ryou replied hesitantly, "I didn't mean-"

"But you did. Don't do it again." Bakura cut off, giving his apprentice a mental scowl. 'It was… dark again…'

For a split second, the sienna eyed teen thought that the other didn't actually speak those last words. That he actually heard the thief's thoughts. He discarded that quickly, however. There was no way that he could read Bakura's thoughts. It only worked one way. …Didn't it?

"…I'll only do it if it's necessary." He murmured as he retrieved a notebook and a pencil. "Anyway, are you ready to begin teaching me?" Ryou asked, changing the subject. That would be a touchy one, he thought.

"Yes. First we shall begin with simple things."

Ryou was utterly shocked by how easy Ancient Egyptian was. He had previously been under the impression that it would take years to learn as much as he had just one evening. He stared at the filled pages of his notebook. Despite his earlier thoughts, writing… drawing the Hieroglyphics didn't take very much effort. According to Bakura, his writing was even legible. The youth was honestly proud of himself for being able to write it so quickly. Though he still didn't know how to read and write everything, he had the basics, or what Bakura considered the basics, down.

He was also shocked that it was almost three in the morning.

A silent curse filled the room, surprising the spirit quite a bit, before Ryou shoved the notebook into his school bag. He had to go to school in four hours and he had yet to get any sleep. It would be his last day of school in a classroom until he returned, if he returned in time to continue. He still didn't know how long this journey would take.

"I can practice while at school," Ryou began absently as he changed into his pajamas, though he didn't seem to notice, "I have nothing else to do in the mean time, and it might deter that weird group of people from talking to me. I've noticed that they only approach if I don't look busy. So I will be doing my best to look so."

"Good idea, kid. I can also continue to teach you, if you're careful not to speak aloud. And if you do, not loud enough for others to hear you. You can speak to me using thoughts too." Bakura explained.

"You explain this now?" The teen said in an exasperated tone, "You just liked to make it look like I was talking to myself." He accused playfully.

"You caught me." The spirit replied dryly.

His shoulders shook for a moment as he restrained laughter, he couldn't figure out why this was funny, but it was. Perhaps it was because he had been up for so long?

Suddenly a thought hit him, "What about gathering supplies?" he asked, all amusement wiped from his tone.

"Sleep is more important at the moment. We can't have you passing out on the job or making mistakes. It will be more difficult to steal in daylight, however. I hope you're up for the challenge." The spirit explained calmly.

"Yeah, I guess I'm ready for the challenge. I need the practice too, I think." Ryou replied without thinking before he silently cursed himself. Already he was thinking like thief. Would he ever be able to think normally now? Probably not. He could practically feel Bakura's smirk.

The next morning, or a few hours later in this case, Ryou wanted nothing more then to curl back into bed and go back to sleep. Sadly, he couldn't do that. He gave a despairing sigh as he pried himself out of bed and into the bathroom to shower. He needed to be as awake as possible for the 'heist' later that day. Most likely right after school let out. That was another thing he needed to be awake for, his last day of school. The white haired youth would skip it if he could pull it off, but he needed to get a few things from his locker.

"That's just an excuse and you know it," The spirit said suddenly, the voice sounded almost as if it were right next to his ear. He knew it was just his mind playing tricks.

"That may be true, but I need to study Ancient Egyptian some more. What better place then the class room?" Ryou turned away from the bathroom mirror, just missing Bakura's bemused expression. He still thought it was a little spooky seeing the other in the mirror instead of himself sometimes. Absently, as he climbed into the shower, he wondered if other people could see the thief instead of him in the reflection too sometimes. He hoped not. That would be something he'd hate to have to explain. 'Oh, I have the spirit of an ancient tomb robber trapped in my body that talks to me though my refection.' That would go well. Note the sarcasm.

Ten minutes later and Ryou was out the door munching on a piece of toast. He would have gotten more, but he realized that he was running late soon after he was dressed. Damn Bakura for distracting him. Though he knew it wasn't really the spirit this time.

"As soon as you leave the building, we need to go somewhere that sells first aid supplies, rope, sewing kits, small knives, and things to document."

Ryou's expression turned thoughtful. He was almost sure that they would need more then that, but he also figured that they could get whatever else they needed in Egypt when they got there.

Excitement began to bubble up at that thought. Egypt! He never thought he would see the country despite his father being there. In fact, the youth was going to be seeing a lot of counties in the next few months.

