Chapter 3: The Rise of the Century Bombers

Later that day, Kibitou Homura Dojo

Inside the Kibitou Homura Dojo, there are kendo practitioners training inside the main hall. And while amidst the sound of bamboo and wooden swords clashing, Junichi is observing the students inside the dojo when he felt someone is pulling a chokehold on him from behind, and then suddenly biting his right ear. "Ouch!" He screamed, then he looked back while covering his injured ear and he saw Kaoru prancing on him. "Ha! I scored another point for me!" She exclaimed as she ran off to the hallway. "Kaoru when I catch you, I'm gonna send you to oblivion! And you'll regret biting off my ear while I hang you upside down!" Junichi then yelled as he chased Kaoru, only for her to outrun him, and Junichi gave up out of sheer rage. "Welcome back, Junichi!" a middle-aged man called him from the main hall. "Ah good old Saburo, what is it?" Junichi then asked "Well, Master Raiga is calling for you. He's at the main hall right now. " Kyozaburo Shinomiya, the dojo guard, said. "Okay, I'll head there. Thanks for the notice." Junichi then replied as he heads towards the main hall.

"The Century Bombers eh, you should see it Junichi. You have to learn a thing or two on how politics changed Japan for the past year, especially in the Defense Forces." Raiga Kurosaki, Junichi's kenjutsu instructor, said it after sipping a cup of green tea. "Yes Master!" Junichi replied happily. "But, I heard that the security there is so tight these days, you can't even get close to it. And yet, it's a great opportunity to see it!" Raiga said, "So when are you going there?" he then asked his student. "This Sunday, Master." Junichi replied. "I see… so that means you'll be working on the double this Saturday in order to prepare for the trip." His teacher said to him in a calm tone. "Yes." He replied, and he eagerly challenged his sensei, "Shall I spar with you Kurosaki-sensei?" Raiga nods at his student's reply as he picks up his shinai.

April 16, Saturday

Junichi was working hard at his part time job in the restaurant where Kaoru happens to work there. During one of their breaks, they happened to talk about the air show in Fuchu in which Junichi is attending. "Hey Junichi, are you sure you really want to go there? The air show I mean." Kaoru asked her old friend, in which Junichi replied, "Yep, and that is tomorrow." He said with a smile in his face. "Tomorrow huh… What! Are you making a fool out of me? What am I supposed to do tomorrow?" Kaoru snapped at her friend. "Then take my shift too! That's my revenge for the other day dammit!" He replied angrily. "Now if you excuse me, I gotta finish my shift now so that I can leave early and prepare for tomorrow's trip." And he goes back to work while Kaoru got stupefied at his reaction.

8 pm, Ayatsuji Residence

"…and this calculation goes right here. Ah finally, it's all done!" Tsukasa said those words as she completed her Algebra homework. After clearing her study table, she begins to think about her plans for the trip. "Now come to think about it, I can't for this Sunday to come. And maybe I should prepare some emergency rations in case. And then… oh yeah! Where am I supposed to meet Tachibana-kun?" And the night continues as she thinks about her plans for tomorrow.

April 17, Sunday – 4:45AM

It is almost five in the morning, and the streets are still dark. And yet, Junichi and Tsukasa did not mind as they head towards the meeting site. "Alright smart guy, what are you plotting right now?" Tsukasa asked her boyfriend. "I think I'm gonna get aboard at one of those century bombers." Junichi replied. "Ayatsuji-san, I'm thinking of challenging those military officials to a kendo match, but it may only get us into trouble." He added. "So what are you going to do once we get there?" Tsukasa asked him again. "I don't know. But I'll definitely do something." He replied. "Like what?" She asked. "Let's see… I want to get back at them. We'll show them that even the youth has the guts to take on politics." Junichi said it with a smile in his face. "You're such a straightforward person Tachibana-kun. But that sounds interesting however!" Tsukasa agrees to what her boyfriend said. And they continued to chat as they keep walking.

