Title: Caligo Nox Noctis
Author: AoiTsukikage
Rating: R overall; NC-17 for the epilogue
Characters/Pairing: Finn/Kurt, minor Blaine/Kurt and Blaine/Sam
Total Chapter Count: 38 + epilogue
Word Count: 2716Total Word Count: 119,431 (yikes!)
Spoilers: Let's say everything to be safe :)
Summary/Warnings: (Vampire!Kurt, so completely AU) The good news about all of this is that there's a cure. The bad news, of course, is what the cure actually is.

Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not own these characters, no matter how sad that makes me. I do, however, promise to return them when I'm done with them. :)

Caligo Nox Noctis


"Kurt. Kuuurrttt…"

"Mmph. What?" Kurt opens his eyes, wondering why Finn's poking him, and the other boy…boy? Kurt checks the clock, noting that the time is just after midnight, and amends his statement: the other man gives him a rather wicked smile.

"You know."

"You don't waste any time, do you?" Kurt really wasn't asleep; midnight's fairly early regardless and he'd just been dozing but now he was certainly wide awake. He pushes himself up on one elbow and reaches for Finn, kissing him tenderly. "Happy Birthday, Finn Hudson."

"I'm eighteen," Finn informs him with the enthusiasm of a child that's just learned how to count.

"You are," Kurt agrees, wrapping one arm around Finn's neck.

"And you're eighteen."

"This is true."

"And Mom and Burt said that when we're eighteen…"

Kurt sucks in a breath, realizing that he should have known Finn would want to do this as soon as possible (he's not objecting, of course). His father and Carole had told the two of them that while they were perfectly fine with and accepted their relationship, they were not to have actual intercourse until they were both adults.

Which, right now, they both were.

"So?" Finn asks hopefully and Kurt can't help but kiss him again. It's been just over a year since the whole vampire incident and the feelings he had for Finn haven't lessened any.

If anything they've grown stronger and he knows by the way Finn acts around him that the other man is going through the same thing. "Yes," he finally answers. "God, yes. Please."

"Cool," Finn slides a hand between Kurt's thin shirt and his back, pulling him up so they're face-to-face. "Do we…um…I mean…" he stammers and Kurt somehow knows what he means.

"Were you tested after Santana?" he asks bluntly. "I know you used a condom, but considering her track record…"

"Yeah," Finn nods. "I mean, you're right; it would have been stupid not to be 'cuz she's probably slept with half the guys in the school."

"So you're clean?"


"And I'm a virgin, so if you want to do this…without protection…I wouldn't object," Kurt tells him, really hoping the other boy will agree. If he's getting Finn, he wants all of him with nothing between them, and by the look in Finn's eyes at that moment he can tell the other man's thoughts are the same as his.

"Yeah. Awesome, dude," Finn leans to kiss him and Kurt keeps him at arm's length. "What?"

"Finn, we've been together for a year. There has got to be something better you can call me than 'dude,'" Kurt sniffs. "I've tolerated it for long enough."

"Okay, but…" Finn shifts, looking awkward. "Um, everything else you would find, like, degro…dero…d…"

"Derogatory. And perhaps," Kurt admits. "But…"

"You and Blaine call each other 'babe', like, all the time," Finn pouts. "So I'm not gonna call you that because that's a 'you and him' thing."


"And you call me that but it'd be weird if I called you that, dude…Kurt…sorry," Finn laughs sheepishly. "Can I just call you 'Kurt?'"

"I suppose," Kurt realizes that he's kind of killing the mood and decides to drop the subject, instead pulling Finn into another searing kiss. "I can't wait until we can do this when we don't have to be quiet."

"We can always rent a hotel room again," Finn wiggles his eyebrows and Kurt snorts. "What? That was fun!"

"Besides Blaine being in the hospital, yes, that was fun," Kurt admits, gasping as Finn palms him through his sweats. "Lube. Lube, Finn, because I'm not stopping once we start."

"Yeah, yeah," Finn kisses his nose, earning a giggle from Kurt, before he shuffles to the washroom and comes back with a small bottle. He strips off his shirt and shucks his jeans before clambering onto the bed again, erection tenting the front of his boxers.

"You are eager," Kurt teases, running one finger teasingly along the outline of the other man's cock, and Finn whimpers at the light touch and pushes his hips forward. "Do you want me to take the edge off?"

"Yeah," Finn admits. "I mean, if we do it…yeah."

"C'mere," Kurt keeps kissing him, hand sliding into the front of Finn's boxers and gripping him firmly as Finn moans into his mouth. He starts stroking Finn quickly, wanting to get this over with so they can move on, and it only takes a couple of minutes before Finn's writhing and gasping and Kurt feels warm liquid coating his hand. "Good boy."

"I'm not a dog," Finn laughs against his mouth, tongue darting out to lick at his lips.