"I'm not sure if I'd be allowed to have a knife, but I could put it in my luggage anyway." His eyes scanned the city as he walked to school, this will be his last day in Domino for quite a while. "You want me to get a camera?" Confusion clouded his expression for a moment before it faded at the sound of the spirits snort.

"Is that what it's called? Yes. I thought you might want to make some memories while we travel." Bakura stated grudgingly, almost as if it physically hurt to admit that.

Ryou's step faltered at the confession. He hadn't ever expected for the other to be considerate of him at all. The thoughtfulness made him smile as he passed the front gates of the school. He wasn't so tired anymore.

As the white haired teen sat though his classes, he studied and wrote only in Hieroglyphics. It even got to the point where he began to merely write his thoughts down in between the spirits instruction and the repetition. It was much easier talking to the thief in his mind using thought, but he still preferred speaking aloud. Not that he did in class, at least not above a faint whisper. Once or twice someone had tried to copy his notes, only to find them in a completely different language. They didn't know that Ryou hadn't been taking proper notes for the class. All of his were for Bakura's 'lessons'.

Much to Bakura's amusement, the kid with the oddly colored (and shaped) hair approached him during a break in his last class. Ryou, however, was not amused.

"Bakura-kun! You're moving?" The boy asked in his too young voice. Ryou had to resist a twitch at the honorific connected to the name he had given the spirit. Despite the fact it was his last name, he no longer enjoyed being called that. Not that he was going to tell this kid that… What was his name? Yuu-something.

"Not really moving," He heard himself saying, "but traveling around a bit. I'm going to be doing some online schooling in the mean time." That was mostly the truth anyway.

"When are you going to be back?" The ever-nosey one asked. What made this boy think that Ryou wanted to even talk to him? Delusions perhaps.

"I'm not sure. Whenever I get tired of traveling, maybe?" He replied dryly.

The smaller teen didn't seem to take the hint. He continued trying to start up a conversation with Ryou, who was much too nice to tell the kid to leave and find someone else to bother. Bakura offered to scare him away. The youth was tempted to let him.

"Do you want to hang out before you leave then?" Muto, Ryou remembered, asked as he leaned slightly on the thief-in-training's desk.

"I can't," he replied a little too quickly, "I have things I need to do before my flight." And he did. Though it was slightly questionable what he had to do. He wasn't about to admit that he was going to steal after school.

"Oh… That's okay. We can hang out whenever you get back then!" He seemed excited for reasons the quieter teen couldn't seem to understand.

"…Sure." It wasn't like Muto would remember him after a week or so anyway. Besides, he had no idea how long he'll be gone.

After a few more minutes of Muto trying to pry more information from the white haired teen, he left him alone. Finally. Ryou let out a breath he wasn't aware he had been holding in a exasperated sigh.

"I could have gotten rid of him for you," Bakura said in his head. His tone sounded… odd though. Angry perhaps?

'That would be fun to explain,' Ryou replied in his thoughts, ''suddenly the quiet kid with white hair snaps and beats the crap out of Muto Yugi'… Ah, that's his name! 'Who can barely defend himself.' Yeah, how about no. Besides, I got rid of him, didn't I?'

"After you agreed to 'hang out' with him when you get back." The spirit replied sourly.

'So? Who knows when that'll be? And if he'll even remember me? Anyway, what the hell is wrong with you?' The boy asked suddenly, his expression showing slight concern to any who bothered to look his way.

"There was something… off about that kid," the thief answered, "something about him was tugging at my memory, but I don't know what."

Ryou was slightly startled by this, but said nothing about it. Bakura would remember eventually, and if he wanted the teen to know, then he would tell him. He wasn't going to pry. Yet. It wasn't as if it was all that important, right? If it were, then Bakura would be a lot more worried about it. As far as Ryou cold tell, he wasn't. It was fairly easy to shove those thoughts to the back of his mind as he returned his focus on what he was doing.

He was always the type the plan things ahead of time. The spirit, however, wasn't. Not to the extant that Ryou was at least. The thief was growing irritated with the extensive planning the youth was doing for a single, simple heist. According to Bakura, all he needed to do was get in, take what they needed, and get out without been seen. As it sounded easy enough, Ryou wasn't so sure that it would be. Despite the angry growls in his mind, he continued to draw out rough plans using a sort of code that he wasn't sure where he had learned. No one would be able to tell what was on that paper even if they stared at it for hours.