"What are you guys doing here?" Michihiro said in surprise as he saw the two. "Well, Risa-chan invited us. And she said she'd talk to Ishida-sensei about us." Junichi replied. Then Michihiro looked at his master, Kiyohide Ishida, and asked him. "Sir?" he asked. Kiyohide sipped his coffee and said to him, "Well, she did said something about tagging someone along, but she never gave me their names though." Junichi almost sighed in disbelief at what he heard when he, along with others, saw Risa approaching them and they heard her voice. "Oh sorry guys, I overslept!" she said. "Hey Risa-chan, you said that you'd be the first to come. But why the hell are you late? And what's with the cape?" Michihiro said while he checks on her. "It's your fault dammit! How could I never come late when you challenged me to some random debate last night, and I almost spent my energy that I'm reserving for today?" She angrily said to him. Then she looks at the two, quickly smiled at them, and said "So you guys did really come." Both Junichi and Tsukasa offered their greetings at her. And then she looked back at Michihiro and said, "Hey Koyabu-san, please take them along with us. I want to show them the Century Bombers." "Are you stupid Risa-chan? We're not going there for fun and games!" Michihiro said to her. "Besides, Ishida-sensei is going there under the Japanese Liberal Union's orders!" he added. Kiyohide then called Michihiro and asked him, "Who are these youngsters anyway?" Michihiro quickly replied to his master, "Oh, if it's about this guy, he's the young master of a local dojo called the Kibitou Homura dojo." He said while he's pointing at Junichi. Then he points at Tsukasa and said, "And as for her, well she's just his girlfriend." Then Risa moves to convincing her instructor to tag them along. "Don't worry sir, they're not suspicious figures. I'll vouch for their identities." She said. Kiyohide then looked at Junichi and asked him, "You, why do you want to see the Century Bombers?" Then Junichi looked at him and said, "I wanted to see the future with my own eyes. Besides, I really want to know what politics can do even in the Japanese military at times like this." Hearing those words, Kiyohide smiled at him and said, "All right, come along." And then he also looked at Michihiro and said to him, "Koyabu-kun, curiosity is the privilege of the young generation." "Thank you Sir!" Junichi and Tsukasa said to the instructor. "You are truly understanding, Ishida-sensei!" Risa joined in their conversation.

Then Michihiro interrupted them and asked his instructor. "Ishida-sensei, are you really sure about this? I mean this isn't a sightseeing trip." "Don't be too small minded Koyabu-kun." Kiyohide said to his student. Junichi then stepped forward in front of him and said, "Ishida-sensei, if I may introduce myself…" "Forget about the introductions, we may never see each other again." Kiyohide interrupted, and then he looked at Junichi with an eye of scrutiny. "You've got such a handsome look, and I can see that you are destined for greatness. Therefore I'm going to call you "Shadow Wolf!" the instructor said to him. And then he also looked at Tsukasa and said to her, "You have such a pretty face, but I can see that you also have a cunning mind. Therefore "Flash Angel" shall be your name." "That's a good one Ishida-sensei." Risa praised her instructor, and then looked at the two. "Do you know that Ishida-sensei is good at giving names?" she said. Then she pulled out two bags from the nearby car, and she gave them to both Junichi and Tsukasa. Tsukasa looked at the contents of the bag and asked Risa, "What's with this costume?" "Oh about that, you guys should change into this." Risa said, then she remover the cape to reveal the business suit she's wearing. "Didn't I tell you guys that we'll be accompanying Ishida-sensei as bodyguards?" she said while she wears her shades. "Hey Kamizaki-kun, regarding the F-15 specification draft that you submitted…" Kiyohide interrupted them as he talks to Risa. "I cleared it on time!" she happily replied. But Kiyohide's facial expression is grim. "It is pathetic. That draft of yours shows that you don't understand how fighter jets are made." "But you know that I'm not good with complicated details." She said in her defense. "Start it over again." The instructor said to her, and Risa just walked off at her instructor. Michihiro gathers everyone while starting the engines in his silver van. "Alright guys, get in the car. We're leaving in five minutes. "

8:15AM – The Ramen Corner, En route to Fuchu

The group is famished from their two-hour plus travel, so they decided to stop by at a nearby ramen shop en route. "Thank you for waiting." The waiter said while the ramen is being served. While eating, the group decided to have a chat about school life and politics among other topics. "Shadow Wolf, what do you see in Japan's future? I want to hear the opinions of your generation." Kiyohide asks Junichi after he finished his bowl. Junichi thinks hard, and he replied, "As for me, whatever happens, it will happen." Kiyohide just laughed and he responded by saying, "That is true." Michihiro interrupts the discussion, saying to Junichi "You should study politics more." Then Kiyohide stood up and looked intently at the group and he said, "Alright people, I'll therefore tell you something worth keeping in your memories. Michihiro, you better take notes." he said to Michihiro.

