The Journey

Yesterday, He met me there,

I too don't know exactly where,

However all sorrows there to pieces did tear

And the truth along with joy did lie bare.

To reach there, theft and cheat are paid as fare.

To pessimists this feels unfair.

Whoever to reach there does dare,

Is freed from his life full of care.

In the distance, where the dark forest of sadness was clear,

With the intertwining twigs of confusion which created fear.

There flowed a river of love for the ones that are dear,

From which small fishes of remorse consumed by the heart did peer;

From this red river by who's pumping did steer.

As I went near,

I saw an island with an icing imagination's cream.

Seeing the beauty, I got jeered;

But stopped for a moment, doubting if it were a dream.

Overruling the thought, I climbed uphill at top gear

There a blessing followed me like a light beam,

Knowledge rained in the distance, with droplets queer

Red in colour and sharpness such that the treetops get trimmed.

The hill was steep, I slipped twice. This was my destiny's last leer.

The skies did scream and I heard a blast,

As swaying clouds like thoughts went past.

The flowing river of blood beside me now flowed fast,

As I reached the destiny at last.

I turned round and stood aghast,

The summit met the sky like a ship mast.

This joined the stream with great haste.

The air had a strong exilir's smell & taste.

I was at the junction drawn by lust,

Surrounded all round by a film of dust.

The soul then merged with the sky for it was a must.

The sky had the land with a universal shadow of hard work cast.

The sky, the earth, the fires, the air and the air and merged with the soul of the god to form a human heart, alas.

Rishi Shah