"You're licking me. I'm begging to differ," Kurt snorts as Finn keeps licking at his mouth. "Finn…Finn, honestly, I swear you turning eighteen has actually turned you into a five-year-old."

"Just trying to keep the mood light," Finn replies with a smile. "And what about you? Think you can hold out through all of this?"

"I don't come nearly as easily as…oh, God!" Kurt shouts, trying to keep the volume down, but Finn has somehow managed to coat his fingers in the lube and slide one into Kurt's body without him really noticing what the other man was up to. "Mm, Finn…"

"I got you," Finn promises, laying him back and leaning to kiss his stomach from where his shirt's ridden up. "Can you get this off?"

Kurt complies, tossing the shirt onto the floor (it's Finn's. He doesn't care). He presses himself back against Finn's hand, groaning when Finn adds another finger and strokes in deep, brushing his prostate as he whines. They've gone this far before, just to make sure this whole thing would be easier, and while Kurt thought that he'd get used to the feeling every time Finn touches him there it's like the first and he's utterly overwhelmed by it.

"Do I have to touch you?" Finn teases, dipping his head to lick Kurt's nipple before sucking the hardened peak into his mouth.

"I don't…no…just…"

Finn adds a third finger, curling them in and rubbing against that sensitive bundle of nerves as Kurt claps a hand over his own mouth, trying desperately to muffle his cries. He can literally feel sweat dripping down his body and wonders for a second how on Earth they're actually going to do this tonight before he's choking off a shout of Finn's name and coming, hard, body going rigid and squeezing his eyes shut as he rides it out.

"And you say I can't last for long," Finn says, sounding rather smug about it.

"You try having three fingers inside you and doing any better," Kurt mutters, throwing an arm across his eyes as Finn nudges it out of the way and kisses him gently. "Mm, you sure you want to do this tonight?"

"It's not going to get any better unless we practice," Finn replies between feather-light kisses, both of them barely connecting lips before they pull apart. "And I'm okay to keep going if you are."

"You had coffee today, didn't you?" Kurt groans.

"Yup. Wanted to be prepared for tonight," Finn hoists him a little higher as Kurt kicks off the sweats that have become tangled around his ankles. "How are we doing this?"

"This is fine," Kurt assures him, locking his ankles behind Finn's back and feeling the head of Finn's cock press against his hole as the other man shifts.

"Okay. This'll work," Finn decides. "It's not exactly the position you showed me the first time I asked you about gay sex, but…"

"Just get on with it," Kurt shoves weakly at Finn's shoulder as the other teen laughs, darting to kiss his cheek. Finn scrabbles for the lube and squirts some more onto his fingers, slicking his own cock while Kurt watches his face with half-lidded eyes.

He feels boneless, limp, and rather like he's floating at the moment although the rather odd sensation of Finn's fingers sliding out of his body brings him back to reality and he focuses on the other man's face; Finn's currently looking like he's thinking about something far too deeply and Kurt absently brushes his fingers over the furrows in his forehead to smooth them out.

"Sweetie, it's not that difficult."

"I know, it's just…never mind. I don't want to…"

"Hurt me? You won't," Kurt promises. "And if it gets to be too much I'll let you know. Trust me," he moves so Finn's cock slides against his lube-slick entrance again and Finn shudders and nods. "Come on, then."

Finn keeps one hand in the small of his back, holding him steady, and uses his other to guide himself in. Kurt winces when the head of Finn's cock slips into his body because, yes, bigger than fingers, but he forces himself to relax and focuses on just watching the play of emotions on Finn's face; the other man is completely open right now and Kurt can easily read the mixture of anticipation, fear, and rather overwhelming love in his eyes.

He sighs and drops his head back, arching his body as Finn slides in even farther, and when he feels the other man bottom out he shifts a bit, getting used to the fullness. It doesn't hurt, really; not like he might have expected it to.

"Are you…does it…" Finn gasps out, sweat beading on his brow.

"Just…full. Like when your ear's plugged," Kurt winces at the analogy but it's true. "Something there that shouldn't be."

"Oh. So is it…"

"It's fine," Kurt promises, hooking one arm around Finn's neck and pulling him in for a kiss. "And it'll be more than fine if you'd just move," he growls as Finn shudders, pulling back a little before sliding his hips forward again. "Ah, God…"


"Fine," Kurt repeats. "Just…trying to be quiet is ruining this a little…"

"So don't be. Let it out," Finn prompts, biting down on his collarbone lightly. "Besides, it's not like they don't know what we're…"


"Oh, crap!" Finn wriggles around and that's really distracting considering their current position, but at least he's had the foresight to close the door and it doesn't sound like his dad's actually coming downstairs yet.

"Y-yeah Dad?" he calls, gripping Finn's shoulder so tightly that he's sure it's going to be bruised come morning.

