This is the beginning of my fan fiction. My first onee, so be nice:]

Slow down.

Opal tries to warn me.

The night sky is the only thing guiding me through the forest.

Sabine, you're not going to escape your problems this way.

Opal frantically speaks inside my mind.

"I can sure as hell try." I say out loud with a shake of my head, pushing my horse faster.

My body goes numb from the cold, and my cheeks are wet from crying. Domenic was the only thing on my mind. His gentle blue eyes stare, and he smiles gently.

The throb in my chest screams at me.

Sabine you mustn't let this get in your way. You're smarter then this.

I can now see Opal's worried face.

The branches whip past me, and some smack into me. But it doesn't bother me, I continue riding as fast as I could.

There was no way in knowing where I was. Let alone how I was going to get home, and maybe that's what I intended on doing.


That was the last thing I heard before I shut her out.

I stopped for a second when we got to a long, dirt road. The rushing wind against my face relaxes.

My eyes look up to the moon, taking in the cool breeze with a shiver.

I kick my horse gently to tell him to go on.

We rush around more trees, all the way until he trips.

His hooves topples us over and I tumble down, rolling all the way until my head slams on something hard.

Then everything goes dark.