Title: Keys and Doors
Challenge: Prompt Bingo
Prompt: Fixation
Summary: [Joker, Joker / Alice] He can't help but be amused at how the situation has played out.
Rating: R

Author's Notes: **Rated for Language** Roughly Joker 6 or so gameplay-wise.

. o . o . o . o . o . o .

She was just as perfect a prisoner as he'd imagined. Quietly and obediently obeying his every command, all the while remaining sedately confined within her cell. Like a sweet, little, porcelain doll, moving only under his direction, locked away high upon a shelf where only he could admire her beauty.

"Don't tell me you're still playing around with that thing."

The pierrot glanced up at the sound of Joker's voice.

"And you aren't?" Brushing a hand against the girl's unnaturally cool cheek, he lifted her chin. A thumb traced speculatively over her lips as he lowered his voice to a suggestive purr. "The two of you all alone in this big, dark prison? I can only imagine what kind of games you've been playing with our dear Alice while I'm not around."

Joker snarled.

"I hope you haven't done anything too... ungentlemanly?"

"Like Hell I have!" His partner gave an enraged hiss. Boots striking the stone floor at a sharp clip, he stalked forward towards the cell. A snort of disdain left his lips. "What's the point in playing with a corpse?"

Joker toed a wayward windup toy for emphasis, kicking it out of his way with a vicious sneer at the noisy clatter of metal against stone.

"A corpse? How rude-"

"Don't bullshit me. You know as well as I do that the real one is running around out there." Whip beating restlessly against his thigh, Joker jerked a thumb towards the looming prison walls. "I'm not stupid enough to be satisfied with a cheap imitation."

"Oh?" Brow raised in mock curiosity, he released the girl. Letting her slump carelessly back to her knees on the floor, he drew himself up to his feet. "And? Which is it that bothers you more? The fact that this 'Alice' is merely an imitation; or, the fact that that Alice only ever comes to visit me, hmm Black-kun?"

"Shut the fuck up."

"Ah right, sorry, sorry. Don't get angry." Throwing his hands up peaceably, he laughed good-naturedly at his partner's rough growl. Shadows coalescing briefly around him as he slid effortlessly through the cell bars. Grinning widely, he tipped his head towards the girl. The bells on his cap jingled softly with the motion. "I'm sure Alice will be visiting you more often now too."

As expected, the girl had already changed. Gone was Alice, sweet if lifeless, replaced by the other one – the sister – older, blander, but no less intriguing in her existence. Both of them merely faint echoes of the people they appeared to be.

"After all..." The pierrot continued, tapping the iron bars of the prison cell idly with his whip. His grin stretched unashamedly in the shadows of the prison corridor. "Alice would do anything
to save her dear, older sister."