Alessa looked at the seemingly glowing figure standing in the closet with her. Light red hair was braided and over the woman's shoulder, a white dress with a lace house coat over it, bright blue eyes, pale skin, short and grayish white wings folded against the woman's back. The red head smiled gently and kneeled down, a dainty little hand reaching out and wiping away the child's tears.

"Why do you cry love?" The soft accented voice of the woman asked.

Alessa sobbed and buried her head into the woman's chest, feeling delicate fingers running through her black hair comfortingly. Light humming was heard as the woman wrapped her wings around Alessa, in a protective coccoon. "What's your name?" She asked.


Mary looked at her other charge before feeling an overwhelming feeling of pain and a burning skin. Her blue orbs widen before she took to the sky flying and soaring, desprate to reach Alessa.

The door threw open and a winged figure raced over the the iron circle,a charred figrue of a child restained. Burning her hand, Mary opened the cage, pulling Alessa into the already wet house coat Mary had. Alessa painfully cried into her angel's shoulder was the wings streched out, fightening the cultists who had remained away.

"Detractum es ruinas,De tacitis reverie,You're in sinu angeli,Petas, hic consolationem(1)" The angel whispered in latin as she walked out of the building and into the streets, the child craddled against her chest and shoulder.

Alessa looked at the glowing figure, standing the door way. Wings now, resemable metal. Mary, stood there, an archangel. Her guardian, after all Alessa has done in the last thirty years. The red head hadn't aged since the day the forty year old had met her in that closet and saved her from the flames.

Yes, Mary the Archangel was Alessa's guardian,protecter, and angel. Alessa disappeared after one final glance.

Mary looked at the blonde woman, who had stopped at the door beside her. "Thank you. For helping us."

The red head nodded, "It's what I'm made for dear." She paused, looking at the girl, Alessa's good smiling,"Keep her safe." With that said, Mary turned and spread her wings, taking off to the heavens. Blue sky and clouds greeted the angel as she flew up, toward her home. The worry of the past thirty years gone.

(1. You were pulled from the wreckage, Of your silent reverie, You're in the arms of the angel, May you find some comfort here.)