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Author's note: So a have red a lot's of stories about Alias. Mostly Sarkney stories, and I decided to write one two. My story is about Rachel and Sark, I didn't see a lot of stories with them so I wrote one. This is my first story so please review so I know if it's good. If there is interest in it I'll keep writing. Hope you'll like it. Characters in this chapter: Rachel Gibson and Julian Sark. Storyline: Sark goes to Mexico for a meeting with an employer, but finds Rachel instead.

It was a hot summer in Mexico city. Julian Sark has just arrived for a meeting with a potential employer. He was standing in the middle of the parking lot of a nightclub. He checked his pockets and pulled out his phone and cheeked the time. ''he is late'' then his phone ringed.

'' Hello? '' Said Sark. And just when he was about to ask ''Who is th….'' A voice intercepted him. ''I'm upstairs third box on the right '' And then he hang up.

Sark had lots of money after the fall of the Covenant, he didn't need to work, but he was simply bored and a bit curious who is this mysterious employer was. He heeded to the upper floors of the club.

Two weeks before:

The Covenant is gone. Sark thought after the last events he needed a break. So he went to the Hawaii. He thought no one would ever think that he's there. Every one would think he is somewhere like Russia, or some secret safe house in Ireland. So it was the best hiding spot for him. He cheeked in a hotel and went to his room. The picot brought his bags, Sark gave him his tip and the picot left him alone in his sweet. The room was gorgeous, with an amazing view. But as much as he didn't want to admit it he felt like he didn't care, he thought he didn't have purpose in life anymore. He didn't have a job, he lost the women he loved. Yes it was almost two years ago but he still wasn't over her. He just laid on the bed and stayed there for the rest of the day.

He spend the next days drinking cocktails and watching the girls who were playing volleyball on the beach. One day he got a call, with an offer for a job. ''If you're interested I'll meet you in Mexico next week ''He hesitated for a few days, but he decided to go. So he packed his stuff, and went to the airport.


When Sark got to the upper floors the guards stopped him. They searched him for weapons. He didn't have any. So he entered the club and went to the third box on the right. Who he saw was the last person who he ever expected to see again.


''Good evening.'' She replied. Sark was completely numb. He looked like he has seen a ghost.

''Would you like to join me for a drink.'' He still was totally confused, but he took a seat next to Rachel.

''Look, I know I'm hard to forget, but if you wanted some company there was no need for all of this mystery. You didn't have to bring me all the way to Mexico.''

''Don't flatter yourself. The reason I brought you here is because I need your help.''

''My help? After the last time we saw each other I thought that I'll be the last person who you might want to help you.''

''Just to set the record straight, I said I NEED your help not that I want it.''

''And what do you need?''

''Someone kidnapped my parents.''

''Wasn't me!'' He said trying to be funny but she ignored him.

''I don't know who it was, but I do know that you can help me. After al you know all kinds of criminals''

''Rachel, look I don't know who kidnapped your parents. And I can't help you. I, I'm sorry.'' He got up and tried to leave the table. The he herd Rachel calling after him.

''Please, I don't have any one else to turn to.'' She didn't look at him but he knew she was about to cry. ''What about the CIA?'' He asked.

''It will take a lot of time to find them with the CIA. I'm Afraid they might be deed by then.'' She looked at him tearfully. He bit his lip sat down and said. ''OK, I'll help you.''

End of chapter one.