Does he even see what he does to me? Those eyes, that smile, so alluring and charming, yet mysterious and perplexing at the exact same time. Will he ever understand what a single bash of an eye lash or flash of a smile does to my insides? Somehow, I doubt he'll ever understand the sacred meaning he holds within my heart.

The way he walks, the way he talks…it's so magically graceful, like a prince and his white stallion running away into the direction his love calls. Every movement melts my heart all over, and with every word I fall deeper than anyone ever could imagine.

His hugs, so warm and safe, but so quick and easy it kills me all over again. Even in that fraction of a second when I'm in his strong arms, I feel protected and loved, nothing in the world ever good enough to create the same effect. I was made to fit in his arms, and I knew it.

But did he, the king of affection and charm, weakening the knees of all who walk by? While I fall to my hands, giving everything I ever had, did he notice the truth in my love at all? Did he even notice my love?

And the worst part of all was the fact that, to him, the simple acts of a hello or hug, meant nothing more than a greeting and embrace, while, to me, it meant the world. In a quick second of contact, he sends a electric current through my body, getting rid of all the mental notes I made to not fall for his act of caring.

Hugs were just hugs, smiles were just smiles, and hellos were just hellos. Neither one meant anything special to him, a greeting in basic term. And I knew it. I knew that he gave no real meaning to the little acts of kindness. But, yet, if I knew, why did I keep falling for him? My heart was breaking, and it was all because I was too mesmerized by his god-like appearance to do anything about it…