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Angel of Music

Chapter Nine: Eric

Monday had arrived. The weekend had, tragically, came and went and it was now time to return to the prison that people called: school. Kendall hated Monday's. It always seemed to drag on forever. Tuesday's were tolerable, Wednesday's were decent, but Monday's were always just pure torture. However, the silver lining for this particular Monday was that Kendall had another tutoring session with Mr. Mann. Though, while Kendall wasn't looking forward to the tutoring, it provided him with the opportunity to run into Logan. That he was looking forward to.

The rest of Kendall's Monday continued as predicted: a drag. There was nothing interesting or exciting occurred; just another boring ole day at Palm Woods High. As the day progressed, Kendall finally found himself in his last class of the day, Social Sciences. While the teacher babbled on, Kendall found his eyes continually being distracted by the clock that rested above the chalkboard. Only two and half minutes remained in the school day. From here, Kendall would race-but not look like a doofus-down to the performing arts wing in hopes that he would be early enough to maybe run into Logan before he would have to go tutor with Mr. Mann.

Kendall began to fidget in his chair as the clock neared the designated time. Five, four, three, two one…the bell sounded off. Kendall quickly rose from his chair, gathering his things as he stormed out the door in the direction of the performing arts wing.

As the blonde entered the wing, he darted past the various students lingering in the hall, his eyes roaming through the area in hopes of spotting a certain brunette. But, to his disappointment, Logan was nowhere in sight. However, Kendall did spot one person and all hopes were dashed; it was: Mr. Mann coming out of the teacher's lounge.

"Mr. Knight!" The theater teacher beamed as the two made eye contact, "You are here nice and early. I was expecting you to dilly dally a little first."

"Yeah," was all Kendall could muster. He couldn't quite confess his real intentions for his swift arrival to the performing arts wing.

"Well, let's go to my classroom and we can get started," Mr. Mann instructed joining the teenage boy as they walked side by side to the room at the end of the hall.

Kendall simply nodded, following instructions, not allowing for his disappointment of not seeing Logan appear on his face.

Mr. Mann attempted to carry on a conversation with Kendall in the time that it took for them to reach his classroom; asking the blonde various questions ranging from "how was your weekend" to "did you have a good day" all were mindless conversation starters. Kendall's responses were very simple, one-word answers before turning the questions onto Mr. Mann and asking him about his own weekend; to be polite. This started Mr. Mann on a long and extremely detailed recollection of his weekend events.

Kendall quickly became bored and quickened his pace towards the educator's classroom; his gaze never leaving his destination…except for once. Kendall found his green eyes peering away for only a moment as the twosome passed a classroom. The choir classroom. Kendall glanced in quickly, scanning the area that the small glass window provided him to see and his eyes quickly found its target. A brunette with gentle caring eyes and smile that made his heart to skip a beat; it was Logan.

Kendall smiled goofily from ear to ear as he pulled his eyes away from the teen boy and onto the classroom once more. Now, Kendall was going to have something to look forward to after his time with Mr. Mann.

Kendall's time with Mr. Mann was unsuccessful. Kendall didn't feel like he was learning anything the entire time. That could be due to the fact that Kendall was distracted the entire time. Kendall tried to stay focus and on task, but his attention kept on returning to the excitement of being able to talk to Logan after class…hopefully. Kendall grew more and more worried at the reality that Logan could leave before Kendall was done and the blonde would be left in disappointment. However, if not, then they would get to talk and all would be good. But, what if he did get out early and what if Logan waited for him? That would be nice…but, highly unlikely. Or what if Kendall got out before Logan? Should he wait or would that be seen as creepy.

So many ifs, ands, and what ifs filled the blonde's head, he simply couldn't focus.

Their session finally came to an end and after a little lecture from Mr. Mann about how he still needed to approve and scheduling another session for tomorrow after school, Kendall was allowed to leave.

Pushing open the door that lead to Mr. Mann's classroom, Kendall made his way into the hallway, his pace slowed. Scanning the hallway, the blonde quickly found that Logan was nowhere in sight. His eyes then locked onto the choir classroom that he was nearing.

Kendall's next move was to see if Logan was still inside the choir room. But, after that…he had nothing. If Logan was, would he wait? Would he go ahead and go home? Would Logan still even be there? All the questions Kendall had gathered during his session with Mr. Mann came flooding back.

His worries were soon subsided as he heard the clanking and groaning noise of one of the classroom doors opening. His heart skipped a beat and his breathing slowed as his eyes locked onto the source of the noise; it was the choir room door. Kendall stopped in his tracks.

