Chapter three:

It was 6 o'clock in the morning. Rachel finely got to sleep around 5 o'clock, when suddenly she was awoken by some noise. She got up and loaded her gun, she walked out off her bedroom expecting trouble. She didn't see anyone in the living room. Then she herd the shower. She shook her head

'No way! It can't be true. Sark is showering in MY bathroom!'

Then she went to the bathroom door witch was closed, and just when she was going to knock on it he opened it.

''Hi.'' He said calmly

''What do you think you're doing? ''

''And a good morning to you too!''

''Cut the shit Sark! What are you doing in my bathroom?''

''Isn't it obvious? I just took a shower. I didn't think it would be a problem.''

''Well, it is a problem!''

''Fine! It wont happen again and if you don't mind I would like to get dressed now.''

''Are you really ordering me to levee my own bathroom!'' She said really angrily. Sark smiled and replied.

''Well you could stay, bur if I strip for you, you have to strip for me.''

She almost laughed because for a second she imagined Sark striping, and then she continued with her angry tone ''Get dressed!'' Then she left the bathroom. When she closed the door she really didn't know what to do. There was an assassin, a naked assassin in her bathroom. She stood in the hallway for a minute and went back to her bedroom.

10 minuets later she heard him getting out of the bathroom, so she went to take a shower. When she entered her reaction was to scream ''Saaaarrkkk!''

In the mean time, in the kitchen Sark was making coffee. When he heard Rachel scream he thought 'Now what!' Then Rachel run in to the kitchen and threw the towel Sark used earlier at him.

''What was that for?'' He said surprised

''What did you do!'' She said, her face red like a tomato, and her voice really high.

''I don't follow.'' He looked confused at her wile he was holding the towel.

''The bathroom looks like a battlefield.''

''Ohhh… Sorry about that, but I assumed your maid is going to take care of it.''

''You spoiled little brat! I know this may be a shock for you but I don't have a maid.''

''Well, you should get one! This place is a mess.''

This was the last straw. She wanted to kill him but then she remembered why she shouldn't. She just looked at him. She didn't know what to do at this point. Then Sark spoke.

''Look I'll take care of it.'' She got a really weird feeling, she started to feel like, Sark was trying to calm her down not just to shut her up but, it was like he didn't want her to be mad at him.

''Fine!'' then she turned around and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After that she quickly ran in to her room to get dressed. She grabbed her purse and left without bothering to say goodbye to Sark.

When she came back she was so tired that she jus threw her shoes off and went to her living room. The CD was still on the table, she just stared at it for a few minutes, trying to think of what Sark said. That if she wants to get them back, she needs to think what could they possibly want from her. The more she thought, the heavier her eyes got, at some point she just laid down, then slowly drifted off to sleep.

Somewhere in L.A

Julian Sark wasn't known for his sensitivity, but that night at Rachel's apartment, when he saw her cry, it was something very new to him. Something inside him… he didn't know what it was, but he never felt it before. He was walking on the street, on his way to a bar, for a drink. He needed to calm his nerves ''God that woman can be so frustrating, how does she dare throwing that towel at me! I'm a bloody international criminal, doesn't she realize I could kill her right there and no one would know it was me?'' He shook his head when he entered the bar. He took a seat and a young woman spoke to him:

''Hey handsome'' He looked at her, she was pretty, nice long brown hair, green eyes, nice child like face, he couldn't really make her body in the darkness of a dirty bar, but he could see that she was pretty well kept '' What are you having tonight?''

''Beer.'' He said coldly, then he took his phone out, and put it on the counter

''Hmmm… that's a nice phone, and a nice suit.'' He didn't say anything he was too occupied of thinking about work. The girl was growing inpatient, she wasn't used to men ignoring her. ''So.. fight with the wife?'' Sark looked at her, confused, like he sees her or the first time

''I'm not married.''

''I know, you're single''

''then why did you ask about my wife? And how did you know?'' He took a sip of his beer, focusing on her. She leaned over the bar,

'' No ring, And it's 10pm''


''Family guys don't usually visit places like that at night?''

''Why not?''

''It's a gay bar'' He almost chocked, looking shocked and confused… ''What! No no no, I'm not… I'm not gay''


''No, of course not..''

''Care to prove it?''

''I don't have to prove anything to a cheap waitress!''

''At least I'm not alone and sad like you''

'' You don't know anything about me''

''Neither do you, so unless you want that beer to go down your pants, you'll mind your language!''She started walking away from him mumbling under her nose ''Cocky British son of a bitch…''

''Sark thought for a second, that he should just pull out a gun and kill her, but then again, he was way too tired and frustrated to deal with an annoying waitress. He just took 20$ out of his pocked and threw them on the bar, grabbed his phone and left.

On the way to his hotel, he was wondering what's going on with him, 6 years ago, he wouldn't let anyone, not to mention a woman treat him like this. And today alone he let 2 of them fuck around with him. ''Maybe I just can't handle women, or I'm getting old and too tired to do it….'' He couldn't sleep, rolling in the king size bed, thinking about the day he had, about Rachel, which was confusing. He couldn't get her out of his head, the color of her face when she threw the towel in his face, the way her voice got a bit squeaky, the way her eyebrows twitched when she was yelling at him ''What the hell! Why am I thinking about a stupid CIA agent, I must have some mental disease..''

He got out of bed and went to the bathroom, took a few sleeping pills, and went back to bed. In the mean time, Rachel was awake, watching the CD over and over again, trying to recognize the men who were holding her parents, with tears in her eyes, she knew it was hopeless, but she couldn't just stay calm while her parents were in danger. She couldn't believe it, but she was actually looking forward to seeing Sark again, partly because of her parents, and partly because she enjoyed him, just a bit.