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Angel of Music

Chapter 1: Golden Boy

Kendall Knight let out a heavy sigh. He didn't like Theater. It was boring; not just boring, but so confusing. Stage left and stage right; lighting plot and lighting leak, it was just all so confusing. Kendall just didn't get it. He'd rather be in P.E right now, that he understood.

Kendall was a jock. He was the all-star for the school's hockey team, as well as their baseball team. He was royalty at Palm Woods. Girls wanted him, and boys wanted to be him. Even after his bisexuality was revealed, he still reigned.

"Kendall Knight?" Kendall shifted his attention across the classroom to the very front; standing at just 5'3" was their teacher Mr. Mann, the theater teacher.

Kendall swallowed hard as he rose from his desk, making his way across the room to where the short man stood. His eyes never leaving the stack of papers that the instructor clutched in his hands.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,' Kendall's thought's raced, as his palms began to get sweaty.

Oh, how he dreaded this day: Test-return day. After already receiving one C and one D on the previous theater tests, Kendall was not looking forward to his marking on this most recent test. If he got another D, he could possibly be kicked off the hockey team and would be killed by his mother.

Kendall finally reached Mr. Mann, towering over the slightly balding man as the instructor retrieved the paper resting at top of his pile, offering it to the blonde.

Kendall took the paper from his teacher with shaking hands, turning the results from his own view, before turning around to make his trip back to his assigned desk, as Mr. Mann continued calling out students.

Kendall slid into his chair, slowly resting his test in front of him, scanning the paper for his grade. Placed at the top, encased in a circle, a giant red F stared at the blonde, followed by a scribbled note, written just for Kendall: See me after class!

"Fuck…" Kendall muttered under his breath, turning the test over, not wishing to see his failure any more.

Kendall Knight, the golden boy of Palm Woods High School, just didn't understand theater.

The rest of theater class continued on like normal; Mr. Mann babbled on about theater this and theater that. Then finally, the bell finally rung, officially ending the class.

Kendall would normally be the first to race out the door; he remained in his seat, waiting until the entire class filed out.

Rising from his seat, clutching his test in hand, Kendall approached Mr. Mann for the second time that day, "Mr. Mann?"

The elder man turned towards Kendall, viewing through his glasses at the blonde, "Ah, Mr. Knight, you got my message."

'How could I not?' Kendall thought, nodding his head. "Yes sir."

Mr. Mann paused for a moment. "What happened?" Mr. Mann questioned, looking for an excuse for Kendall's failing grade.

Kendall just shrugged.

"Well, something had to have happened," Mr. Mann stated, as the blonde just stood silent. "Do you not understand the material?"

Kendall nodded his head, mumbling a merged form of "yes" and "mhhm".

"What is it that you do not understand?" Mr. Mann continued to interrogate.

Kendall stood in awkward silence for a few moments before gaining the courage to finally voice, "Everything…I-um, theater just doesn't-I don't get it." Kendall exhaled.

"Well, theater is not everyone's cup of tea," Mr. Mann admitted, Kendall nodding rapidly. "But, if you continue down this path, you will fail this class and be suspended from the hockey team."

"I know," Kendall's face dropped.

"Well, here's what I can do," Mr. Mann began, drawing Kendall's attention. "If you come by a couple times after school I can help you to better understand theater; give you some extra help."

Kendall's face lit up, "Really?"

Mr. Mann nodded, "Yes, I also won't tell Coach Boyd about your failing grade."

Kendall was smiling ear to ear, "Really? Oh Mr. Mann, that would be great!"

"Alright than, you just gotta make sure you come in here and actually put in the effort to bettering your grade." Mr. Mann declared, placing his hands on his hips; showing Kendall that he meant business.

"Of course,"

"When do you want come in and see me?" The instructor asked.

Kendall paused for a moment, thinking over his scheduling, "Um, well, I can meet after school today…" Kendall barely voiced his response. He hated giving up his free afternoons, they were so rare. Hockey and other sports, often consumed his afternoons.

"Well, I have a meeting after school until 3:00, but if you can wait around until then, I can do that," Mr. Mann offered.

"Yep, that will work fine," Kendall replied.

"Excellent, see you after school,"

Kendall couldn't wait.


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