A figure emerged from behind the doorway, making their way into the hallway. Kendall recognized him. His name was Erik Leroux. He was the star in all the theater productions, lead male voice in both men's choir and the glee club, and also the best in speech and debate. Always well dressed in various designer clothing, Eric had his brunette hair neatly styled and perfectly in place, with his bright blue eyes always standing out. They were beautiful.

"Trust me, they were just fabulous," Eric's voice called out, an almost valley girl ring to it.

Eric was also extremely gay. Besides his work with the performing arts department, Eric was also leader of the LGBST club. He was one of the first out and proud homosexual students in the school. After Kendall came out as being bisexual, Eric tried being his new best friend; however, Kendall knew what his true intentions were. It wasn't that Eric was not attractive; he just wasn't Kendall's cup of tea. Eric didn't always speak with the stereotypical valley girl accent, just only when he got really excited about something. Only then would his true gayness come out.

"I'm sure they were," Kendall heard another voice, it wasn't Eric. It was coming from inside the classroom. It sounded like familiar...

Doing the gentlemanly thing, Eric held the door open for the second voice as they soon came into view, stepping out into the hallway. Kendall's face lit up as Logan came into view.

"We so, so need to listen to them on the way to the mall," Eric instructed, not even bothering to look at Kendall or accept his presence in the room. His entire attention was focused on Logan, the angel of music.

"Well, since you will be driving; the driver gets to pick the—" Logan stopped in mid-sentence as his eyes glanced over in Kendall's direction, noticing the blonde. The brunette's face lit up, "Hey, it's Kendall!"

Eric finally allowed himself to take in Kendall's existence, turning towards the blonde, "So it is,"

Logan completely dropped his conversation with Eric as he moved towards the blonde, with Eric following reluctantly behind.

"Hey Kendall, I guess you had one of your tutoring sessions with Mr. Mann today," Logan concluded.

It took Kendall a moment to respond. He was just happy at his luck. He was going to get to talk with Logan after all, even if Eric had to be here, "Uh yeah…I, uh, just got done. You have vocal practice today?"

Logan nodded, "Yeah, I have it every day. Eric and I were working on a duet…do you know Eric?"

"Yeah, I do…" Kendall responded with Eric nodding in confirmation.

Yes indeed, Kendall very much knew Eric. Despite developing a friendship in order for Eric to get closer with Kendall, when Eric finally gathered up the courage to ask out Kendall, the blonde rejected him. Their friendship fell apart shortly after and Eric despised Kendall from then on and refused to talk with him.

"Yes, Logie…Kendall and I have already had the pleasure of getting to know each other…" Eric responded. His voice sounded bitter and cold. Kendall couldn't help but hate the nickname that Eric was using for Logan. It sounded like a pet name, like he was in possession of him. Back when they were friends, Eric used to always call him "Kendie"; and it drove him nuts.

Kendall's eyes widened, Eric only used a nickname for Kendall because he had a crush on him. The nickname followed after Kendall came out as bisexual. Did this mean that Logan was gay or at least Bi?

"That's cool, what a small world. It is like the six degrees of Kendall Knight. It seems that every person that I meet know you in some way, Kendall," Logan joked, flashing the blonde that smile of his.

"I guess so," Kendall responded.

"Well, Kendall, it was nice seeing you again, but Logan and I really need to get to the mall before it closes," Eric explained. Kendall knew that Eric just wanted to be alone with Logan and it made him…kind of mad.

"I guess we have to go," Logan shrugged his shoulders, flashing the pair of green eyes an apologetic smile.

"No problem," Kendall lied through his teeth.

"Goodbye, Kendall," Eric responded as he started walking in the opposite way of Kendall, ahead of Logan. His voice was icy cold. Eric was obviously still bitter about the rejection. Though, Kendall couldn't really blame him…who likes to be rejected by their crush?

"I'll talk to you some other time?" Logan questioned, starting the direction of Eric, his attention still fully on Kendall.

Kendall simply nodded, forcing a smile as he watched Logan move farther away.

"Bye," Logan said sweetly, waving goodbye before running to catch up with Eric, grabbing the taller teens arm and holding onto it.

Kendall waved, even though he knew Logan wouldn't see, whispering "Bye" under his breath.

Kendall remained standing there even after the two were no longer in sight. A mixture of emotions was filling the blonde's body. He couldn't help but feeling upset that he wasn't able to talk to Logan like he was planning. Then there was the whole Eric deal and why those two were hanging out. Did it mean that Logan liked guys? And if so…were Eric and Logan dating? The way Logan wrapped his arms around the dapper boy was more affectionate then an exchange between two simple friends.

The thought of Logan and Eric dating made Kendall feel….he didn't know, but it was different. It was anger, it was sadness, it was depression, it was…jealousy? Was Kendall jealous of Eric possibly being with Logan?

But, the more important question was: did that mean Kendall like-liked Logan?


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