"All people share a common destiny—the righteous and the wicked, the good and the bad, the clean and the unclean, those who offer sacrifices and those who do not. This is the evil in everything that happens under the sun: The same destiny overtakes all. The hearts of men, moreover, are full of evil and there is madness in their hearts while they live, and afterward they join the dead. Anyone who is among the living has hope—even a live dog is better off than a dead lion! For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even the memory of them is forgotten. Their love, their hate and their jealousy have long since vanished; never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun." He clears his throat and he expounds further, "Therefore let me tell you this, whatever your hand finds to do today, do it with all your might, for in the grave, in which where we are all going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom. And as for wisdom, I'll give you these words. Wisdom heard in quietness of the heart is far better than the shouts of the fools." And he looked at Junichi and Tsukasa and said to them, "You kids should study hard so that you can make the right decisions when then the time comes." The two nodded in agreement upon hearing those words. And Kiyohide looks again at Michihiro and asked him, "Koyabu-kun, did you take notes of that?" "Well you see, I forgot to bring out my organizer. I left it in the car before we came in. Can you tell me later about that again?" Michihiro replied while trying to look away at his instructor. "Fool! I'm not going to tell it again." Kiyohide replied to his student in disgust. "Don't worry Koyabu-san. We took note of it." Junichi said to Michihiro while flashing his notebook.

12:30PM – JASDF HQ, Fuchu

The public entrance to the Air Defense headquarters has been crowded by onlookers and the press people. When the group saw the commotion, Michihiro decided to use the alternate entrance reserved only for the military staff. But upon reaching the entrance, they are blocked by the security in that gate. Michihiro and the others step down from the car. "I am Major Michihiro Koyabu, and this is Kiyohide Ishida, former Colonel of the 2nd Air Wing." Michihiro said as he identifies himself and vouching for his instructor's identity, then he pointed to the rest of the group. "And as for these three, they are the former Colonel's bodyguards." He said. The security, upon finding out that they are facing both Michihiro and Kiyohide, they just let them enter the facility.

Upon entering the viewing area, Risa rushed ahead as the group is still finding the best seats. Then she signaled both Junichi and Tsukasa to get into her position. And she showed the Century Bombers stationed in the airfield. "Behold, the amazing Century Bombers are now in front of your eyes!" she exclaimed. Junichi and Tsukasa are amazed at what they saw. "Tachibana-kun, how do you plan to get on board?" Tsukasa asked her boyfriend. "Let's see, we could sneak around their dressing room, and we could steal their uniforms so we could disguise ourselves as Air Defense officials. Then we could waltz in undetected." Junichi replied with a grin in his face. Meanwhile, Kiyohide looks at both Michihiro and Risa and motioned them to move up at the airfield while both Junichi and Tsukasa proceed with their plan. "Hey Risa-chan, what do you think?" Michihiro asked Risa, in which she replied; "I want to ride it! I really want to ride those planes and travel around the world!" she then moves forward again to the airfield. "So what do you think?" Kiyohide then asked Michihiro. "Well Ishida-sensei, I'm not as optimistic as Risa-chan. I really have saddening thoughts so bad that I fear for this country's future." Michihiro replied to his instructor. "Isn't that amazing?" Kiyohide said to his student, and he goes on; "We may look at the same thing, but we have different thoughts regarding that." Back at the viewing area, Risa spots the two advancing to the Air Defense Barracks nearby, "Hey guys, be prepared to die!" she taunts the two. Hearing Risa's voice, Michihiro also spots the two. "What the hell are guys doing?" he said. "They're planning to board the Century Bombers." his instructor said. "Are you going to let them?" Michihiro asked his instructor. "Those two are still small minded." He said.

"To all the Air Defense officials, dignitaries and the rest, the Air Show is about to begin right now." A voice has been heard from the speaker system placed in the viewing area. As the Japanese National Anthem is being played, Kiyohide said something to his student. "Japan will be divided into two once more. Some will blindly accept the change; others will hide in the shell of the country's former glory. And what we could do at this point is to take the third option. We will peacefully open our arms to the change; absorb the knowledge brought forth by it, building our national power from within. And once we unite all the political parties, we will take them head on. That is how to truly oppose the militarization." Michihiro agrees.

Meanwhile, the dastardly couple got trouble upon entering the barracks, "Let's stop!" Junichi said. "Then what are going to do now?" Tsukasa asked him. "We'll charge ahead towards the airfield!" but as they try to run towards the airfield, the air show has already begun. Suddenly, while running, Tsukasa lost her balance and Junichi catches her. "What the hell are these guys?" he thought. And Risa waves her hands at the planes in the sky from afar. And the two just stayed in the airfield while looking at the sky.

End of Chapter One

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