Life is tough

By Rhys major-Johnston

A bright light flashed. The intensity of the sound was deafening. My home, and all my neighbors' homes disappear instantly into the smoke, which was the aftermath. As I stood, amazed at the absolute destruction the blast wave threw me to the hard ground.

I can't move any muscle in my body all I can do is wait till the radioactive residue to destroy my body. It's pure agony as it eats away at hair and skin. The world began to get cloudy as my eyes began to melt into my skull.

The fingers of my left hand started to bubble and fuse together, and mould around the steel pole in my grasp.

A silhouetted shape arrived above me. It began to circle in the sky, or what looked like the sky….

I've been here for what feels like days. I don't know how else I have been changed by the radio activeness; my nerves were neutralized almost instantly after the first mutations.

I feel stronger than ever before, I am on two feet now although I feel lopsided I can still run like the wind. Now I can leave this place where I watched the explosion, I can go home.

My hometown is now just a pile of radiated rubble but in my mind, It's the same place as it has always been; the clean streets filled with cheerful people, the houses evenly spread out down the road each very identical, the same red brick roof, the same green wooden walls, the same garden, the same everything apart from the people.

I miss my childhood but everything went wrong at my 19th birthday party.

I remember it like it was yesterday…. Or was it yesterday? Days and time mean nothing to me anymore they all fuse into one continuous timeline of light and dark.

There is something on the road…"It's part of a toy? But wait…It's my toy!" I go to pick it up, but my hand! My fingers have fused together it's an ugly sight my skin has gone orange it's covered in bubbles and blotches of red rashes. "I must look like a monster" I look at my other hand I nearly double over and throw up.

The pole was protruding out of a mass of flesh, my hand had grown over it so that it would not come out but if sharpened it could be a deadly weapon.

An agonizing screech nearly brought me to my knees, I span around on my toes.

Its deep red eyes focused on me, its boney spines all over its back rippled and shivered in anticipation.

Its dog like body bent down on its front legs readying itself to pounce, the world went silent it was just me and it or it and this thing I am now.

I slide my left foot back to steady myself… The thing pounced jumping the full eight meters to me.

The weight of the beast landing on my chest pushed me onto the dusty pavement. I had both my arms pinned against my chest where I had tried to defend myself from its claws, "I'm bleeding!" the liquid was spitting itself everywhere.

I managed to roll the big heap of an apparently non-interested feral beast off my body, but it dragged me with it. Lying on top of it I realized why.

My arm was stuck inside of it; the pole must have gone through it when it jumped at me. Pulling the metal out I smiled "me a deadly weapon?" my smile broadened "maybe life is better now? Yes it is."

I climbed the closest building, and standing like the victor.

"I'm ready for you cruel world, life may be tough but I'm tougher"

And I let out all my feelings with a massive ROAR.

My real life has just started my old one, gone.