Title: Shattered Salvation (Shattered Identity / Salvation of Acceptance / Continuation Scenes, and all Bonus Features and Mature Scenes)

Rating: NC-17. There are long stretches that are T/PG-13.

Characters: Peter, Gabriel, Angela Petrelli, Heidi Petrelli, Maury Parkman, Emma Coolidge, Noah Bennet, Arthur Petrelli, various others for cameos.

Pairings: Peter/Gabriel, Gabriel/Heidi, Peter/Emma, Angela/Maury, Claire/Gretchen, Micah/Abigail, mentions of other pairings (Peter/Nathan, Nathan/Heidi, Matt/Mohinder, Micah/Molly, original characters with canon characters, etc.)

Spoilers: Follows canon until The Fifth Stage, departs after that. Posits a pre-existing slash relationship between Peter and Nathan.

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, domestic violence (several times in the context of Peter/Gabriel, once in the context of Gabriel/Heidi), several instances of non-consensual sex (chapter 36, "Peter's First"; chapter 322, "Green Eyed Monster part 2"; there is also a very non-consensual nightmare in chapter 305, "Nightmare"; sex of dubious consent in chapter 351, "Sylar on Sylar"; outright rape in chapter 352, "Date Rape"), pseudo-incest (Gabriel, as Nathan, with Peter), moderate violence, one incident of graphic violence (chapter 252, "The Last of the Airbender"), some gore, a variety of powers used in conjunction with sexual activity (including using shape shifting to simulate various people you might have rather not imagined having sex), swear words, permanent death of non-main characters, temporary death of main characters, off-screen death of Matt Parkman

Length: A little over 1.05 million words. Complete.

Summary: This is a love story that emerges between Peter and Gabriel, although it does not start that way and takes a while to develop. There are different supportive relationships between Peter and Emma, and Gabriel and Heidi that occur over the course of the story. "Gabriel" is Sylar whose mind was fractured a second time by Matt Parkman in an attempt to entirely subjugate Sylar's personality and recover Nathan's. The job was botched and the person who emerged initially had personality traits of both. The first major story arc, which was originally published as Shattered Identity, tracks Gabriel coming to terms with his new life and eventually opposing Arthur Petrelli's plan to cause another eclipse and artificially spawn people with abilities. The next major arc was published as Salvation of Acceptance. It is Peter's effort to stop an OC named Lilith who was backing Arthur and continues his efforts after he is defeated at the end of Shattered Identity. The next major arc is the Continuation Scenes after Salvation of Acceptance, as Peter and Gabriel strengthen and solidify their relationships with each other and their spouses, creating a polyamorous marriage.

All scenes originally published in separate stories as Bonus Features or Mature Edition have been integrated into the story, arranged chronologically, so you can read the whole thing start to finish in a single story. I have included a few chapters from other stories in the same AU, though I am not including longer works like the Adventures of Matt Parkman.

Please be kind for the early chapters. I had not yet settled on what kind of story I was going to tell and I had no idea it would become as involved as it did. I didn't even intend to have it be slash at first.

A Guide to the Story Arcs

Shattered Identity– Chapters 2-90
O Sythan's Survival/Escape – Chapters 2-19
O Sythan Joins the Company – Chapters 20-33
O Petrellicest Porn – Chapters 34-42
O Dark, Angsty, Dramatic France stuff – Chapters 43-57
O Peter and Gabriel Gang Up Against Arthur – Chapters 58-90

Salvation of Acceptance – Chapters 91-175
O Setup for Salvation of Acceptance – Chapters 91-109
O Takeover of Halo – Chapters 110-124
O Peter Joins the Rebellion – Chapters 125-154
O My Favorite Chapter, "Watchmen" - Chapter 155
O They Take Out Lilith and Deal with the Fallout – Chapters 156-175

Continuation Scenes – Chapters 176-393
O A Whole Bunch of Sex – Chapters 176-210
O Peter Overuses Healing – Chapters 211-236
O My Second Favorite Chapter, "Watch Me" - Chapter 237
O More Sex – Chapters 238-248
O The Hunger Gets the Better of Gabriel – Chapters 249-273
O Gabriel Goes To Therapy – Chapters 274-281
O Molly Tries to Have Gabriel Killed, Peter Flips Out – Chapters 282-320
O Green-Eyed Monster (Peter's Protectiveness/Jealousy Issues) – Chapters 321-349
O Syko (Gabriel Tells About Sylar and Danko) – Chapters 350-363
O A Bunch of Miscellaneous Stuff – Chapters 364-384
O Halloween and Thanksgiving Stories – Chapters 385-389
O Double Duty Series – Chapters 390-392
O The End (Beginnings, aka A Lot of Backstory) – Chapter 393

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Other stuff:
The Adventures of Matt Parkman (Matt Parkman, Maury Parkman, an original character named Patty who later shows up in Shattered Salvation)
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The Diary of Lyle Bennet (Lyle Bennet)
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Trial by Fire (Meredith, Sylar)
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