Mr. Gordon walked up to me as he spoke, "Hello Ginger! How have you been?" I neighed hearing my name as I kicked the back of the box hearing a loud crack sound. Mr. Gordon put a bridle around me as he took me out of the box. I glared at him and I looked away. He looked at me smiling and he patted me as if I did something good. He walked into the box leaving me beside the pole. Mr. Gordon walked out of the stables as I kicked the pole. I was loose free as I ran out of the stables running to the free garden. Mr. Gordon sat on Night as Night trotted up to me. I looked at Night as Mr. Gordon came down.

"Ginger! You need to stop kicking! Learn from Night. Duke and Diamond should have taught you a lesson from not kicking,"he scolded me taking my right cheek strap. I pricked my ears after hearing my mother and father's name. I moved my head as he pulled my head to a straight position. Night whinnied as I stared at him. Mr. Gordon walked back to the stables still pulling my head to a straight position as Night was trotting beside him. Mr. Gordon put Night back into Night's box.

I watched Mr. Gordon taking out the bridle and I bit the bridle trying to do the same. Mr. Gordon scolded me again, "Ginger...would you stop doing what you are doing?" I moved my head as I stopped feeling angry. I bit Mr. Gordon's shirt as I let go. Mr. Gordon took out a whip after letting go off his shirt as I saw it. I ran out of the stables again as Mr. Gordon took Night out again. He chased me and as far as I know, Night is the second fastest running horse in the stables. Night stopped in front of me as I looked at Mr. Gordon. His whole face as it turned red, he whipped me as I whinnied and fall to the ground. Mr. Gordon came down from Night as he patted Night's back.

Night walked back to the stables as I neighed. Mr. Gordon sighed softly as he said, "Tomorrow, I will come and visit you with someone. You can stay out here in the meadows until tomorrow." I whinnied as I stayed on my knee's. He walked back to the stables with his whip beside him dragging on the soft green grass. I got up as I walked to a stream. I drank some water as I went walking around after drinking.

- The next day -

Mr. Gordon walked up to me the next morning as I pricked my ears putting my head up. I saw another good looking man, tall and thin.

Mr. Whit said, "This is Ginger. Ginger, this is John." I looked at John as I neighed. John patted my head as I felt warmth. I stood beside John leaning against him. Mr. Gordon's eyes were huge.

"How did you make Ginger become your partner?"

John laughed, "No idea. But I know she's a loving horse."

I put my head up as I stood straight showing my great personality.

Mr. Gordon quickly said, "Wanna take her? Free of charge!" John looked at me then Mr. Gordon.

"I'll take her right away. Give me her saddle please..."John said with a smile as I followed John to the stables.

Mr. Gordon gave the saddle to John as he put it on me. I felt heavy as I wanted to bite but John made it a little loose and I felt no pain. I whinnied as I looked at Night. Night's eyes were clouded with sadness as Mr. Gordon walked to Night patting his head.

"Take good care of Ginger...Night, say goodbye,"he smiled at Night. Night looked away as he was on his knee's. I looked at John. Mr. Gordon smiled, "Night loves Ginger and I know he would want to meet her again." John thought for a second. "I will bring her here everyday. How about that?"John asked smiling. Mr. Gordon perked up. "Sure! Night would be happy. Won't you Night?"he looked at Night smiling. Night neighed as I neighed back feeling happy.

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