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Harry's POV

"Sweet merciful ground. Oh how I shall never leave thee. I will …"

"Ronald do shut up you are making quite a scene."

"Oh leave him alone Hermione. That plane thingy was horrible. I mean how could anyone stand to go on that. The devils work is what that is."

"Awww is ikkle Sirius frightened of the big bad plane?"

"Shut it Remus."

"No I don't think I will."

That would be them at it for the rest of the journey. Or until we found the guy that was supposed to be waiting on us with our keys to our cars. In my case, my baby. She was a dark blue Lamborghini Reventon

that was given to me from the Malfoys as a thank you gift for saving their son Draco and new born daughter Cecilia from a fire that the death eaters caused at Malfoy Manor. Over the years Draco and I had gotten closer and trusted each other more than they we had ever before.


"What Ron?"

"Someone wants to talk to you"


"I dunno. Really pale guy, quite tall says he upset you on the plane?"

"That arse. Well tell him to hurry up, I think I can see our guy with our car keys."

"Ok but I wouldn't like to be in this guys shoes once your done with him."

I could see Ron going over to him and telling him that he was to come over. He looked up and I caught his eyes. They were an unusual colour almost honey like but darker. As soon as he moved I looked away and waited until he was a few steps away from me before I spoke.

"Ron said you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yeah. I just wanted to say I'm sorry that I upset you on the plane. I didn't mean to stare you're just fascinating."

"It's ok. I was just restless I don't like being restricted and planes give me the creeps."

"So your new here right?"

"Yeah we just moved here from Scotland."

"Thought so, well I'm Edward. Edward Cullen I live just outside of the reservation here in Forks."

"That's were we're moving too. What were you doing on the plane if you live here?"

"Ohhh we had been visiting my cousin Tanya and her family for a while."

"Must have been nice. Well I've got to go it was nice meeting you Edward. Goodbye."

"Wait I didn't catch your name"

"It's Harry. Harry Potter"

"Well goodbye Harry. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon."

I set about looking for the twins as they would be the easiest to spot. After around ten minutes of wandering about the place I found them arguing over who was going to get to ride in the front seat in my car since Remus would be with Sirius and Hermione with Ron. As I looked around the airport I saw someone holding a card saying POTTER in black letters.

"Hey guys, guys? GUYS"

"For god sake Harry there's no need to shout"

"Well Ron if use hadn't been arguing and listened to me the first time I wouldn't of had to shout now would I?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah now what is it?"

"I can see the guy that has our keys, now move otherwise he might leave"


While Ron went to tell the others I caught Edwards eye, as he left the airport. There was something odd about him. Something different and I wanted to find out what.

"Harry where's the guy wit our keys I wanna go home?"

"Just over there Fred. The guy with the glasses and grey hair."

We walked over to wear the man was and asked if we could get our keys.


"I'm Harry Potter"

"I'm Fred Weasley"

"I'm George Weasley"

"I'm Ron Weasley"

"I'm Hermione Granger"

"I'm Sirius. Sirius Black."

"And i'm Remus Lupin."

"Nice to meet you all, I am Mr. Grey Stevenson. Here's your keys and I hope you have a nice stay in Forks."

"Thank you Mr. Stevenson, do you have our address and a map we could use?"

There goes Remus, even the poliet one.

"Why of course Mr. errmmm Lupin?"

"Thank you. Well I guess we better get going. Come on kids."

And with that we left for our new home.