"Carole and I know it's after midnight and we know what you're probably up to, so if we give you an hour do you think that'll be enough time?" he calls, sounding almost…amused (and, Kurt thinks, that is just not right. Not from the man who told him to stay celibate until he was thirty).

"An hour's fine, Burt," Finn sounds markedly more composed than Kurt himself and he's grinning like a little kid again.

"Okay. Well, have fun. And Happy Birthday, kiddo," he adds after a second.

"Thanks!" Finn doesn't move until they hear the front door close and then he starts laughing, of all things, which does really weird things to Kurt because he's vibrating.


"Sorry!" Finn kisses him, still chuckling, but he starts to move his hips in a more regular rhythm and Kurt hikes one leg farther up Finn's back, blessing his flexibility because it doesn't hurt to do that. The new angle drives Finn in even farther and the head of his cock brushes against Kurt's prostate, drawing a rather dirty moan from his mouth that he's a little embarrassed about.

"Hot," Finn rasps, a bead of sweat dripping from his nose onto Kurt's throat, and Kurt can't help but agree with him. Truth be told he still was of the opinion that sex was messy and rather unappealing, but seeing Finn like this, in this moment, he really doesn't care.

"Faster," Kurt urges him and Finn complies, snapping his hips forward and driving his cock against that spot with every thrust as Kurt just gives in and lets whatever sounds are going to come out of his mouth come out.

He'll be mortified when he looks back on this, but again: not caring right now.

"God, Kurt, I'm close," Finn breathes in his ear, hot breath and hot skin pressed close, and he reaches down to stroke Kurt's cock in time with his thrusts and that about does it.

His mouth opens in a wordless cry as he arches like a bowstring, coming so hard he forgets to breathe for a moment or two, and he can feel Finn orgasm and feel his ejaculate inside of him, and again this should be completely disgusting but it's just…not.

"Oh, God," Finn's mumbling into his throat, arms shaking as he tries to keep himself from collapsing.

Kurt pulls him down, not caring about the extra weight as Finn loses all the strength in his arms and flops, breathing harshly against Kurt's shoulder.

"Good?" Kurt laughs breathlessly, feeling amazing, and he strokes his fingers through Finn's sweaty hair as the other man tries to get himself under control.

"More than…that was…" Finn swallows and looks into Kurt's eyes, his own lust-blown and gorgeous. "With Santana, I didn't feel anything, not even pleasure. But with you…"

"I'll take that as a compliment," Kurt decides, pulling Finn's head up so they can kiss. "I love you, Finn. More than anything. You're…"

"I know, Kurt. Me too. Love you so much," Finn promises between kisses, both of them relaxing a bit as they come down. "I thought you'd be freaking out about having a shower by now," Finn admits and Kurt tiredly swats his hair.

"I should be, but for some reason I can't bring myself to care at the moment," Kurt sighs and lets himself sink into the pillows. "Give me a few minutes."

"Okay," Finn shifts to pull out, and while the fullness had felt unnatural at first, now the emptiness felt just as strange. "I'll get a washcloth to clean us up, okay? You can shower when you're ready."

"Thank you," Kurt yawns as Finn heads to the washroom, coming back with the cloth and gently cleaning the cum off of Kurt's chest before reaching around to run it along the backs of his thighs. "You're such a gentleman."

"I try," Finn gives him a half-smile before taking the cloth back into the bathroom, coming back and cuddling up to Kurt as the smaller man pulls him close and kisses the top of his head.

They lie there silently for a while, Kurt playing with Finn's hair while the taller man draws meaningless patterns across his stomach and hips, until Finn presses a kiss to Kurt's shoulder and pushes himself up to look into Kurt's eyes again.



"So…think you'd be willing to swap positions next time?" he looks childishly hopeful once more and Kurt laughs joyously and hugs him tight. "I take it that's a 'yes'?"

"A definite, resounding one," Kurt assures him, just smiling at the man he loves and the man who's done more for him than he could have ever imagined.

He could never have beaten becoming a vampire without the help of his friends, but especially not without the help of Finn, and Kurt's so proud of him for overcoming every fear and apprehension he had and just letting himself fall in love.

And this is true love; there's no questioning that any more.

He breaks away from his thoughts to find that Finn's breathing evenly against his skin and snuffling every so often, curling his body closer to Kurt's.

Kurt presses one last kiss to Finn's forehead and smiles at him, adjusting Finn comfortably on the bed before getting out (and suppressing a wince. But he'd expected that) and going to the washroom.

Turning in the doorway, he gazes fondly at the man sprawled on the bed, feeling happier than, maybe, he's ever felt.

"Happy Birthday, Finn Hudson," he whispers, knowing that the shower is going to be a quick one because right now he wants nothing more than to lay in the arms of the man he loves.

He knows without question that this night is the first of many he'll get to spend with Finn this way.

And, in the end, it's all because of a vampire.

Now, he thinks with a smirk, how many teenagers get to say that?



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