"Is this necessary, boy?" Bakura asked in a gruff tone, though there was a grudging approval in there as well.

'Of course it is!' He replied, though he seemed slightly distracted as he drew a rather odd line, 'It's always better to know exactly what you're doing. If you didn't notice, I'm not all that good at 'winging it'. I almost got caught that first night.'

"But you didn't. Which says you're better then you allow yourself to believe. Not to mention you had absolutely no training that night, so I'm positive that you wont get caught even if you walk though the front door with the supplies in your arms." The spirit said confidently.

The boy was stunned into silence for a moment. Bakura has just praised him. …Sort of. It took a moment to force the faint heat from his cheeks before he replied in a calm tone, though it wouldn't have been such if he had to speak aloud. 'I'm not as oblivious, but I'm still not confident to go in without some sort of plan. Maybe later on, after I've had some practice I'll do it your way.' Ryou hoped that would stop the other from grumbling too much. It was getting to be irritating.

Something must be wrong with him to get embarrassed by a little praise. Not just embarrassed, but pleased little tingles in his chest. What the hell? He refused to think on that anymore. It was too awkward.

Without him realizing it, the class had come to an end. As did his planning. It was time to act. Without a word to anyone, Ryou left the classroom for the last time. He would change into the black clothing he had stashed in his bag in the bathroom of some fast food place. It wouldn't be good to leave some kind of trail that could be followed, even if it was something as small as that. That was the first thing Bakura had taught him. Be untraceable. It was a lot harder to do in these modern times, but it could be done. And the white haired boy would do it.

Sadly, luck was not on his side as that same kid, Muto Yugi, was standing beside his locker. 'How did he know which one was mine anyway?' He asked, though it wasn't really directed towards the spirit. Ryou was tempted to just walk by as if he didn't need to collect the possessions he had left in his locker, but he couldn't do that. He didn't want to lose any of the personal possessions he had, even if it was only schoolbooks. So the white haired teen accepted his fate and paused in front of his locker, only glancing at Muto.

"I was thinking," the short teen began when he was sure that Ryou was listening to him, "maybe I can help you with your errands?" Muto asked with a hopeful shine in his oddly amethyst colored eyes.

Ryou had to swallow a groan of irritation as he forced a smile on his lips, "There isn't really anything I need help with," he replied, keeping his tone light.

"Of course you don't need help! Especially not his!" The sprit suddenly spat, seeming that much more irritated then his 'host' was. This was definitely a stronger reaction then the previous encounter with the other boy caused the last time. Something was… strange.

'What's wrong?' he asked the spirit in his mind before he realized that Muto was talking again.

"…-ould have company?" The white haired teen was at a loss of what to say, as he hadn't really heard the full question. Still, he didn't want the other boy with him.

"No, it's all right." Ryou replied softly as he moved to finally retrieve his belongings from the locker. The youth with the tri-colored hair didn't seem too keen on leaving him alone, however.

"So where are you going?" Muto asked, seeming to finally give up on trying to go with the white haired teen.

"All sorts of places," he responded absently as he tried to focus more on Bakura for that moment.

"There's something about that kid that grates on my nerves, boy." The thief said, as if he were peering though Ryou's eyes at him. "I said before that he seems familiar… and not in a good way. It's pissing me off being around him. Hurry it up." Then he went silent.

Ryou stared at nothing as he placed his belongings into the bag he carried with him for that reason. …Muto was talking again.

"…-at's awesome! I've never been able to travel. Grandpa won't let me go anywhere on my own, so I have to settle for the museum or something." The boy pouted to himself, though Ryou saw it clearly when he glance at the other, before a wide grin appeared in place of the pout, "Will you tell me all about it when you get back?" he asked excitedly.

The thief's apprentice considered telling the boy that he might not be coming back, but decided against it. Let the kid hope if he wanted to. "Sure." He replied as he closed the locker. "Look, I have to be going now." Ryou offered the boy a smile before promptly turning and striding down the hall.

"Okay! It was nice talking to you, Bakura-kun!" This time, Ryou did twitch. Hopefully he will never see that boy again.

"Don't count on that," Bakura suddenly said with a snort, "He seems like the type that would wait forever if there's a chance, no matter how small."

'Thanks a lot.' Was his scathing reply.

