Not sure if anyone remembers my old Love is Blind fic from last summer(which is still up, if you don't know of it), but, yeah, this would be the sequel to that. I planned to have this started up months ago, but, you know how things go in that ole' thing called real life...

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"Rampardos, use Headbutt!"

"Dodge it, Sceptile!"

The giant blue-and-black creature launched itself headfirst at the opposing green one, who quickly leaped out of the way, causing the former to slam into the rock wall behind him rather forcefully.

"Sceptile, use Leaf Blade!"

The green creature turned back toward the other after landing and charged at it, clenching its fist and causing the large leaf formation on its arm to transform into an elongated blade of glowing green energy. Before its opponent could react, it slashed it on the back with the green blade, causing it to dissipate back into a mass of leaves afterward.

"Ram-parrrr!" The blue-and-black one roared in pain.

"Rampardos! Use Flamethrower!"

"Rammm!" Rampardos growled, snapping around as quickly as it could and spraying a steady stream of fire out of its mouth at Sceptile.

"Dodge it, Sceptile!"

But it was too late. Sceptile was still on the return from Leaf Blade, and was hit with the full force of the Fire-type attack. "Sce-ep!"

"…Sceptile, use Agility!"

"Scep!" Sceptile cried, seeming to shrug off the effects of Flamethrower and glaring across the field at Rampardos. A second later, it began running at him, and then disappeared. It reappeared a split second later, in a completely different location. Then again. And again.

"Rampardos, Flamethrower again!"

"Raaaaaam!" Rampardos bellowed, loosing another spray of fire and angrily fanning it out across the whole field, but Sceptile still seemed to be evading the attack.

"Now, Sceptile! Get above him and use Slam!"

"Scep – " Sceptile uttered, blinking into midair above Rampardos, who didn't even notice in his Flamethrower-fueled rage. He flipped over in mid-air as he fell and ended up slamming his tail down on Rampardos with the full force of his fall. " – TILE!"

"Ram!" Rampardos grunted, ceasing the Flamethrower and turning in shock to Sceptile, who quickly stepped away a good distance once he had landed. Even though Slam had hit Rampardos full force, it still hadn't done all that much.

"Rampardos! Focus Energy!"

"Ramparr…" Rampardos growled softly, knowing what was coming next. A slow, steady surge of light-blue energy began to shoot up through his body from the ground up.

"All right, then – Sceptile, use Solarbeam!"

"Scep…" Sceptile muttered lightly, locking eyes with Rampardos as the bulbs on his back began to light up, soaking in the light from the stadium.

A number of moments passed in silence, the two Pokemon staring each other down as they both readied themselves for their next move. The soft noises of the light being gathered in Sceptile's bulbs and Rampardos's energy building up were quite audible in the silence. Then –

"Rampardos, Head Smash!"

"Rampaaaaaaaarr!" Rampardos roared, ceasing the flow of energy through its body and throwing itself headfirst across the arena for the second time at Sceptile, only this time, the blue section of its cranium was glowing.

Sceptile held off until the last second before releasing the enormous blast of light from its mouth. The meeting of the two caused a massive earth-rocking explosion, covering the field in a layer of obscuring smoke.

Once the smoke had cleared, a scarred Sceptile was left staring triumphantly at an unconscious Rampardos on the ground before him.

"Rampardos is unable to battle! Sceptile is the winner, and the victory of this Gym Battle goes to the challenger, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!"

"All right! Great job, Sceptile!" Ash cried out in joy, running out onto the field to congratulate his Pokemon.

The trainer on the other side of the field stared at his fallen Rampardos with a sullen look on his face for a moment before recalling it with a grin. "Nice try today, Rampardos. Take a rest." He then stepped forward onto the field as well, toward Ash and Sceptile.

"Roark!" Ash remarked as the Gym Leader approached him in defeat. "That was a great battle!"

"Yeah, it really was." Roark agreed truthfully. "And beating me means you've earned yourself this." He held out his hand with a small, metallic badge in it, bearing a design not too unlike that of a brown stone Pokeball on it.

"Wow…" Ash muttered, gingerly taking it from Roark's hands as Sceptile watched over his shoulder. "I got…a Coal Badge!"

Roark grinned at Ash's excitement, but his eyes were quickly drawn to something behind Ash's shoulder. "Hey, who's that?"

"Huh?" Ash said, turning to look behind himself at an oncoming figure. Even though they were in a large, brightly lit chamber, he couldn't quite make out who it was, though whoever it was was waving at him vigorously. "Who's – "

But before he could even get the words out, the entire room shimmered, and the dark figure came into focus. A young girl with medium-length brown hair, splayed out in two individual locks in the front and a Pokeball-print bandana on over it.

"Oh, hey!" Ash called out, waving back to her. Without turning back to the Gym Leader, he continued, "Roark, this is May. She's my - "

Ash Ketchum's eyes suddenly shot open, introducing him to a starless night sky lingering above him, and leaving him to contemplate what exactly had just happened.

"Huh…?" Ash mumbled, blinking a couple of times and looking around. Not that he could make out much, what with the blackness and all. "Ah, man, must've been a dream…"

He yawned. Glancing to his right side, he saw his lifetime Pokemon partner and best friend, Pikachu, curled up and sound asleep on a treaded lump of grass.

"Hey, buddy." Ash thought to himself silently, before turning to his other side.

He was met with the sight of the same girl from his dream, although she was asleep as well, her sleeping bag wrapped around her protectively and her red bandana folded up on the ground next to her along with the rest of her belongings.

Aside from Pikachu, and possibly his mother, this was the single person in the world that mattered the most to him, as surprising as it was for him to admit that to himself. In the last half a dozen months or so, the two of them had been through an unbelievable amount of things together, not the least of which was the pair actually falling for each other. In the aftermath of all that, they had decided to journey into the region of Sinnoh together, on their own for the first time, as neither of them had been to the island country before.


He kept his gaze locked on her sleeping form, watching the minute movements of her face and torso as she breathed ever so softly in her sleep. He could even hear the soft sound of each breath, given the piercing silence.

After a few moments of this, he turned back to the starless night sky. "I wonder what that dream was all about..."

Suddenly, from within the dark void above him, a single white streak shot its way across the black canvas.

"Ah! A shooting star!" Ash exclaimed, trying to keep his voice down. He hadn't ever been totally sure if the old fable about wishing on them was true or not, until the last time he'd seen one, on a boat near the southernmost edge of the Kanto region. He'd made an impromptu wish regarding May back then, and, so far, it had more or less come true.

"I wonder if I should make another wish…" Ash thought to himself, continuing to stare up at the sky. He glanced to Pikachu, then to May, considering the possibilities.

"Pii-ka…" Pikachu groaned softly in its sleep.

A moment later, Ash closed his eyes resolutely and silently thought made his request to the shooting star.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that numerous actual stars were starting to fade into view, small glittering dots sprinkled across the sheet of darkness.

Ash grinned to himself, took one last glance at May, and turned over, already beginning to drift back to sleep.

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