Title: Spin the Bottle

Written by: Sano

Fandom: Glee

Pairings: SamKurt

Ratings: PG13

Warnings: Slash, fluff, and spoilers for 'Blame it on the Alcohol'

Disclaimer: I wish I owned it, but alas, I do not. If I did it wouldn't be fit for family tv.

Notes: Prompted by my wifey in tumblr and this is my speculation on how the spin the bottle game should turn out.

Spin the Bottle

Kurt stared at Blaine as he devoured Rachel's lips like he hadn't eaten anything for the last 2 weeks. Cocking his head to the side, he felt the familiar rise of disappointment, or maybe it was bile, and he forced a smile on his face as the kiss went on.

"Okay! I think we've seen enough!" He shouted while clapping his hands to get their attention. It took some help from Mercedes before they managed to get a drunken Rachel and a not-so-gay-at-the-moment Blaine torn apart.

Blaine was laughing as he plopped down besides the soprano on the floor, "What's the deal, Kurt? It's only a game!" Kurt's glare was ineffective and the older boy burst out laughing again.

"Who's next?" Rachel exclaimed while waving the bottle around. Everyone had their own little worlds. Finn looked ready to strangle her, Quinn was drinking her spiked punch daintily while examining her nails, Brittany was asleep on Santana's lap, Mike and Tina were having a round of tonsil hockey, Lauren was mocking Puck as he cooed at her while Mercedes and Artie were trying to shoot popcorn into Rachel's hair behind her.

And then there was Sam, who was looking forlorn despite having screamed his lungs off when they first started drinking. He was rolling his cup of punch between his hands and seemed to be deep in thought.

Nobody was listening to Rachel and just as she said, "Guess it's my turn again!" Kurt grabbed the bottle from her and sent it spinning on the floor. Everyone suddenly stopped what they were doing (except for Brittany who was still dozing) and watched the end of the bottle go around, knowing that whoever it pointed to would have the chance to get their mack on with Kurt Hummel.

Kurt in the meantime was hoping that the bottle would land on Brittany, Quinn, or God forbid, even Santana. That would show Blaine that…

Well, it would show him!

The bottle lost momentum and its end landed on the one person that Kurt actually fantasized kissing in the privacy of his dorm room since the duets competition. Shocked green eyes flew to his and the room was eerily silent.

Kurt laughed awkwardly and sipped at his drink, "Oh, look at that! You really don't have to, Sam. Reall-" He suddenly leaned back as the blond boy crawled over to his space and grabbed the cup out of his hands.

"Kurt. It's okay." Sam whispered so quietly that the other boy couldn't even believe him saying it. His heart suddenly threatened to burst out of his chest as the jock caressed his cheek gently and gently pulled Kurt's face to his.

The kiss was chaste and close-lipped, but it didn't matter, because Kurt was getting the kiss that he never even dared to expect. It lasted for only about 3 seconds but it was the tenderest moment of Kurt's admittedly-short life. He almost whimpered in protest when Sam pulled away, grinning at him goofily and handed him the cup again, which he took a bracing swallow from.

The group cheered drunkenly as Sam retreated to his seat and suddenly Rachel was pulling out a twister mat and Blaine was spinning the marker. It's as if the moment that had turned his world upside down was quickly forgotten.

Kurt was silent as he stared down at his drink, almost daring the cherry-red beverage to berate him for his stupidity. What did he expect to get out of that stunt? Sighing loudly, he looked up and saw that Sam's eyes were on him; he smiled faintly at the other boy and looked away.

Sam licked his lips.


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