It didn't take long before the white haired youth was standing clad in the black clothing he had worn on his first 'heist', the fleece cap covering his snowy locks so that he didn't stand out as much as he would have. He didn't seem to really look that suspicious compared to most people that tried to wear such things. Ryou stood calmly in front of the store he had chosen. 'We don't need a lot, so this isn't going to be too hard. I just hope I don't get caught…'

"You wont be if you just relax and pay attention. You know what to do here." The teen merely sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets, the now empty bag hanging off his shoulder.

With little effort, Ryou managed to make it past security undetected. Despite his clothing, his face was innocent. They didn't once think twice about letting the youth in with his bag. That was their mistake; Ryou was all but innocent.

As if to make like a normal costumer, the teen browsed the shelves calmly. Slowly he made his way to the closest items on his mental list of supplies, the rope. He paused as he went over the different types and lengths.

'So what type should we get?' Ryou asked lightly, not even noticing he'd begun to use 'we' instead of 'I'. He had been doing it all day and the spirit didn't notice either.

"The strongest they have that you can carry easily. Probably some sort of climbing rope." Bakura replied, seeming to look over the ropes as well.

'If we're going for the strongest rope, that would be the Workhorse Singles, but it's too big and bulky. We might have to wait until we're in Egypt to get that kind.' The youth explained lightly, 'So for now, I think that the Skinny Singles will be best. They're light weight, but sturdy. As long as we aren't going to have to climb any sharp rocks or cliffs, it'll be perfect.'

There was silence for a few moments before "You researched rope?" The apprentice could almost hear the laughter in the thief's voice.

'Yes and no. I read a little about the different types,' he began before he gestured to the small sign with little bits of information on each rope and how it was supposed to be used, 'but almost everything we need to know is right here.' Amusement colored his tone as he grabbed the longest rope he could find and subtly slipped it into the bag.

So far so good.

Next came the first aid supplies. According to the spirit, he needed to expect to get hurt a lot. There was a moment of slight fear before he pushed it back and grabbed everything he thought they would need. As it turned out, there was quite a bit they couldn't get at this particular store, so they had to make due until they got to their destination.

The sewing kit was the easiest, seeing as they didn't need much to start with. All they needed was enough to mend a tear in his clothing. If they needed more then that, he'd have to get more later.

Once he had found himself at the knife displays, he knew he was in for a challenge. This was the hard part that he had been waiting for. Each and every one of the blades were locked up behind glass to keep thieves away. It was a shame that they we're enough to keep Ryou out.

"Get the smaller ones and a few pocket knives," Bakura instructed, sounding as if he were whispering in his ear again. He didn't think much of it.

'Luckily there isn't an alarm on the glass displays in this store. We just have to be careful not to be seen.' With that reply, he retrieved the lock picking kit from his pocket and flipped it open, 'This would be a lot easier at night, but beggars can't be choosers.'

The spirit made an amused sound as Ryou got to work. Surprisingly enough, the youth was done and down one of the other isles by the time someone passed by. They didn't even notice the number of missing knifes and a dagger that he had taken a liking to.

"You're more like me then you would care to admit, kid." The thief teased, but the boy ignored him in favor of looking at the different styles of cameras.

'What kind should I get…?' he asked himself more then Bakura. After a few minutes of debating, he eventually decided on one that could take high-resolution pictures as well as decent video. Who knew what he might want to do? Perhaps he'll want to record something instead of take a picture. The thief didn't seem to care either way.

'Are we finished?' he asked lightly, 'Do we have everything?'

There was a long pause as the spirit seemed to think about it, "Yeah. Let's get out of here."

Surprisingly enough, the white haired youth managed to walk out of the store with no issues at all. He really thought there would have been an alarm or something that would be tripped by the stolen merchandise. Apparently he was wrong.

Without wasting any time at all, he began to walk home. 'That went well.' Ryou commented lightly, clearly pleased with himself.

"You have a lot more skill then I expected," Bakura began in an impressed tone, "what you did in there surprised me. I didn't think you'd actually go for the glass case on your first real heist. Not even the cameras detected anything off about you. That is something to be proud of, kid."

Again the warm, pleased tingling filled the teen's chest at the other's compliment. And again he pushed it down before Bakura became aware of it. That definitely wouldn't be very pleasant. At least Ryou didn't think so.

'…Thanks. Let's just go home, alright?'

Silence followed the question. The youth merely shrugged and made his way up to his front door and went inside.

Bakura didn't speak again until they were on the plane to Egypt.

"What the hell is this thing and how the hell does it fly?"

It was going to be a long flight.

-End of Chapter Three-